Councilmember Anthony Merante Announces His Re-Election Campaign

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YONKERS, NY — November 9, 2020 —  Over sixty enthusiastic supporters attended the announcement yesterday morning including Yonkers Council Minority Leader Mike Breen, Chairman of the Westchester Republican Committee, Doug Colety and Yonkers GOP Chairman John Larkin amongst many others. The event also launched the opening of Merante Campaign Headquarters at 2070 Central Park Ave, Yonkers NY.

Councilman Merante’s campaign mantra has been and continues to be “It’s All About You.” Anthony Merante is well known and respected for his responsiveness to his constituents needs and for fighting to protect Yonkers taxpayers. He is the only Councilmember to vote No on a property tax increase for the 2020-21 City budget. Anthony Merante has also opted not to take a taxpayer funded City car. He has stood shoulder to shoulder with in their fight to protect their neighborhood against UPS expansion. Merante has even initiated and passed legislation to put the word Christmas back on all official City of Yonkers tree lightings.

Councilmember Anthony Merante said, “I take the title of public servant very seriously. You pay your taxes; you are the customer and are entitled to excellent service. I’m always here to listen and help with any issues my constituents may have.”
Those who would like to volunteer to help Anthony with his re-election campaign should call (914) 361- 1420 or direct email to –
TribuneCouncilmember Anthony Merante Announces His Re-Election Campaign

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  1. Anyone, including this guy, who was associated with that disgraceful and illegitimate term limits maneuver can go shit in their hat. Just a bunch of self-serving pigs who completely disregarded the city charter and the taxpayers of Yonkers.

    1. Can never put SpaNO and Bloomberg in the same sentence. You could never compare them. I agree that Bloomberg broke the lay, but he wasn’t filling his boots, if ya get what I mean!!!!

  2. For those keeping score at home, he voted to raise taxes twice and voted to not raise them once (when the votes were already in and it was irrelevant).
    If Mickey Mouse would’ve got more than 33% of the vote a few years ago, he be in that spot right now, big ears and all.

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