Councilmember Shanae Williams’ Driver’s License Suspended

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YONKERS, NY — November 10, 2020 — Councilmember Shanae Williams’s driver’s license was suspended due to a lapse in her insurance and for delinquent parking tickets. Sources in the know have advised the Yonkers Tribune that her city-owned car was demanded to be returned due to her infractions and not abiding by the protocols to which she agreed.  

Ms. Williams advises that her sister was driving her car that was due to be returned as the lease to the Honda was to expire. The City of Yonkers (CoY) was somehow notified that the license plates registered to the Honda were not turned in to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Honda was Councilmember Williams’ personal car. Upon learning of Ms. Williams’ suspended license the City of Yonkers had demanded Ms. Williams return her city car. 

The time for the Department of Motor Vehicles to recognize that the license plate was not returned on the car and that tickets had languished and were unpaid, created a window in which while driving the City-owned vehicle, had Councilmember Williams encountered an accident of any kind, no matter the party responsible for causing such an incident, the City of Yonkers would be liable to some extent or another because Ms. Williams license was suspended.

Upon calling Councilmember Williams, she advised the issue was moot and there was no harm and no liability incurred and that it was a non-story. 

Ms. Williams said, “Did someone tell you to write this story?” I advised that no one advised me to write this story and whether believed by her or not, what matters is that the Yonkers Tribune has sources to which Ms. Williams cannot fathom. What is relevant here is that CoY was potentially liable

The salient takeaway is that Ms. Williams, whether by her sister’s failing to return the license plate that was registered to the Honda, or not, the responsibility to assure that the City of Yonkers  is not liable fell on the City Councilmember’s back and not her sister’s.

If Ms. Williams intends to shirk her responsibility to protect the City of Yonkers from possible liability, it would behoove her to at least be responsible to abide by standards to which she is privy and yet chose to disregard. 

eHeziCouncilmember Shanae Williams’ Driver’s License Suspended

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  1. Hezi, my good man:
    You wrote a story about an irresponsible councilwoman, but it seems the big story is Sabina Juncaj and Shanae Williams.
    Why did Ms. Williams challenge this hire? How did Ms. Juncaj learn of the job opportunity? Why does Khader, Diaz, and Williams continue to position themselves against Mayor Spano and the rest of the bipartisan council?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

      1. If you look at William’s received donations, they are all associated with the Spano Administration. People associate with the Mayor are giving multiple donations of $1,000. Lewis Gjelcaj must have given early $10. He is in real estate and she is the affordable housing coucilwoman.
        This deserves some scrutiny.

    1. It’s because Zehy controls those council members he wants control of the majority of the council he puts up a candidate every race since he came out of prison

  2. Deputy Commissioner Sabina LMFMFAO 😂 must be 🎺 harder in Yonkers! Here at DCAS (DEM) they got tired of her sh*t. You could never shine Shameka Blount’s shoes, let alone lick them. She had an appointed position, because of her “network 😉”. Her job description should read lazy, dumb, ineffective, inequitable and all out racist. Good riddance! We are all HAPPY she is gone! Maybe she will entice those she further needs with her Tavë Kosi. Sabina please stay say hello to Stiven, your Director of Operations🍸 🍻

  3. Why is Sabina being hired in Yonkers ?

    AKA Sabina Juncaj , J Sabina Noka , Sabina Nokaj

    City Record Online – NYC Open Data
    Oct 8, 2020 — JUNCAJ,SABINA . Effective Date: 06/27/2020; Provisional Status: Yes; Title Code: 51222;. Reason For Change: APPOINTED

    Juncaj, Sabina
    Citywide Admin Svcs, Department of
    Administrative Staff Analyst
    Rate of Pay

    1. Wow, her most recent job is as an HR analyst in NYC and NOW she is being hired in Yonkers as Deputy HR Commissioner! IF this is true, HOW is she even remotely qualified? What type of salary increase has she scored on the backs of Yonkers taxpayers?
      Her appointment should be rescinded as the hiring process was non-public and non-competitive and is another case of nepotism resulting in under-qualified candidate. Shame on the City Council.

      1. Shows you kno no halo NYC and NYS administrative titles. The civil service title is analyst the job title is Director of Labor Relations.

  4. Shanae can you explain to area residents how you obtained your apartment on Main Street ???
    You’ve become such an advocate for affordable housing lol

  5. How is it that every story involves Khader in the comments?
    This story is about a privileged, entitled Councilwoman named Shanae William.

  6. Word is that KHater will be primaried. Here are the names that are lining up thus far.

    Thomas Meier Jr
    Helen Aggrey
    Nicole Benjamin
    Tasha Diaz
    Corazon Pineda
    Timmy Hodges
    Hope Hollinworth
    Frankie Jeries


  7. Is this the same Shanae Williams that took a whirlwind European trip through Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic in the summer of 2019, only to return to a renovated apartment done by her mother? Let me guess, the silver spoon girl from the streets, right?

    Now, what’s the median income in her district? People like Williams and Pinata aren’t real politicians – they just play them on social media.


  8. Is Anyone aware if Sabina Juncaj is related to Henry Djonbalaj- donor and kiss ass to the Spano administration?

    Mayor Mike Spano loves Henry because Henry buys the mayor the best dinners and wines.

    Mike Spano the stuffed chicken should not forget who put him in office- THE PEOPLE

    Hire Yonkers people

  9. People in Shanae William’s camp are hoping this story goes away. It will not. It has legs. The reason this story will not go away is BLACK PRIVILEGE.
    Ms. Williams is exploiting her race for her own political gains. She gins up anger.
    She is dismissing her law breaking as an “administrative error.” She does not deserve her council seat. She has abrogated her responsibilities as a servant of the public.

      1. Khader, Williams and Diaz: Hyprocrites.

        Did Khader POST his Chief of Staff and support staff openings? Did Shanae POST her supports staff opening? Did Tasha POST her support staff opening? Who filled those positions? Who interviewed them? Are they qualified? Did the Mayor have a say for such important positions?

        1. Ok Rubbo take it easy

          Jereis and Khader will shove a primary up your ass if you keep moving your lips and keep typing

          Rubbo should learn to only speak when spoken to

  10. Ms. Juncaj is an arrogant and nasty person- she looks down on Yonkers by her refusal to relocation to Yonkers, but is willing to relocate to Westchester

    Who does this lady think she is?

    She doesn’t deserve to work in Yonkers!

  11. I believe Sabina Juncaj may have even lied during her questioning by the city council

    When questioned how she learned about the position-

    Her response: “I network a lot”.

    What a liar! One of the Spanos Albanian buddies wanted to get her the job.

    Sabina is another unqualified and incompetent Spano appointee

    Don’t worry Mikey Spano- Mimi Rocah will fix you and your brothers- you corrupt guineas

  12. Sabina Juncaj is a hack from the Bronx handpicked by one of the Spanos Albanian cronies

    I am proud of Council President Mike Khader, Councilwomen Williams and Diaz for standing up to the Spano Regime

    Can someone tell the mayor you are lame duck!

    1. Pookie wanted to give the job to one of her unqualified friends. Juncaj is is working labor relations for DCAS. She is aptly qualified. Khader flipped because he is trying to support his coalition. The idea that you would give the job to someone because they are a Yonkers resident and unemployed shows how moronic this threesome is.
      Williams is an entitled little B. , who will now loose her seat.

  13. Shanae or Pookie as she likes to be called rode the friends and family network to her council seat. She think she is above the tax payers.
    Last night in the 11th hour she she objected to a white job applicant. Ms. Juncaj is highly qualified l, currently in a leadership role in NYC DCAS. Yonkers will be lucky to have this qualified woman running point on Human Resources.

    1. Councilwoman Williams is beloved in the First district. Mayor Spano and his family support her because she built a base in this District, which she diligently serves with grace, intellect and humility.

      No one gives away a City Council seat ; Councilwoman Williams ran a hotly contested race to secure the First District Council seat. She earned it through attention, dedication and respect for all of the residents of her diverse district of black, white and brown residents.

      A small administrative oversight such as failing to submit DMV plates initiates a series of horrors often leading to that nightmare“DMV visit” that we all dread.

      Mr Hezi, I am confident that by your next reporting, an outstanding SUNY-Albany gradate like Councilwoman Williams will have cured any problems with the DMV and insurers.

      In a city known for its scandals, this is petty and benign. Shanae walks a political path in Yonkers made by the women that walked the path before her – black and white women like Vinnie Restiano and Andrea Stewart Cousins. Any who would seek to dishonor her personally, discredit her accomplishments, or call into question the steadfastness of her constituents, do so at their peril.

      We are better than this Yonkers, we don’t belittle and attempt to destroy young people entering public service, yes, we hold them accountable, but we also hold them up when they encounter divots along the path.

      Ms. Williams: With your head held high and your heart and hands in service to the people of our beautiful City, you shall prevail.

      From a voter in the First District.

      1. Williams is unqualified. She plays race politics. She does not represent ALL the people. Ms. Williams was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but pretends to be downtrodden. She was the mayor’s gal Friday.
        This is not a divot. She’s been driving her taxpayer funded car all around. Going on her hiking and knack trips outside of Yonkers

      2. Several homicides in Ms Williams District in past several months one just in the past several weeks at the Triangle Deli-heard nothing from her-shows she really concerned about her district and on top of her game-another Yonkers politician who plays the race card if you challenge her along with Crash Pineda-Issacs and Living -off the public dole Tasha Diaz.

  14. Shanae is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met. She is constantly using derogatory language to describe white people. Until recently she exclusively dated white men until it didn’t fit her pro black agenda that she was told would be necessary for her to be successful. She must have learned a great deal of what it is like being oppressed while growing up in Hastings. Yet she claims to be in touch with “her community”.

  15. Councilwoman Williams is a leech on the teet of the taxpayer. She only represents black folks. She tried to derail the hiring of an Assistant Human Resource Director because she was white.

    1. Are your for real? The woman Sabina Juncaj ? The one with the plunging neckline that does not live in Yonkers and has a job? The woman hired because of the friends network? The one the Republicans voted for? Corazon, Rubbo, Breen and Merante? That one? Lol Right… Right…. it’s because she is “white”?! You do know she is ALBANIAN?

      1. What difference does it make that she is currently employed? Her being employed means she is in demand. She deserves the job on her merits.Shanae wants to give the job to one of her friends.

      2. I guess you are not qualified if you at Albanian. What a double standard. There are three people on the council that play racial politics. You can read Khader, Diaz and Williams. They are bigots and race baiters.

      3. So because she has a job she can’t be hired? What world do you live in? Plunging neck line? That’s the best you can do? I think Yonkers should consider itself lucky that someone who has the experience in managing several thousand staff members can help lead a department of under 100. Shanae is just upset that she didn’t get the job. She realizes that she is going nowhere in politics and begged the Mayor to hire her in this position. I guess she called the Mayor racist one too many times.

  16. Yonkers taxpayers are hurting
    The city council and council president should drive there own cars, if they cared the would pass a law banning all city cars except for the mayor.

  17. why was the car which was given to the council person for her personal use….driven by the council persons sister?….theft? stupidity? either one you pick

  18. when I was corporation counsel in Yonkers I declined the city car and drove my own… reason to give cars out for a part time elected city job….maybe the city manager and mayor should get one and possibly some department heads but certainly not the members of the council….

  19. Shanae is a mess. I was a big supporter of Terrence and still am. I saw first hand how the Spano’s raised her money and put all resources into her. Why wouldn’t they? She was sure to be loyal right? I mean after all, she grew up in bobs ferry and worked for the mayor since she was 18 years old. Well, this goes to show you something. I’m not a Spano fan but… he made her. This mayor was given options by plenty of us for someone different for him to appoint to this seat. Hate to say I told you so mayor

  20. Hezi, hopefuly this story will have legs, as I would like to know how many tickets not paid? and of course the value of those tickets. Will it go to court and when and who will be the JUDGE?????

    1. Omg all individuals writing comments are not normal ! Ps Khader only won one election his whole career, why do people think him and Johnny limo are taking over and ending a legacy that was built upon while Johnny was selling kilo’s. Yonkers politics has turned into a joke do to this game of thrones. If Johnny invites you to his backyard he’s trying to build a platform of supporters. Ask any yonkers cop from the late 80s about Johnny kilo and they’ll tell you he told on everyone else. All the way up !!

  21. Why on earth is it necessary to give the city council cars anyway? First of all, it’s a part time job. Secondly, what City business are they conducting that would justify this policy?

  22. Councilwoman Williams is a roach. She runs and hides from work like roaches do when kitchen lights come on. The crime rate in her district is going up and she’s nowhere to be found. Pathetic!

  23. You’re wasting your time and readers time with these irrelevant stories. Why don’t you inform us on the current issues the city face with development, terrible education, lack of housing, homeless crises, etc…

    Instead you’re here putting out false stories about peoples personal life. Go find something more meaningful to do with yourself. You’re a terrible journalist and a big time loser.

    Hezi’s response. Irrelevant stories to you. vid entry yu can’t handle the truth or the debauched conduct. This writing is false to you because you choose it to be but nothing will change the fact that Councilmember Williams could care less if the city became liable for her lack of respect to the people to be served well by her yet were instead placed in a situation that thankful did not happen. If you get a tax bill every time this conduct will happen you with learn that she has no respect for anyone in this city. Perhaps it will serve you well when her conduct causes you financial difficulties, Will you be as smug then?

    1. It is not an irrelevant story. She is a public servant who is putting Yonkers at risk. She has breached her fiduciary duty to serve the citizens of Yonkers.

    1. Take all the cars and suvs away from everyone at the BOE they have no reason HVAC tech and assistant supervisor should be taking cars and trucks to new jersey on the coy dime

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