Cutting Off the Head of the Trojan Horse

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Columnist Jonathan Feldstein

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — November 1, 2020 — I have written before how the last decades trend of Europe in general, and France in specific, opening their doors to Islamic and Arab immigrants with no limitations is akin to feeding, even breeding, a dangerous Trojan horse within its walls.


Je suis sur place a avec la @PoliceNat06 et la @pmdenice qui a interpelle l’auteur de l’attaque. Je confirme que tout laisse supposer a un attentat terroriste au sein de la basilique Norte-Dame de #Nice06.

Je suis sur place a avec la @PoliceNat06 et la @pmdenice qui a interpelle l’auteur de l’attaque. Je confirme que tout laisse supposer a un attentat terroriste au sein de la basilique Norte-Dame de #Nice06.

The most recent terror attack in Nice, France, the second in as many weeks, involving the beheading of innocent victims, must be a wake-up call to all those who care about survival of western values, and to Moslems who care about how Islam and Mohammed are perceived.  Its time to cut off the head of the Trojan horse that they have nurtured.

France has come under attack recently by a growing wave of extremists Moslems around the world related to comments that French President Macron has made not condemning the depiction of Mohammed in cartoons.  The extremist reaction is fostered by heads of major Islamic countries who believe that the depiction of Mohammed in any way that they deem unflattering is blasphemous, and ought to be a crime punished by death. Indeed, in their societies, it is. Until now, Macron has straddled a delicate line to retain peace within his country, and not offend Moslems there.  But maintaining this balance has not only not maintained be peace, but it has sown the soil for more violence to emerge.  And it has, and continues to do so.

Though his statements have been more bold this week than perhaps ever before, Macron continues to walk the tightrope and balance fear of offending Moslems with the safety of his citizens, while facing civil unrest due to the stringencies being imposed due to the pandemic.  The Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has been less nice. Shortly after the attack he tweeted, “Enough is enough. It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.”

By speaking his mind, he could become a contender for President among French citizens who want to see real peace and security restored to their country.  And he has probably placed a target on his own back for other extremist Moslems to seek to kill him.

The problem is not unique to France but in recent years France has suffered disproportionately. Europe is rife with Islamic extremism. Its widely known that throughout French cities, there are areas that are simply off limits to police.  They have become semi-autonomous lawless areas, or at least areas no longer governed or controlled by local civil law.  These areas are governed by Islamic Sharia law which is problematic in of itself having a religious or ethnic group deciding that it is not accountable to the laws of the country in which they live, regardless of where that may be.  Its all the more problematic where the residents of these places who are adherents to the ideologies that govern these areas, spill over into other areas that effect the lives of the rest of society.

I am not a Moslem, and don’t want to be a Moslem. But both for my Moslem friends, and those who want to cut my head off for daring to write this, allow me an observation and suggestion.  First, you have an image problem.  Mohammed lived 1300 years ago.  There are no photos of him or what he looked like.  So, when you get all hot and bothered about images depicting him in a way that you think is unflattering, and get uptight about this and start killing people, youre going to get less respect and sympathy.  In fact, committing crimes in the name of Islam and Mohammeds honor, you dishonor him and your own faith.

My suggestion is that to Moslems who read this and are annoyed and uncomfortable, but not ready to cut off my head, you consider how you and others depict Islam and your prophet, and do so in a way that generates respect and understanding, not fear and not violence.

Theres a famous scene in The Godfather when a Hollywood producer refuses the request of the Corleones to cast Johnny Fontaine in an upcoming movie in exchange for Corleones undying friendship. After the producer refuses, he wakes up in bed next to the head of his prize, $600,000 horse. Who killed the horse remains a mystery, but not so with the trend of violence and beheadings in the name of Islam, the perpetrators shouting Allah Akbar!  God is great.  Really?  

Either innocent terror victims will continue to be sacrificed to preserve the honor of Mohammedaccording to the extremist interpretation, or the societies that have allowed extremist Islam to run wild need to behead their Trojan horse.  Theres no room for moral relevance, political correctness, or the fear of being branded Islamo-phobic because the way these adherents of Islam portray themselves and their faith, yes there is everything to be afraid of.

Lets pray for the victims who are recovering, for the families of those who have been murdered, and that those who seek to exalt God will do so in ways that are more spiritual and honorable, rather than chopping off the heads of innocents.

Jonathan FeldsteinCutting Off the Head of the Trojan Horse

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