Governor Andrew Cuomo Officially Designates Yonkers Zip Codes 10701 and 10705 Within the Yellow Zone

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YONKERS, NY — November 19, 2020 — Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today designated Yonkers Zip Codes 10701 and 10705 officially comprised as Yellow Zones.

Yellow Zone Restrictions in New York

  • Public and private schools must randomly test 20% of all people on campus weekly for the virus.
  • Businesses can operate.
  • Restaurants can offer indoor and outdoor dining, with a four-person maximum per table.
  • Worship services are limited to 50% capacity.
  • Mass gatherings are limited to 25 people, either indoors or outdoors. The limit was reduced to 10 people in private residences.

  • Yellow Zone — Precautionary/Buffer: A “Yellow Zone” area either is put in place as a broader buffer area to ensure COVID outbreak is not spreading into the broader community (“Yellow Buffer Zone”) OR is implemented independently based on the below metrics (“Yellow Precautionary Zone”). The purpose of a Yellow Buffer Zone is to 1) restrict some activity to help prevent further spread from Red and/or Orange Warning Zone area; 2) provide a larger defined geographic area where metrics can be monitored daily to ensure COVID is not spreading beyond the Red Zone or Orange Warning Zone.
eHeziGovernor Andrew Cuomo Officially Designates Yonkers Zip Codes 10701 and 10705 Within the Yellow Zone

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  1. Spoke to a cousin from Sydney Australia a few days ago.

    THEY HAVE ZERO CASES OF COVID 19 IN THEIR PROVINCE (millions of people in the province) and it’s been that way for weeks.
    (google it if you don’t believe)

    The opinion from them was that our problem is our politicians and government


  2. It’s crazy how Governor Cumo declared a yellow zone only in the urban communities mean while 10701 is filled with whites now down on the water front. He needs to do the same thing in 10704, 10703 any other zip code in Yonkers because these white people are not wearing mask and feel like their skin makes them above the law.

    1. That is some assessment…..Keep staying “woke.” So cuomo of all people is singling out urban communities? For what reason? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the data over the last nine months indicates that there are many more covid cases within the urban communities? Has nothing to do with whites being above the law or your race hustling perspective

      1. It’s called data you dummy! Has nothing to do with whites not wearing masks…. please leave your comments on cnn for the other idiots to make sense of it.

  3. Turkey give aways at school 13 was so nice about 200 people a couple of masks and maybe 4 inches apart super spreader party.
    Was reported to YPS and YPD non emergency they couldnt care less .

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