Harckham: “Obstruction of Military Ballots is Unconscionable

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NYS Senator Pete Harckham (SD40-D-WF).

WHITE PLAINS, NY — November 21, 2020 — New York State Senator Pete Harckham issued the following statement yesterday in regard to the Republican’s obstruction and stalling tactics with the military absentee ballots now being counted here at the Westchester Board of Elections in his re-election contest:


“The determined effort by Rob Astorino and the New York State Republican Party to obstruct the counting of the military absentee ballots in the Senate District 40 race is entirely unconscionable and unpatriotic. The brave women and men who serve in our Armed Forces should not have their ballots challenged as a whole. It is part of an ongoing, coordinated strategy by the Republicans to disenfranchise voters, no matter who they are, and it is an insult to our cherished democratic ideals. This is as low as the Republicans can go.”

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SOURCE: SOURCE: Tom Staudter | Director of Communications | Office of NY State Sen. Pete Harckham

eHeziHarckham: “Obstruction of Military Ballots is Unconscionable

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  1. it is pretty clear that the astorino campaign understands that even military ballots from westchester residents will be in the democratic column when counted…

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