Mount Vernon Detectives Solve Decades Old Cold Case

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MOUNT VERNON, NY == November 25, 2020 — On Friday May 7, 1993 at 10:35 PM, Jacinto Liriano, a family man who had just a month prior, immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic, was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in front of 316 West First Street in the City of Mount Vernon. Detectives from the Mount Vernon Major Case Unit worked tirelessly to locate witnesses to the crime but for years were unable.

Throughout the following years numerous detectives reopened and reviewed the case, reinterviewing parties and hoping to find that missing piece to bring closure to the family of Jacinto Liriano. In 2005 detectives from the Mount Vernon Police Department Major Case Unit began to reinvestigate the case. Detectives combed through years of paperwork from the detectives that worked the case before them.

However, this time the detectives were able to speak with the man they believed was responsible for the murder of Jacinto Liriano. Detectives interviewed Daniel James, then 32 years old, at Attica Correctional Facility regarding his potential involvement in this case. Although James did not confess to the crime, he had intimate knowledge of the case and admitted that he was present when the murder was committed. Not satisfied with that, detectives continued to reinterview and reinvestigate.

Ultimately, detectives went back to Attica Correctional Facility in 2007 and this time were able to secure a confession from James. James admitted that he had attempted to rob Jacinto Liriano and when Liriano put up a fight he shot and killed him. Armed with this newly obtained confession the detectives brought the case to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of the detective’s control the case against James was never presented to a Grand Jury nor brought to trial.

In November of 2020 members of the Mount Vernon Police Department Detective Division began to investigate the case of Jacinto Liriano once again. The investigation that was done by numerous detectives over the last 27 years was reviewed and the District Attorney’s Office was again consulted. This time however the District Attorney’s Office agreed that Daniel James was indeed the person that murdered Jacinto Liriano. However, at that point James was already deceased. A check with the New York State Department of Corrections found that Daniel James had died from cancer on November 27, 2019 while incarcerated at Mohawk Correctional Facility.

At the time of his death James was serving a sentence of 50 years to life from the attempted murder of two Mount Vernon Police Officers in October of 1993. Although James will never be charged with the murder of Jacinto Liriano, the Mount Vernon Police Department was able to bring closure to this case and to the family of Jacinto Liriano.

eHeziMount Vernon Detectives Solve Decades Old Cold Case

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  1. So what changed in 2020? Why didn’t the DA’s office charge James and bring closure to the Liraiano family in the mid 2000’s, when MV Detectives obtained an overwhelming amount of evidence on this case from 2005-2008? Yours Truly, The Assigned Case Detective.

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