The ‘Appropriate Department’ as Told to Hezi Aris

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Yonkers City Hall

YONKERS, NY — November 28, 2020 — It was on October 12, 2020 that a resident of 98 DeHaven Drive addressed a letter to Yonkers City Councilmember Tasha Diaz (District 3) informing her of the frustration and travail that he and others, especially seniors suffer, especially because the residents of the building pay so that management can employ landscapers paid by management to pay their landscapers by way of resident’s maintenance fees. 

Further the Yonkers resident was disgruntled despite  having suffered due to the lack of cleanup of 98 DeHaven Drive. The beleaguered resident noted that the maintenance fees paid save the city money. 

He advised and informed City Hall that they must cease to engage in the draconian “alternate side of the street parking.”  

He advises that he is 83 and his wife is 84. He noted that at a  nearby building there are many people who are disabled and/or challenged by their present physical conditioned through infirmity brought about by age and health or other issue. He humbly suggests how stupid and absurd  for seniors, who in the most inclement of weather, are demanded to move their car to the other side of the street before 9:00am  to avoid getting a parking ticket.  He imparts that even though there are streets that need to be cleaned, the property at 98 DeHaven Drive does not suffer for lack of attention and/or cleanliness.

Parking is a curse word throughout the world and has become worse in Yonkers. Imagine if you will an increasing population, and adding more cars per family as they grow. He questions when it will end. He does so in silence; awaiting a lucid response from Yonkers City Councilwoman Diaz and from Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

Aghast at the demerits of it all, he questions when this conduct will end.

He advises that he has not heard from Yonkers’ elected officials on this issue nor many others that were revealed over the years. He asserts that “all our politicians” are silent throughout the years except for when the election and/or re-election cycle begins in earnest.

DeHaven Drive is a large oval one-way street which is a “pain” because “we have to drive all around before we get to Bolmer Street.” He is all but resigned to the fact that nothing will be done to ameliorate his concerns. 

We do have a bus service which comes through the area and he imagines it is appreciated by local residents. He next poses the premise that bus service traversing the neighborhood is a consideration, that may presently be an administrative aversion to change the law to improve the lives of local residents, as well as eliminate the need for alternate side of the street parking.

He advises he rose up late this past Friday and was ticketed the day after Thanksgiving. He again espoused that the City of Yonkers (CoY) is only interested in ripping off its citizens, and emphasizes the use of red-light cameras as validation of residents being dismissed and marginalized.

He further notes that in the 60 years of driving in three states, “I have never seen an accident at a traffic light. Your signage for making turns at lights are a disgrace that wastes time, gas, as it inflames our individual and collective temper.” His remedy is that “we need many amber lights so that traffic can flow more quickly and easily. He offers that this will ameliorate many concerns, especially when cars are turning left and to screen cars making s right hand turn.  

He notes that he has called the signage department and was given a terse and “stupid” reason as to why signs that read, ‘No Right Turn at Light Before 7PM’.  Elaborating, he says, “I Can understand one such signature at Tuckahoe Road by the high school.” He emphasizes that these ‘lazy, inept workers sit on their derrière, and do nothing to move traffic efficiently.”

In closing, he writes that Mayor Spano’s office told him to call the ‘appropriate Department’. 

“I didn’t vote for the ‘Appropriate Department’ that doesn’t give a damn!” 

He closes with, “It’s about time politicians work for ‘We the People” who are the employers!!!”

The letter is signed, 

“Aggravated and Disgusted”


eHeziThe ‘Appropriate Department’ as Told to Hezi Aris

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