The Threat of Being Upgraded from a Yellow to an Orange Designation Has Been Undermined by Testing Results

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The Yellow v Orange Threat Designation Hezitorial 

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — November 30, 2020 — Last week 200 people were tested for possible infection to the COVID-19 virus. People in the know have informed the Yonkers Tribune that of the two hundred tested, comprised of teachers and students, only one teacher was revealed to be infected though asymptomatic. The percentage of 1 out of 200 tested revealed a 1 percent positive infection rate.

Since that time the Yonkers Tribune has further learned that over 500 to 600 tests would be administered today, Monday November 30, 2020. Despite 2 ½ times more people tested today than last week, the test results has proven to be less than 0.5% positive infection rate.

It is however frightening to recognize that of the some 27,000 students enrolled in the Yonkers Public School District, 2,100 students have yet to be immunized overall. New York State has afforded the parents/guardians of such students to comply by December 15, 2020. The overall immunization regimen must be validated by a physician. It is known that St. John’s Riverside Hospital does not charge for the immunization required of every student. Most importantly, parents/guardians must recognize that no student without a valid immunization document will be permitted to attend class in person and will not be permitted access to class via a Chrome Book/computer. 

Disconcertingly, Yonkers Tribune sources with knowledge have advised that Westchester County government personnel have chosen to petition New York State to elevate the disproven and unwarranted rationale to elevate Yonkers zip codes 10701, 10705, and 10705 from Yellow to Orange status.

Why the City of Yonkers (CoY) should be forced to suffer consequences to which it has not broached is disheartening, to say the least, and incongruous, inconsistent, inappropriate, improper, and illogical. 

New York States’ designated and defined parameters are succinct; CoY’s testing regimen have conformed to being under the “target metric for a yellow precautionary zone”, and well under the “target metric for entering an orange warning zone.” 

It is therefore presumptuous to designate CoY as an orange warning zone. It must be further recognized that under the aegis of Dr. Ammir Rabadi, M.D., the Yonkers Board of Education has remained balanced and effective in meeting the parameters set by New York State. Dr. Rabadi has remained mentally balanced despite the harangue and fake facts that do not apply to the City of Yonkers presently. Should CoY’s circumstances change, the Yonkers Tribune will advise upon our learning it. In the meantime, we intend to keep you in the loop. The City of Yonkers has so far successfully accomplished staying under the definitions set by New York State.

Stay safe, sane , and abide by best practice in light of the resurgence of COVID-19.

eHeziThe Threat of Being Upgraded from a Yellow to an Orange Designation Has Been Undermined by Testing Results

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  1. stop spreading right wing nonsense about Joe Biden who,by the way got 80 plus million votes, more than any other presidential candidate in US history…This is not about Biden…the only person in charge of the nation when the pandemic arose was Donald Trump…who admitted to Bob Woodward that he knew the virus was a killer…and yet he told the nation at his press conferences that the virus would disappear..that it would magically go away….that is the most irresponsible statement ever made by a US president and it directly resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people All he had to do was to set an example and wear a mask..He chose not to!

  2. Khader names a street after his hoodlum nephew. Spano the phony gutless coward paints Black Lives Matter on a city street. I can’t move my family out of this sinking ship of a city fast enough.

    1. He swallowed four glassine packets of heroin and fentanyl and had to be tased twice for resisiting arrest after being suspected of stealing a cell phone, right? Sounds like a perfect candidate for a street naming.

      Shame he died, but his name is only up there because his uncle is Council president. That’s an abuse of power and insult to the law-abiding, innocent people killed in Yonkers each year.

      By the way, was a street named after Marilyn Cotto Montanez, 18, who died after she was shot in the head by a stray bullet in Yonkers last year? Sounds like a much more deserving candidate to me.

  3. Hezi
    A bad precedent was done last night as Council President Khader broke every rule to name a street after his nephew died. Any loss of life is tragic, but to name streets after family members is a bit ridiculous. Yonkers is facing a financial train wreck and khader is most concerned with naming a street after his nephew.

        1. First off, you castigate “You little pip squeak! Karma will come to you and your hateful spew.” And then you assert after years of silence, and information to which I am unaware. Not because I have no interest, but rather because I have no knowledge, cannot therefore explore validating or invalidating assertion or insinuations for legitimate facts or intended to misdirect e for one intent or another, most often to undermine the integrity of my work. The you go into a tirade about an alleged relative of the person you malign , yet the misdeed of a relative, no matter what they did is not necessarily a reflection of the person you intend to point an accusatory finger. He did not engage in the same behavior of a relative, so why is he to be blamed.

          Then you write, “This city needs to stop with the vicious attacks…” Yet you assertion, untold, and unproven, and not spoken about in Yonkers are cut from the cloth of silence to which you refer. You have been silent except for this outburst/tirade. Since I don’t know who you are, perhaps you may wish to reflect as why this is so pertinent now. Your legations, to which I am unaware,have been part of the hidden trash that people refer to but never reveal. Where is the =validation? Why the silence.

          Thereafter you write ”Here is an idea why dont those uneducated idiots get a real job and not one off the backs of the taxpayers!” Excellent point, yet those people to whom you refer get voted into office over and over again. For some it is revisionist writing, untold truths not spoken about, etc. Then you bring up “Rubbo’s little stunt yesterday”.
          You can always bring up these issues, but the silence in Yonkers is demeaning. Why is that? The the “Mayor” is mentioned. the first year of this third term and you now note behind a wall of anonymity that you do not care for his conduct. I have also disagreed with the mayor many time, but I have done so openly, and with validation. If there are issues, why are Yonkersites silent? You suggest he is “lucky to get reelected” and you question why he has not faced a challenger. He gets re-elected whether you like it or not.

          Then you have the temerity to suggest that “Hezi, you seem to be selective in comments you post but someone and I would bet you alot of money who it is talking about…” I am selective in trashing comments that despite lacking. Name of an anonymous author, tirelessly read every comment. Those that are trashed repeat the same spelling errors, have a tone to which I am sensitive to when I read, and most often have an approach in their writing that is the calling card, yet I pick that up and I suggest, whether you believe so or not, that I am 90-95% correct.So in the trash it goes. There are also off topic remarks intended to deflect the attention of the reader to a topic that will eventually remove the validity of the subjected spoken to by the articles I write. I have been too lenient in thi respect and as of yesterday, if the subject is off topic, every person tht wants to comment is forewarned that any and every comment made about. Uject that is not the gist of the article written will be expunged/removed. Yet in order to accommodate people who want to engage in other subject after that I for some reason or nother do not broach, are afforded the opportunity to advise me what they want to know about. There is a caveat however an a remedy they can email me at which a rationale for such an article and they are assured that their name and telephone wil never be revealed. It is a matter of trust, but i have no other option available to protect people’s anonymity. Many people make comments on Facebook, but nothing of any consequence. Where they ate, who they went out with, their children’s pictures, among other comments, but Facebook is not hard news period.

          Then you mention a drug dealer about which I have written eloquently and exposed every aspect of their lifestyle, but as is often the case, that person’s family is protected in one manner or another. Those of that family who must be out, I have. Others that are related but whose cconduct has not been undermined by their failed conduct, I do not blame for the shortcomings of their relative(s). You suggest that it is “Pathetic!” That I don’t report about someone and that I may find information about him/her that can be Googled. I have no interest nor inclination to Google everyone in Yonkers … 200,000 people. Why? Is there an assertion of some kind. Are the sources noted in Google validated? Write me if it is that important. Better yet, why don’t you write it Rebel your name to the allegations you assert. Second option, you can send me the information, allegation, any validation you may , and if I can validate it I will write about it. It’s up to you. I should be expunging/removing this comment because it is off topic. — Kindly, Hezi

    1. OMG The sky fell on my house . It’s all the Mayor’s & Council President ‘s fault !!!!

      That’s how you all sound. Get a life!!!!

  4. Trump was advised by his son in law, jared kushner NOT to take federal responsibility for dealing with the virus…The brilliant 38 year old who has zero experience either in politics government or epidemiology, opined that If Trump simply allowed the governors of the 50 states to make COVID policy he could either 1.blame them if they erred or 2. take the credit if what they did worked…This was not a strategy This was not a plan and this was certainly not leadership.The reason other countries did better is because those nations had a universal nationwide mandate to wear masks socially distance etc…So they were far better off in dealing with the threat..The US has 4% of the worlds population and 23% of the cases of COVID…Trump is the laughing stock of the world for his inept handling of a crisis where the US was the most advanced nation in the world with the ability to provide whatever was needed in terms of ppe or theraputics..Instead Trump suggested injecting bleach into our bodies followed by implanting UV lights…He then hyped hydroxychloroquine which has been found to be totally ineffective against COVID..and in fact has serious side effects that can result in death….Instead of deferring to the science and the medicine Trump hired a charlotan named DR Atlas who urged herd immunity a policy that would have killed millions …..Trump was only interested in the stock market and being able to brag about what a great economy he had going for him into the election cycle….And that is why he made wearing a mask a political statement rather than encouraging everyone to wear a mask in public…Had he done just that one simple thing he might have been re elected But he isn’t smart enough to understand what real leadership means..and while he was telling Bob Woodward in his taped interviews for the book Rage that the virus was a killer he was telling the American public that it would miraculously disappear …when the hot weather came..that we were rounding the bend when cases were spiking…and that wearing a mask looked funny…he made fun of the reporters in the white house that wore them..Trump is a fool…someone who should never have been elected to the highest office in the land..But because we have evolved into a nation that has media outlets like Fox news Breitbart Newsmax and OAN…gullible people are getting disinformation meant to keep Trump in power and are believing it….because the right wing echo chamber has been villifying legitimate news outlets as “fake news’ the enemy of the people…right out of an authoritarians play book Hitler did it Mussolini did it Dutarte is doing it Bolsinaro is doing it and Erdogan is doing it…Trump will be remembered by history as a failed president who put his own financial interests and those of his friends and family above the interest of the people he was sworn to protect..Even today we learned Rudy has asked for a pardon in advance….you don’t need a pardon if you haven’t committed a crime….We also learned that Bill Barr the Attorney General has confirmed that there is no voter fraud upon which to base a challenge to any of the state certifications of Biden’s win…So bottom line is that Trump ran a con in 2016 and continues to try to run it again so far raising 170 million dollars for his own PAC..that you just know he will use for personal debts…Here is how this ends Trump will be indicted by SDNY VA DISTRICT AND DC DISTRICT..he will also be charged by the Manhattan DA and the NEw York State AG….His only way out is to resign and let Pence pardon him which is only good for federal offenses….He and his children will be remembered as grifters who were totally unprepared to govern the nation

      1. there was no federal uniformed response…there was a denial of the threat by Trump…He made fun of those wearing masks…He derided the medical opinions that recommended mask wearing…He let the governors have 50 different approaches to dealing with covid..IT DIDN’T WORK…now we are approaching 300,000 deaths and over a million cases..It could have been avoided…but Trump was more concerned about his re election prospects..You just keep rooting for Trump in 2024 Another way for Republicans to get crushed

    1. Spot on summary. Trump will be remembered as a failed president who played on people’s hopes and fears in order to advance and enrich himself and his offspring. The only thing more troubling than his sociopathic narcissm and subsequent damage to our country and its institutions is the extent to which so many Americans are willing to excuse, justify or defend his immoral, self-serving and questionably legal actions.

      As for the previous comment, vapid sloganeering is a crutch for those who can neither articulate nor defend their points of view. A national health emergency requires a coordinated national, science-based response from the top down, not a fragmented and contradictory one by individual states. The latter has resulted in unncessary deaths and economic damage at home and embarrassment internationally.

      Wear a mask and look after each other until the vaccine arrives. And then get vaccinated so that we can all move on with our lives.

    2. Is the United States going to be any better off with President-elect Biden- the consummate and habitual liar, a person his own running mate Kamala Harris called a racist, the same guy who idiolized Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd the two biggest segregationists around in the Senate-the five Vietnam draft exemption coward Joe”Asthma Biden-the same guy who voted against busing and what about China-how he enriched himself using his office to do it-look at who Biden is selecting for his cabinet-all people with heavy baggage who are from the recycling bin-the United States is in deep shit with Biden.

      1. You’re also absolutely correct about Biden. There’s nothing incompatible about criticizing Trump while criticizing Biden, too. Criticism of one doesn’t imply support of the other.

  5. If you want to blame Trump for all the Covid-19 deaths then I guess you can blame Biden for all the United States deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq since he voted for those conflict in 2003.

    1. The point here is approximately 900 staff and students were tested in 4 days and only 2 POSITIVE CASES!
      This is an incredible feat and congratulations to Dr Quezada and the district for accomplishing the Yellow Zone challenge and keeping schools open for our kids.
      Thank you Dr Quezada now my kids can stay in school instead of home remote learning. I can go back to work as well. Thank you,thank you and thank you.

  6. Enough already with the Trump bullshit. He’s out. Start blaming this lowlife scumbag of a Governor. He was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents, ( which he said was Trump’s fault). Now, through this completely arbitrary and baseless color zone designation, school systems all over the state are getting shut down. What happened to “follow the science”? Kids don’t get it, and they don’t spread it. So who is this policy protecting? Cuomo will do whatever it takes to keep his ugly horse face on TV so he can keep talking down to all of us morons.

      1. Not true, the hospital lobbyists who paid handsomely into Cuomo’s campaign coffers recommended sick elderly patients be sent back to nursing homes and Cuomo obliged

  7. Spoke to a cousin from Sydney Australia a few days ago.

    THEY HAVE ZERO CASES OF COVID 19 IN THEIR PROVINCE (millions of people in the province) and it’s been that way for weeks.
    (google it if you don’t believe)

    The opinion from them was that our problem is our politicians and government


    1. “Australia’s response to the pandemic has largely centred on shutting its borders, limiting public gatherings and conducting large-scale testing and contact tracing.

      Travelling overseas is banned, foreigners aren’t allowed to enter the country, and Australians who return from other countries are kept in mandatory quarantine at specially designated hotels for two weeks.”

      Can you imagine the outcry if Trump had closed the borders. Look what happened when he did that with just China.

      1. Trump needs to be held personally liable for all the deaths that he caused because he was only thinking about himself and never cared about us Americans.

        Had he taken a responsible approach from day one, tens of thousands would still be alive, and the US would not be the laughing stock of the world which it has been under that nut.
        Let’s hope a wave of lawsuits plagues him for the rest of his life.

        He is one of the BIGGEST scam artists this country has ever seen.

        1. Blame Trump that’s the typical adage….
          The governor makes the decisions for this state, and the governors make the decisions for other states. How was Cuomo’s nursing home decision despite his deflecting blame to Trump? The medical ship was sent and the makeshift hospitals were set up to help with overcrowded hospitals/nursing homes and went virtually unused. Cuomo like his fellow democrat governors in Michigan, California, New Jersey etc prefer lockdowns, schools closed, businesses shuttered, livelihoods ruined, the authority to tell you how many people you can have in your own private residence ……The lawsuits you make mention of should be levied against governor cuomo as he is solely responsible for many many deaths in New York State. Cuomo should be serving a life sentence …….So let’s get over spewing baseless nonsense with the anti Trump rants just to sound off about nothing at all

          1. Continue to keep your head firmly up your ass. Are we all not americans? Then we should be all treated the same and equally. Trump was and still is only happy to pass the baton on to the states so he could wash his hands and pass his problems on to others. (What he has done his whole life).
            He was hedging his bets, either way he always WINS in his own crazy mind, and he is stark raving mad. You miss the point, but then you would as you are believer. Me I don’t like any off them and want to break the back of the Dems and GOP, they are destroying this country day by day with their electoral dominance and control. Very little democracy going around with them.

            A national approach was needed from day one and he was not interested in anything that got in the way of his re-election. No doubt his lack of dealing with the pandemic and a total lack of LEADERSHIP, through out his presidency caused his loss. He will go down in history as the worst president ever, and he even makes Bush look good.

            Oh and I haven’t started to “rant” yet. You will know when I rant, trust me.!!!!!

          2. Post

            Please note this article is focused on person v societal concerns and NOT about Trump or Biden. ANY Future remarke other than the subject matter will be expunged. The article has importance and must be the focus and none other. I can’t blame those who commented off the subject matter. I blame myself. And I apologize. It will not happen again. All OFF-TOPIC comments will not see the time of day/ Their individual and respective purpose is to steen a topic off course and it undermines issues of concern. Kindly, HEZI

        2. Typical liberal to blame trump… stop watching fake news liberal… facts over your damn feelings go hide in a closed room with ya mask on! 😷

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