WEIR ONLY HUMAN: Why Biden is Not the President-elect

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.” Photo by and courtesy of Netsky Rodriguez.

FLOWER MOUND, TX — November 18, 2020 — I suppose most people who stayed up to watch the news on election night remembers Trump’s massive, double-digit lead in the swing states. They may also remember the media’s strange dallying and seeming reluctance to call any of President Trump’s clear victories in Florida, Texas, Alaska, and other states. Contrarily, they were swift when it came to calling states in which Biden’s “victories” were far from certain. Given what we’ve come to recognize as outrageous bias by the fake news media, it wasn’t difficult to conclude that they were at it again.

Those who were transfixed on those critical swing states will recall that there was a late and unexpected break in the action. Counting of ballots ceased for a period of time. Why? Could that unprecedented delay have been caused by an effort to stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent Biden votes to overcome Trump’s lead? Excuses from those state officials ring hollow, especially since anyone with a pulse knows that, for the past 4 years, Trump haters in the Democrat Party, the media, the Hollywood hedonists and academia have used every tactic imaginable to oust our duly elected President from the White House. They’ve lied and distorted the truth so often that they no longer have any credibility with honest Americans.

Add to that the fact that election fraud is being exposed in all the swing states, yet the aforementioned left-wing America-haters have been suspiciously demanding that Biden be recognized immediately as President-elect. Only a constitutional moron would proclaim that Biden won the election. That won’tbe announced until the electors in all the states cast their votes on Dec. 14. Chances are getting better every day that this massive fraud will be exposed, and the outcome will be sent to the state delegations where the GOP has a majority. That would mean, Trump wins!  

You see, America’s Founders, in their wisdom, anticipated the possibility of corruption in the voting tallies, so they created a sensible solution. In such a case, the 12th Amendment sends the election of a president to the House of Representatives where a vote by ballot is to be held that same day. The Electoral College is required by law to meet on December 14 to elect a president for us. This is how things are done in a representative republic like ours. We do not choose our president; instead, we choose the people who will pick a president for us. What we were really voting for on November 3 was electors, not a president. Some states identify the electors you are actually voting for, listed under the name of the candidate they have pledged to vote for as a member of the Electoral College.

Therefore, contrary to Joe Biden’s claim, eagerly and brazenly repeated by his venal cohorts in the left-wing cartel, it’s impossible to have a “President-elect” until December 14 at the earliest. But the entire election process is on the docket in courts right now, and the Trump campaign is revealing new discernible examples of voter fraud by the day. These will need to be hashed out in court, and that will be a time-consuming process given that the GOP will be submitting hundreds if not thousands of sworn affidavits.Consequently, courts may prohibit secretaries of states, governors, or other officials responsible for state law, from declaring a winner until all legal issues are addressed. This creates the possibility that some states may not have a duly certified batch of electors who are eligible to vote on Dec. 14.

But the law requires the Electoral College to meet on that day and choose a president. That date is fixed, and a majority is required for a president to be elected by the College. But what if all the certified, authorized electors voteand no candidate receives a majority? In that case, each state delegation of House members gets one vote. That’s right! California and New York get just one vote, as does Montana and Utah. As a result, 50 votes will be cast. Now here’s the interesting part; Republicans have a majority in the House delegations in 26 states, while the Democrats have a majority in only 22. There are 2 state delegations in which the Houses are tied, making them ineligible to vote.

Once again for the sake of clarity, if all the current legal challenges cannot be satisfactorily resolved by December 14, Donald Trump will be re-elected on that day to a second term by a vote of 26-22. Then and only then will we have a President-elect, and it will be Donald Trump.

Bob WeirWEIR ONLY HUMAN: Why Biden is Not the President-elect

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  1. This is what will happen after January 20th….Trump will no longer be cloaked with the legal protections of a sitting president…and the statutes of limitations will not have run on the myriad of criminal conduct he has engaged in both before and during his presidency…Bill Barr will no longer be the attorney general…and won’t be able to protect Trump and the Trump criminal enterpirse.United States attorneys offices in DC VA and SDNY all have active probes…The DA of new york county has an active probe..the attorney general of NY has an active probe….Trumps golf courses are bleeding money…( although they are all great places to play) His hotels are floudering….he has no income because he is no longer doing the apprentice…He owes the Russians 450million dollars…You do the math

  2. sore loser….Trump undid his own re election effort when he dissed those people who were going to vote absentee because of the covid pandemic…The Georgia sec of state himself has said that this gambit by Trump cost him Georgia…there were 25,000 Georgian Republicans who voted in the primary but failed to turn out in the general election. Biden won Georgia by 14,000 votes…The notion that ballot boxes were stuffed is right wing nonsense…and Republicans know it….Election day in person votes were counted first….so of course it appeared that Trump was leading at the outset.but as everyone knows mail ballots are counted either starting the morning of the election day or after election day. In Mich and PA the legislatures controlled by republicans refused to allow votes that were mailed in to be counted until all the in person votes were counted…Each precinct in the election had both a republican and a democratic representative to make sure the votes were counted properly…Trump lost Arizona Nevada and the three blue states of MI Wi and Pa…the statess that he won by less than 1% the previous election. Biden took them back a lot more of a margin than trumps….Trumps win in 2016 was a aberation…it won’t happen again…Trump lost because he was incompetent in his handling of the pandemic…He lost because he put his own election interests ahead of what was best for the people he swore to protect…All those conspiracy theories about dominion soft ware and fraud and ballot stuffing is simply sore losing nonsense..Biden will be sworn in on Jan 20th….and then he will be indicted in more than one jurisdiction for tax fraud wire fraud bank fraud and a myriad of other crimes….

    1. Bravo …you articulated the sentiments of any sane ,rational American perfectly. Bob needs to take his head out of Hannity’s crack.

    1. How you feeling about your theory now Bob…Pennsylvania and Michigan will certify for Biden…maybe they can make Mara Lago a state so Trump doesn’t have to lose by the same amount as Hillary

    2. Exactly Trump is a narcissistic sociopathic pathological liar and he is exactly what we need to deal with communists and Islamists. This is particularly true in relation to the Twelver Shiites and their Armageddon theology that is such a threat now due to Obama’s capitulation to Iranian Mullahs with numerous red lines and the ridiculous repatriation of over $1 billion in frozen assets from when the Shah was deposed 40 years ago. This is really why the Israelis have made peace with the the Sunni gulf states of Bahrain and UAE in addition to acting in concert with radical Sunni Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia as well as Sunnis in Jordan and Egypt. However as Benjamin Netanyahu has stated in the Middle East “the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.” So to deal with this we elected an obviously mentally and ethically compromised president hidin Biden who hid like a coward in his basement. The assertion that there was no anti Trump election fraud is ridiculous on its face. Even more outrageous is Cuomo’s arrogance and incompetence leading to the deaths of 12,000 nursing home patients as he writes a book about “leadership” and gets some ridiculous Emmy award as CNN allows his brother to interview him in an obvious conflict of interest during the Cuomo COVID infomercials. The Cuomo brothers are even more arrogant than their miserable father was. Even more disgraceful was the bizarre reporting of the “mostly peaceful” looters and rioters obviously financed by the likes of George Soros and other global elites AKA socialists/communists. If you really want to understand what we’re up against talk to a Cuban/Venezuelan refugee, Christian Arab or Russian Jew. But don’t worry Old white male “Catholic”Biden is just a Trojan horse.

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