Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Ameliorates Concerns of Seniors Attending the Bernice Spreckman / Coyne Park Community Center

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YONKERS, NY — November 20, 2020 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano wrote this letter on November 18th, 2020 address the concerns of those seniors who frequent the Bernice Spreckman Community Center / Coyne Park Community Center. The letter addressed the President Nick Mastromarco.

Dear Nick Mastromarco,

The City of Yonkers is proud to announce all of the news and exciting improvements coming to Coyne Park and the Bernice Spreckman Community Center. As you may know, the Park is a vital part of the community and I am proud to share some of the improvements forthcoming that recent funding has allowed. Some of the upcoming changes to happen in the near future include:

1. New concrete walkways

2. Painting the exterior of the Center

3. A brand-new Bocce Court

4. Plantings throughout the park

5. A 24’ wide/ 40’ long Pavilion

6. Adult exercise equipment

7. ADA compliant restrooms and entrance/exit doors

8. Lighting, electric and fire alarm upgrades

Finally, I understand that the proposal of a dog park caused some concern amongst community members. After some thought and discussion, I can confirm with you that the proposal has been removed from consideration.

As always, good government is successful when there are open lines of communication and transparency among residents and their elected officials. I look forward to seeing the Coyne Park Senior Center improvements come to fruition and continue to be a warm and inviting home for all to enjoy.


/s/ Mike Spano



TribuneYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Ameliorates Concerns of Seniors Attending the Bernice Spreckman / Coyne Park Community Center

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  1. Can we address the fact that supposed big shots/tough guys Mike Spano and John Rubbo got cowed by a bunch of seniors raising an uproar about a dog park?


    A Concerned Citizen

    1. You can spin this a million and one ways but the bottom line is so much simpler. Mayor Spano recognized the demand of the seniors. Mayor Mike Spano was also aware that best practice was to keep any dog park at minimum 30 feet from a senior/community center where seniors congregate for different events. So there is a medically astute basis and appropriate medical rationale for Mayor Mike Spano’s decision. He was unaware of that issue beforehand, but it logically was the basis for Mayor Spano’s desicion. The reason for the months-long standoff is that those people who should have informed the mayor did not. I will not be wasting my time on search of those who were unaware of the medical concerns since the mayor’s decision is rational, medically correct and the basis for the the mayor’s decision. To top it off, he listened to the constituents who are the very people who built this city. Everything else is simply poppycock. And so it is. Love him or hate, he did right by the seniors. For a politician, it doesn’t get better than that. Ask any senior. They know. —- Kindly, Hezi

      1. Kind of perplexed by one of your points that being that Spano was unaware of the medical concerns when he has been to that facility numerous times.

        1. He was not informed that best practice it to not have a dog park with a 30 foot distance. It must exceed 30 feet. Who did not inform the mayor is beyond my ability to know. Kindly, Hezi

          1. Where did this best practice information come from? I know numerous dog parks that are near senior centers, playgrounds, schools, etc. Just look in NYC.

      2. Hezi I think one salient point that has been totally overlooked and quite frankly ignored was the fact that the Yonkers Vietnam Memorial is adjacent to Coyne Park but unfortunately was not part of the conversation until the Yonkers veterans community became involved. The Yonkers Vietnam Memorial basically abuts the Coyne Park Senior Center. This blatant disrespect fostered by the Spano administration was not unexpected based on its actions at the end of August as it related to the Yonkers Veterans Memorial Plaza in which Spano, Stewart-Cousins-Mike Khader- Corozon Pineda-Issacs, Tasha Diaz and S. Williams all turned their backs on the veterans of Yonkers and displayed their utter contempt for the veterans of Yonkers with their “woke Culture” and political pandering to the left-simply shameful and a sad chapter in the Spano administration,

    2. You have an agenda “Concerned Citizen”. The mayor heard the seniors because they were more effective that those who were promoting a dog park to which seniors were not informed and thereby could not raise the pertinent issues. They won because Mayor Spano heard them. —- Kindly, Hezi

    3. Can we address the fact that two corrupt politicians violating federal law are lucky the seniors did not hire a civil rights attorney? This city thinks it can bully anyone and John Rubbo sat there throwing a temper tantrum at his own turkey giveaway! Where else in Yonkers can you try and give away a free turkey and you come with a 100 FREE TURKEYS and leave with 50? The seniors did not want his “blood” turkey! Also, pulling up there was the roll call for the Republican party! The city needs to wake up and realize that a man that went all the way to Washington DC to Donald Trumps inauguration and wants a dog park instead of fixing ADA violations is now and always will be a DemoRAT! The fact he is now going to Biden’s inauguration is a joke. His people trying to do damage control. The good news is he will never be Mayor. He will be lucky to pull off a second term. The Mayor has already thrown him to the “dogs” (dogs get it- LOL) over his self preservation. Doubling down started the end of Rubbo’s career as News 12 was able to reach a broad audience as the report played two different days and many do not like anyone that upsets senior citizens. Time will tell as there are other things that will be coming out in the future. Stay tuned to As The Corrupt City Turns. Same rat station same rat dial.

  2. COVID-19 helped me see the 💡. No longer drinking the Spano Kool-Aid. Truly the most uneducated, ignorant, irresponsible, bloodsucking, manipulators unfortunately Yonkers citizens have been cursed with. Thank you JESUS for saving my life and finally seeing how AWFUL the Spano family really always was and continues to be. People stay far away from those evil people. Not wishing them any harm, but God’s wrath will strike them all eventually.

      1. The statement is on the Mayor’s letterhead and is ascribed to Mayor Mike Spano and no other. He signed the letter. Simple as that. Nothing more to interpret here. —- Kindly, Hezi

  3. Thank you Mayor Spano and Councilman Rubbo for all of these improvements to our community center. I can’t wait to use the new exercise equipment to get rid of the extra weight I’ve gained during these quarantine months!

    1. Is that before the 200 people get laid off in January 2021? John Rubbo is wasting money on exercise equipment during covid? Who is in charge of sanitizing the equipment?

    2. Please! John Rubbo is pouting around ! Lol! Johnny better remove that silver spoon before he stomps his feet and chokes on it! The Mayor had to put John in his place! Lol Getting accosted at Lowe’s and calls from Seniors to his house was too much for the Mayor! Here is a thought! Do right by the people of Yonkers and REMEMBER you were elected BY the people to represent them! Little Salesian spoiled boy who is entitled better grow up! You just lost a load of votes! Good Luck with that! That Mayor ship has sailed! You will be lucky to get one more term!

    3. That’s a funny! So, the Mayor and Rubbo left a building with seniors and children open and in use that had ADA violations. A building where three seniors fell and were rushed to the hospital and may have to sue which would be taxpayers money? Yuppers, that sounds like Yonkers politics! Let’s not forget the seniors documented their journey trying to get elected officials to help them! I would let this article die and not make any more comments for those trying to flip the script! You never know what else might come out! Just saying…

    1. Oh please!!!! We get it. Rubbo is up for re-election next year. From what I saw the seniors were going to beat him up because he insisted on having the dog park.

    2. Lol! John Rubbo is off at his brewery licking his wounds because the Mayor had to “TRUMP” him! John doubled down and it backfired! Welcome to Politics Johnny boy! Where only in Yonkers does the Captain save himself first before the woman and children!

  4. I would like to take this moment on this historic day in history to concede the Yonkers City Judge race to my three opponents , Karen Best , Verris Shako and my friend and lawyer the Honorable Dan Romano. May you all thrive and excel while bringing dignity to the United States constitution and may you always serve “With Justice For All !”

    Source: Nicholas Filippi Facebook

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