Yonkers Yellow Zone Update as of November 24, 2020

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Dear YFT Brothers and Sisters,

Yonkers Federation of Teachers (YFT) President Samantha Rosado-Ciriello

The superintendent’s response to our query is mostly unresponsive (see below).  In addition, we have concerns about the district’s consent form for testing in the yellow zone. We believe the district has exceeded its authority beyond the scope and intent of the Governor’s order in the following manner:



  1.  Signing the form gives consent for biweekly random testing until June 30 unless revoked in writing.


2.   Signing gives consent to get tested if a person exhibits symptoms.


3.   Signing gives consent for the district to share information with government entities in addition to the DOH.

4.     In one area it states the testing is voluntary and is not a condition of employment, yet in another area it states “declining testing may affect my ability to work until I am tested or quarantined pursuant to Yonkers Public Schools policies and procedures.”.

Previous questions from 11/20/20
1. Since the testing is free, why is it necessary to collect proof of insurance?  We strongly object and will advise our members of such. No longer being requested.
2. What medical provider is the district partnering with? No answer, but Dr. Rabadi will supervise the process and all nurses have been trained. 
3. Where will the tests be performed? No answer
4. How and where will the tests be stored? No answer
5. How will the district maintain privacy of individuals tested? No answer
6. If the staff test results come back positive, will staff be sent home immediately? No answer
7. If the students’ test results come back positive, what plan is in place for isolating the student(s)? No answer
8. If staff tests positive, and they are sent home, will their students also be sent home? No answer
9. Will contact tracing begin immediately upon learning of a COVID positive result? No answer
10. How will the district accomplish 20% within 2 weeks? No answer
11. Has the district received enough test kits to accomplish 20%? The kits have not arrived
12. Who will monitor classes while testing is occurring? No answer.
13. Please provide the YFT with a copy of the consent form to be issued to YFT members for review by our attorneys prior to use. Received from our members, not the District.
14. As numbers continue to climb, how can we maintain safety in schools if we cannot staff them? No answer.
15. We request the number of quarantined staff and students per building per case be published as part of the district daily COVID updates. No answer.
16. As a result of the desegregation order, Yonkers Public Schools buses students across the entire city, rather than to neighborhood schools. With certain zip codes designated as yellow and students spread throughout the district, how does that affect the “school community vs, outside community” data? No answer.
17. If a staff member volunteers or is selected to be tested, can it be done by their personal physician or must they be tested by the district’s provider? Yes, staff can go to their individual provider, test, and share the results.
18. We are urging the district and Mayor’s office to strongly consider remote instruction after Thanksgiving and after winter recess. No answer. 
Additional info from the superintendent:
The test is called: Binaxnow COVID-19 AG Card and Navica
School nurses have been trained
If test kits arrive this week, begin Cohort B this Wednesday 11/25/20
Staff who volunteer for the test will test on November 30 and December 7.
We will continue to keep you updated as we receive information.
In Solidarity,
Samantha Rosado-Ciriello
eHeziYonkers Yellow Zone Update as of November 24, 2020

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  1. Spoke to a cousin from Sydney Australia a few days ago.

    THEY HAVE ZERO CASES OF COVID 19 IN THEIR PROVINCE (millions of people in the province) and it’s been that way for weeks.
    (google it if you don’t believe)

    The opinion from them was that our problem is our politicians and government


  2. Another great job by the jewelry salesman who is heading up the office of OEM. Where are the test kits more family and friends failure from the Spanos.

    1. I so agree. They are purposely infecting the staff so the schools close. What a joke the YFT has become. Lets see which politician backs them. Vote them out!!!!

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