BLUE TRUTH: Police Chase Leads to Gruesome Deaths

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Roundup Newswires / Yonkers Newswire Publisher / Editor Brian Harrod.

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — DECEMBER 23, 2020 — On Tuesday, December 22, 2020, at 9:20 pm, a white 2009 Infiniti was spotted by Yonkers Police at South Broadway and Prospect Street being driven “in an erratic manner”, better known as a V&T (Vehicle & Traffic Violation).

Police followed the vehicle until they caught up with it when it turned onto Riverdale Avenue facing in a southerly direction. YPD signaled the vehicle to stop. Initially it seemed as though the Infiniti was going to comply as it slowed, but that was a ruse. The Infiniti increased speed incrementally “beyond reckless speeds” as it approached the Culver Street intersection where the Infiniti slammed into a 2006 Nissan sedan with four 18-year-old Yonkersites. The high speed collision split the Nissan in half. Randy Brisbane, Anthony Cruz, Brandon Sierra, and Tamari Watkins all died at the scene. The four teenagers had graduated from Saunders Trades and Technical High School this year. 

“Yonkers Police Detective Lieutenant Dean Politopoulos, Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller’s Department of Communication and Public Information Officer had on Wednesday, December 23, 2020, at 1:10pm issued the following communique stating, “The police were not engaged in a high-speed pursuit – we are asking the media to please not transpose the actions of the reckless driver onto the officers trying to enforce the law. This was a terrible tragedy and we mourn the loss of these four young men,” he said.

VIDEO: Yonkers Police Department Chase 

VIDEO: Vehicle Torn in Half in Yonkers Horrifying Two-Car Crash. 

“Our officers are trained to assess every situation and in this case disengaged and did not pursue to avoid this exact type of outcome. The sector car was approximately 15-seconds behind and not in emergency mode” noted Politopoulos. Yet the video intended to corroborate the Yonkers Police Department assertion, instead negated Politopoulos’ as per the video the YPD released:

The video herein speaks for itself. An Infiniti, later found to have been driven by Devon Haywood of Mount Vernon in a southerly direction was in fact pursued by a YPD Sedan at a clocked speed of some 90 miles per hour.  

Politopoulos informs the reader that, “Mr. Haywood has a history of reckless driving.” D/Lt. Politopoulos then writes, “Our sincere condolences to the families – I cannot fathom their loss.” 

Studies assert that impact doubles for every 10 miles per hour increase in speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Police Chase Leads to Gruesome Deaths

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  1. His driving record is only a part of the story. This guy was a complete and total piece of shit. Ignorant morons can twist this into a race issue or a police chase issue or anything else they want, but the truth is this: he was pulled over and then chose to take off at a high speed. Are you dumb enough to believe he would have slowed down on his own even if he didn’t see police lights behind him? The intersection where he smashed into these innocent young men is a half mile away. At the speed this lowlife scumbag was traveling, he probably reached Culver Street in about 30 seconds. Everyone concerned about criminals’ “civil rights’” needs to remember that the victims of these peoples’ behavior are substantially more likely to be people of color themselves. So cut the bullshit already.

  2. So and so “has issues with the truth”. — Hezi responds: disparaging someone without proof for or against is “having issues with the truth. I am not going to be quick to just pontificate or speculate. I await an investigation by the soon to be sworn Westchester County District Attorney Mimi Rocah and the pertinent insight from NYS Attorney General Letitia James. Until then, much speculation by those trying to undermine the integrity of the reporting with little , if anything, to substantiate otherwise suggests opinion is the means to prove or disprove the tragedy. I guess this will be a battle of words until the lawyers reveal the facts. Until then … I will mourn those whose lives were lost. Kindly, Hezi

  3. BOTTOM LINE – Mr. Haywood was ‘speeding’ towards the Bronx/Yonkers line, because he knew that the YPD would not cross over into NYC, and the NYPD would never engage in continuing the pursuit, given that it started in Yonkers, and not wanting to get involved. ALL OF THIS SINCE THE BLM CONTROVERSY. Had this had happened, even just 2 years ago, roadblocks would have been set up at the Bronx Boarder and this idiot would never have had an opportunity to escape justice. Now, all these idiots have to do is to “get lost” in the Bronx and they will never have to worry about getting caught or brought to justice. Where is REVEREND AL SHARPTON to explain all of this and how these 4 young men lost their lives due to some jerk, who hid behind Rev. Sharptons’ cause, to which there is no winners, just lost lives (no matter what Race, Creed, Religion or Sexual Orientation).

    1. Wow this guy must be a mind reader he is able to know what
      Mr. Haywood was thinking
      I bet you know what iam thinking now you sorry old fool.

  4. Remember this, Yonkers is not on the level. As long as the leadership of Yonkers Police Department continue to intentionally deceive the public there will always be mistrust.

  5. Good decent cops got screwed over by John Mueller and Keith Olson and mutts like them hid and lied behind their positions. So no one should believe what they put out .

    1. What the point? Is it to disprove that Yonkers Leadership is dishonest or is it to say that four young lives does not raise the stats since your posted date.
      The bottom line is that the Police have a job to do, but covering up and misinformation about what actually happened is what the public deserves.
      People remember the last serious minor accident that YPD did not follow protocol.

  6. We know what they tried to do in other serious accidents. Remember the Jamal accident which someone said was a minor accident that didn’t appear to be alcohol related.

  7. You dumbfucks blaming the police leave out the guy had a history of reckless driving. The only blame here is on devon haywood may he rot in hell

    1. Exactly….. how can you liberals blame the police !! Blame Cuomo for bail reform…. this guy has 2 open cases and was let out exactly a month ago to do what he wants such has kill 4 innocent kids! Shame on you all who don’t see the facts and truth….I hope you never have to feel the pain of those poor parents! Stay in your basements where you belong!

    1. They fire injured officers only except if they are washing Olson’s ball bearings. All others who don’t attend meetings and who over dose are good to go. Wake up you dumb Mayor and make a move. You have only been here for a decade.

  8. He had a history of reckless driving.

    NY Prosecuters and the Judges failed to enforce statutory protections and innocent teens are dead because of thier liberal activism.

    1. People drive with suspended licenses or without licenses all the time. You can’t lock someone up forever just because they’ve driven recklessly in the past.

      More importantly, the driver’s 2018 felony drug possession charge happened before the 2019 changes to sentencing guidelines and bail reform. Go grind your ax somewhere else.

      Like someone said, if the cops had their lights on, then the kids might have been alerted to the danger.

      Nothing but bad news when it comes to Yonkers. Good job, Mayor Mike.

      1. You are a complete liberal moron, so you state they drive without license’s all the time, maybe if your scumbag DEMOCRATS didn’t make the laws so liberal this asshole would be behind bars. Its typical bullshit Fredo and the boys should have sent him to Harvard for free.

  9. The four grieving families have Gofundme pages since they can’t afford to bury their teenage sons. Where’s that useless hack Corazon Pineda? She can solicit contributions for her political campaigns, but can’t say one goddamn word when it comes to the tragic loss of life in her own goddamn district. What a repulsive city and a despicable, gutless, self-serving council member.

  10. Bottom line is the suspect’s actions caused his own death and the death of four innocent young lives. The Yonkers Police should have said just that and acknowledge the pursuit instead of denying it. That is why Mueller and Olson must move on. They should stop giving out misinformation as usual.

  11. So from Prospect and Riverdale to Culver and Riverdale, YPD decided to “follow” (or “disengage”) an erratically driven car for approximately one mile? Another 500 feet and the car would have been at the 3rd. At what point were they going to actually light him up (or had they done so already)? Maybe they were hoping he would cross 263rd and become NYPD’s problem?

    Sounds to me like YPD put people in harm’s way by not stopping this vehicle and the result was a tragic and potentially preventable loss of life.

    Maybe CCP Khader can rename four streets after these four young Yonkers kids.

  12. Horrendous accident, the driver is at fault however, we will only see the ypd spin, first no mention of the interaction, then when witnesses came forward they admit to a pursuit.

    We will never really know what happened and why the driver felt that he had to flee and continue with his speed after the police car slowed.

    Interesting that the police released only one video of the police car following slowly.

    Where are the body camera feeds?

    Given the responces here its apparent that thier minions are working hard to paint only one picture.

    1. Yeah guess the Olson payoff to Fat Nick Spano and the other Democrats could not stop the bail reform. Keith Olson is a loser and will always be a sellout to most of the Yonkers PD. Criminals and Drug addicts don’t get fired. Remember that!
      Mike Spano check to see where your package is.

      1. this is so sad… my heart is so heavy from NJ.. some stories just hit you harder than others. They say we should never question God. This hurts… and no one will pay for this heinous accident, all families will suffer. I would do anything to ease this grief for them God please comfort them.. please minimize their pain… To the families on both sides.. my love my comfort my prayers forever.

  13. I blame this like many other hideous crimes on the liberal scum DEMOCRATS, they have loosened the laws to allow these felons who have multiple arrests back onto the streets with a slap on the hand. Wake up people and stop voting for these liberal scumbags.

  14. How exactly are the police at fault? They were driving at a reasonable safe speed several car length behind and did not have their emergency lights engaged. This is no ones fault but the driver. Disgusting trying to put this on the police. Why not use your journalistic investigative skills and tell us all about Mr. Hayward? How many times has he been arrested? Was he wanted?
    Disgusting click bait article
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those 4 young boys.

    1. Well then you should read what the Department puts out pal. So if the lights are not on then why say the vehicle was going to be stopped for V&T?
      Let’s face it Yonkers Police Department can not be trusted so long as John Mueller and Keith Olson are around period.

  15. How unfortunate that these four innocent children were MURDERED by a career criminal.
    How did this happen?
    It had very little to do with the YPD , and EVERYTHING to do with the liberal , progressive politicians that have passed laws releasing violent and repeat criminals with no bail and no regard for the public they are supposed to serve.
    While our Governor who passed these laws is with his family this holiday season, four families are preparing to bury their children.
    My heart and prayers go to these four families.
    If there is blame, it goes to our elected officials who passed reckless laws to satisfy their liberal base.
    This will not be a MERRY CHRISTMAS for a lot of people.

    1. conservatives let non-law abiding people off the hook too . Just look to the top. How does an unlicensed driver get plates for his car? Illegally! This is not a partisan issue. Well, the driver’s actions took his own life as well. Hopefully, these four people are waiting for him on the other side… .

  16. The fact that blame is attempted to be diverted from the driver to YPD is utterly ridiculous. The only distorting going on here is from media, and the anti police folks……The politicians like Cousins and Khader who issued sugarcoated statements regarding this tragedy, and make mention only about laws and making roadways safer should be ashamed as well. They leave out the most important detail and obvious fact that the driver is solely responsible for this outcome, and nothing could have prevented this. Perhaps if they recognized the driver being at fault with their initial statements, then Yonkers police wouldn’t have to put out a statement defending their actions. Anyone that can think rationally realizes this is the fault of one person only the driver.

  17. There is only one person responsible for murdering these kids, that is the crazy scumbag driving the car, like a lunatic through city streets. This has nothing to do with the Police. If you look at the video there was no chase. So save your nonsense for your circle of “friends”.

    Anybody driving at 90 mph on city streets should be shot on sight. This guy they say has a history of this. It’s time to reform the bail laws and bring Saudi style justice here. When he got caught 3 times driving like a maniac, chop off his hands and feet, he won’t be able to drive again.

    These situations are all the fault of the silly judges who let people like this off, to repeat offend again and again. It’s called entitlement culture, you know who you are…

    1. If you security policy code enforcers LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE this would not HAVE HAPPENED AT ALL YOU SOWE WHAT YOU SEED.STOP PUTTING FEAR INSIDE OF PEOPLE WITH YOUR NONSENSE TRAFFIC FUCKING STOPS .as long as they did not cause harm they would not be running away FROM YOU FING YPD. You MISTER HERO POLICE OFFICERS WANNA BE NEEDS TO STOP these nonsense Traffic stop and scaring people away.!!!!!!

      1. If you want to make sense learn to write English. Otherwise your points are gibberish.

        Only blame falls on the driver, he’s driving, in charge of the car…end of story.
        Sad that he killed innocent kids.
        Everything he owned, if anything, should go to the victims families.

        Wonder will we get a toxicology report on the driver. Lots of folks driving around Yonkers in cars smelling of weed. Needs to be also enforced.

        Where are all those anti-trumper BLM types now? Very silent on this. Not surprising .

  18. So… responsibility goes to the murderous, unlawful, unlicensed convicted felon driver who ACTUALLY murdered the four teens? This was all the fault of YPD? Yonkers should try going a week without the YPD. But, what would you then write about?

  19. Just another example of how the Yonkers PD attempts to distort the facts by denying they were in a pursuit. Was four innocent lives worth the chase? Sad City.

    1. Absolute answer.these fuckers never will stop from extra fear and scaring people be causing people make accidents.yet they will not admit they were in pursuit

      Pursuit of WHAT??

      Fing YPD cause the murder of five!!!and don’t want to admit the pursuit nor blame on it!!!what a fucking shame!!!!

      1. Of course they were attempting to stop the vehicle and that is part of their job. What I have a problem with is the attempted lies and misinformation before releasing the information of this very tragic accident. Yonkers Police is always trying to cover up police action before informing the public.

      2. Obviously the idiot driving the car decided to make a run for it. He should’ve pulled over when he was instructed to. He wasn’t “murdered”, he alone murdered those 4 kids. Stop with the poor suspect “victim” narrative. Pure nonsense!

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