Disability Discrimination Charge Against the Yonkers Board of Education – Official Complaint: Disability Discrimination WC Case 271 5058

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Mr. Voorheis and Mr. von Hoene

YONKERS, NY — December 2, 2020 — Please accept the following information as filing a formal complaint with your offices charging Disability Discrimination against the Yonkers Board of Education and Carlos Moran for denying me the contractual 60 Days work related injury leave 12(I) and for consuming 42.5 days of my accruals for my affirmed work related injury of January 27th 2020.

Through hearings, medical evidence and testimony (all pertinent files attached) the NYS Workers Compensation Board affirmed that I in fact received a work related injury on January 27th 2020.

In response Mr. Moran and the Yonkers School District refuse to acknowledge the affirmed legal conclusion that on January 27th 2020, I sustained a NEW work related injury for which I was denied my contractual rights and had my accruals consumed.

The Yonkers Board of Education and Mr. Carlos Moran do not have the authority to overrule a binding legal medical determination and in doing so are not only breaking the law but refusing to grant my contractual rights (thereby violating the CBA) to a 60 days work related injury leave and engaging in Disability Discrimination against me.

Hopefully you can resolve this issue which numerous precious attempts to resolve have been met with unabashed denial of the facts and my rights under the CBA and ADA.

The remedy is simply for Mr. Carlos Moran and the Yonkers Board of Education to obey the LAW and provide me the cumulative amount of days (44 work days for the 60 days work related injury leave and 42.5 work days for the incorrect usage of my accruals)  to use or payment for the 60 days work related injury and payment or use of the 42.5 accruals used for the established work related injury of January 27th 2020

I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

Joseph S. Lento

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eHeziDisability Discrimination Charge Against the Yonkers Board of Education – Official Complaint: Disability Discrimination WC Case 271 5058

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  1. Is this the same teacher who has been applying for ADA and special accommodations for 15 years? Hez this blatant abuse by those teacher who is writing to you. Do know the district has tried multiple times to speak and meet with the individual however, this person declines meetings. The individual also declines exams and threatens law suits whenever the legitimacy of the claim is questioned…. please do not let the sheep in wolf’s clothing fool our community… I can assure this individual writing the false claims will be investigating by the Attorney General very soon for fraud or be forced to retire… lets cut the BS everyone….have a happy holiday season!

  2. That is just blatant unprofessional leadership at the height of incompetence! How do you deny a court ruling in the matter and not expect a suit to be filed?! Are we in the USA in 2020 or is this a Twilight Zone and Rod is ready to narrate in a second?!

    1. Well stated! The City of Yonkers continues to live above and in violation of so many laws with seemingly no one to hold them accountable. It’s not The Twilight Zone…it’s the reality that is Yonkers until the people demand otherwise.

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