LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Grading Yonkers Snow Removal Effort

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YONKERS, NY — December 19, 2020 — Some Yonkersites advise that even after 3 days when they look out their window it seems the snow has only fallen within the past 24-hours. Not just the author’s street, but the entire area.

The suggestion is that the City of Yonkers (CoY) send an email blast to homeowners to rate the performance of the snow removal effort. Not only for this most recent snow storm, but for every such occurrence. And every so many months an email blast to rate garbage pick up, and yes, even CoY’s government response to other issues of concern. 

The author’s experience is buttressed by over 30 years of plowing and working for Yonkers. He emphasises that he took pride in his job and put the taxpayers first. “No matter what storm I did, my phase 1 and 2, I held myself accountable, I believed in old school.”

For too long now there is no accountability because the job is controlled by workers who are connected to the “family and friends” network of politicians and union leaders. 

“Taxpayers pick up 100 percent of the bill, yet with no say! It’s sad.” 

With any union or government job you need accountability; it’s the foundation of making things better. The old saying, “you screw up and move up” represents Yonkers all too well.

“It’s about time the attitude of you can’t touch me because of my political or union connections is crushed. Priorities must focus on serving the taxpayers who pay your salary.”

“I’m a union man, more than, or just as much as any union leader or worker.”

Yonkersites know that without accountability the union itself becomes weaker. It’s not too late to make the necessary corrections now.

HEZI’s NOTE: The author is known to the editor and his demeanor has remained honest, balanced, and true for some twenty years of my knowing him.

eHeziLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Grading Yonkers Snow Removal Effort

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  1. Not even close to a good job.The number one mistake is throwing salt on top of the brine hours before the first snow flake fell, I saw many trucks doing this.Waste of money because lack of knowledge.You want to attack the taxpayer who pays your salary when you were hired without a test.Would you attack a politician or union leader if they didn’t shovel sidewalk or throw snow on street. Then when I left my house on Friday morning, I notice the snow piled up in middle of intersections with a very small area plowed to get around. Who ever plowed the area plowed the same path like a robot.All it takes is a little common sense, not hard to open up street and come around other way.They were big enough intersections.Again I am speaking from experience and also plowed dead ends with big plow. Believe me if the money was coming out of the politicians or union leaders pocket, your thought process would be different.

    1. I never seen so much snow left around schools. The children cannot get on buses with these piles everywhere including in front main entry in years past the Schools use to send crews out to do bus stop and open up lots and entrance ways WTF is happening no one supervising. Also the custodians are just dumping salt hoping it melts to snow this is leaving stairs and side walks very dangerous

      Its has never been like this!!!

  2. I been a homeowner for over fifty years so I know a good Job when I see one. Before the storm the DPW were out there salting so people could make it home safe. I am sick and tired of people dumping on the DPW. There were years where you had two feet of snow on our street for several days! Did anyone notice the amount of sidewalks not shoveled. Lets not forget the summer where they were working with extreme heat plus the Virus. There is plenty to complain about in Yonkers it is not the DPW. Good Job!

  3. I have worked for Yonkers DPW for quite some time. And yes, there’s no excuse for any street not to be plowed at least once within 36 hours of the snow stopping. It is the job of the drivers, the supervisors, and the managers to get this done. It is, however, important to be aware of a few things. I have found that quite often residents will call and say that their street was not plowed at all, when in truth it has been, but not to their satisfaction. Part of the reason for this is that even though it is against the City Code, people often shovel their driveways and sidewalks into the street even before the storm is over. All it takes is for a few homeowners near each other doing this to quickly make a street look like it hasn’t been touched. It is also extremely important that people understand that DPW’s job in a snowstorm is to make THE RIGHT OF WAY PASSABLE-that is all. We cannot take responsibility for cars snowed in and for driveways and sidewalks covered. If the plow pushes the snow to your side, it is unfortunate but impossible to avoid. And when calls come pouring in with these complaints, it slows us down by pulling drivers off of their assigned routes, which are laid out in a certain way in order for all the streets to get done. And finally, please remember that there are three levels of street type priority. Main roads, secondary roads, and dead ends. Again-we know what we are doing. Calling the help line five times because you are impatient helps no one. We want to do a good job, but all need to cooperate.

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