NYISO -New York City Doesn’t Need Indian Point!

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — December 12, 2020 — Kevin Lanahan, Vice President of External Affairs at New York Independent System Operators, wrote this letter in response to an opinion piece published in The New York Daily News that claimed New York City would suffer blackouts and misquoted Power Trends, the book that NYISO puts out every year as proof.  NYISO is the acronym that stands for New York Independent System Operator, the New York electric power grid operator.

How long have we wanted something like this from NYISO in writing???

There will be more lies and false claims that we need Indian Point as we draw closer to the spring closing date for Unit 3.  Prepare for that now.  Forward this note to your elected officials immediately.  All of them – Local, State and Federal. Warn them that they will likely see more misguided claims about the need to keep Indian Point open. NYISO is the ultimate authority and this note says clearly that we do not need Indian Point as a generator.  Unit 3 will close and the lights will not even blink.  That is exactly what happened with Unit 2 and will happen again with Unit 3 on April 21, 2021 when both reactors proceed to the decommissioning process.

Marilyn Elie, Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition, United 4 Clean Energy, www.ipsecinfo.org

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No, NYC Doesn’t Need Indian Point

Rensselaer, NY —  A recent op-ed (“For the environment, keep Indian Point open,” Nov. 30) regarding the closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant contained misstatements attributed to publications released by The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). As the entity responsible for operating New York’s power grid while meeting the most stringent reliability standards in the nation under strict regulatory oversight, we are obligated to correct the record on this important subject.

The op-ed stated that our 2020 Power Trends report concluded, “transmission upgrades and battery storage are simply incapable of alleviating downstate reliability problems.” Power Trends made no such conclusion. The NYISO has strict processes in place to identify and seek solutions for potential future reliability gaps. Our report does include a section (page 22) that discusses the closure of Indian Point, stating that New York State has enough additional capacity to make up for the loss of the facility without leading to immediate reliability concerns.

In addition, our report does not warn of blackouts in New York City and the surrounding suburbs, as the op-ed asserts. Power Trends highlights future “resource gaps” that the NYISO has identified. Those gaps will be addressed through the NYISO reliability planning processes and could be fulfilled by a number of solutions, such as transmission, generation of various types, including storage, and demand-side measures.

We encourage all readers to visit our “2040 Grid” page to learn more about the NYISO’s detailed planning and study work to meet the needs of our future grid. Kevin Lanahan, vice president of external affairs and corporate communications, NYISO


eHeziNYISO -New York City Doesn’t Need Indian Point!

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