Shanae Williams Announces Candidacy for Westchester County Clerk

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Yonkers City Councilmember Shanae V. Williams represents Council District 1.

YONKERS, NY – December 21, 2020 – Yonkers City Councilwoman Shanae Williams announced her candidacy for Westchester County Clerk at a meeting of the Yonkers Democratic Party Executive Committee held Thursday, December 17, 2020. Councilwoman Williams has served on the Yonkers City Council since her appointment by Mayor Mike Spano in 2018, winning a full term in 2019. Councilwoman Williams holds a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Business Administration, with a focus in Leadership.

“Westchester residents deserve a County Clerk who will view the office through the lens of affirmative access and equity,” said Councilwoman Williams. “My campaign is about breaking down barriers and bringing new energy, new ideas, and a new voice to county-wide government. As your next County Clerk, I will deliver new levels of transparency and access to county government, ensure equitable access to government services, and promote commerce and entrepreneurship throughout the county.”

“During my tenure on the Yonkers City Council, I have fought for increased affordable housing options, improved services and resources for the homeless population, and created dialogue and action on police and criminal justice reform,” continued Councilwoman Williams. “I am proud that I have never backed down from tough, under-addressed issues during my time on the City Council, and will bring that same commitment and energy to the Clerk’s Office. I am well qualified to manage and optimize the County Clerk’s Office having worked in both the public and private sector. However, I will use my unique background and commitment to efficient, transparent government to re-imagine the work of the Clerk’s Office, optimize procedures and practices, and make the Clerk’s Office user-friendly for all residents and businesses.”

“The County Clerk’s office is a large and important component of county government, and deserves energetic and forward thinking leadership. My opponent promised voters four years ago that he would not run for a fifth term, yet plans to run for re-election to pad his pension after receiving a huge political pay raise. We deserve elected officials who are in government for the right reasons, stick to their word, and deliver for taxpayers, not just themselves.”

“I am a young, educated, immigrant, woman of color who is experienced, innovative and observant. My campaign for Westchester County Clerk is an opportunity to bring true representation and diversity to county government. Westchester residents have shown in recent years that they are ready for change, and a new generation of leadership in government. Together, we can bring this change, and build a Clerk’s Office that truly represents and works for our community.”

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TribuneShanae Williams Announces Candidacy for Westchester County Clerk

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  1. “other more seasoned candidates” tell that to mayor pete…Jamaal Bowman, Mondaire Jones…and on and on…the new guy or gal on the block will motivate the younger voting crowd…and considering she is from yonkers she should be a winner..Tim Iodoni is a lovely was Anthony Scarpino

        1. Racist much? Oh, I forgot there is no such thing as being racist against white men.

          Note: Mayor Pete won what? Westchester isn’t the Bronx. Williams is certainly not a Harvard educated attorney much less raised in poverty.

          Let’s see how Pookie does county wide in a non presidential year.

    1. I am not scared of her. I am hoping for her success in moving up to a higher position in county government. The only thing I concerned, but not scared of who will competently replace her. — Kindly, Hezi

  2. this is a similar situation to the challenge by mime ricoh to Anthony Scarpino for DA…Scarpino had been doing a great job…the challenge was simply a young turk vs old dem challenge.As in the Elliot Engel situation and the race for Nita’s congressional seat…newer arrivals to the political scene..people of color women LGBTQ candidates, the die is cast…Assuming another person doesn’t enter the race splitting the vote for the incumbant democrat, I would put my money on the newcomer .It is just a sign of the changing times not only in westchester but all over the nation

    1. please stop with the nonsense BLM etc …does not mean any black woman or man will beat a popular incumbent doing a good job, even cold water eventually becomes room temperature eventually.

  3. She has no real world experience outside of government. Hey, mark your new calendar for the dates of your insurance and auto expiration dates. You can definitely run the County Clerk office.

  4. She should have used smiley faces instead of stars for the dots in her logo. This will be interesting. The young trying to eat thee old.

  5. Mike Breen for County Legislator! Jimmy Nolan can’t beat him. Breen is an experienced councilman, and Nolan is a custodian. How can Nolan run as a Republican when he is always hanging out with David Tubiolo? The Tubiolos are putting Jimmy up to mess up the GOP. This is John Larkin’s show now. New chairman, new GOP. The Nolans have three no-show jobs that they were required to take a test for, but did not. And they are running a scam with their foundation, taking money given for scholarships and pocketing it for themselves. Mike Breen will beat Jimmy Nolan and Ruth Walters.

    1. Wow, Shanaee is just so full of herself! What has she actually accomplished for Yonkers??? She’s advocated for things….what has been realized? She was handed the vacated Council seat by Spano and essentially ran unopposed as incumbent.
      She has some serious moral/ethical problems with abusing entitlements ie car usage, suspended registration and driving without insurance. Also, she plays the race card all the time!
      Praying other more seasoned and qualified candidates will put their hat in the ring for County Clerk and that this is not another unopposed race!

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