What Is the Role of Parents in the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS)?

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Is partnership with parents limited to some?

Why would you exclude parents if it is about education and not Politics?

Who exactly has access and why?

Why do systems of power get away with not following the law?

Christine Peters

YONKERS, NY — December 27, 2020 — As a person who grew up in Yonkers, and attended the Yonkers Public Schools (proud graduate of Saunders High School–Go Blue Devils!!!) I did not expect to have the bitter experience I had and continue to have with this school district. I am left wondering what happened to the role of parents in this school system? Are only certain parents invited to participate in active engagement with the school district or is there open access? Is intimidation and exclusion the active methodology utilized with parents or is inclusion possible? As I started to have more conversations with other parents, I realized I was not alone. I found those with resources moved to different school districts or switched to private schools. I love my daughter more than anyone else in the world, and I love the city that helped raise me, but I am left wondering what exactly is the problem here and more importantly, how do we collaboratively fix it if we are not allowed to participate?


The following is my experience with the Yonkers Public Schools Administration’s attempted intimidation, lack of transparency, and exclusion from a school district that claims to seek partnership with parents.


When Attempted Intimidation Goes Wrong


Full disclosure, I’m a single parent and work hard, long hours and multiple jobs to make ends meet. When the pandemic hit, I was an essential worker in all three of my jobs. I was ill-equipped to teach my daughter and ensure progress, and as someone who came from a socio-economically stressed background-EDUCATION IS FUNDAMENTAL TO SUCCESS!!! To me it is the factor that helps you move past bias, the various -isms and help individuals attain stability, security and balance. The idea of my daughter’s education being in jeopardy made me anxious, so I spoke with Carolyn Solieri who wanted to advocate for better partnership with the Yonkers Public Schools. We decided to host a parent meeting and put up flyers to reach other parents who had similar concerns. This was the birth of the Yonkers Parents Seeking Solutions! The flyers were then brought to the attention of the district, who thought it best to call my employer, even though my phone number was clearly posted on the flyers. I am willing to bet if my employer was Google, McDonalds, or Dominos Sugar, my employer would not have received a call. My part-time employer at the time, happened to be the NYS Senate Education Chair. She always carries herself with grace, poise and integrity, thus she did not dismiss my appointed position. Instead I was allowed to resign on my own terms. Let me however, highlight the intrinsic problem with this scenario. The Yonkers Public Schools, like all other schools, have an affirmative NYS mandate to help children learn how to problem solve with each other without utilizing intimidation tactics. Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), the NYS Law is a required training for all educators and school staff to identify bullying and teach children better problem solving techniques. The techniques that the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) Board of Trustees and Administration utilized, I hope would not be the techniques they would teach my child to problem solve or your children for that matter. Imagine trying to advocate for your child and other children and your employer is contacted about your passion outside of working hours, especially when it has to do with your child’s education?


Our first meeting we talked about our shared trauma and joys, and then we talked about how we can have a better experience. WE wanted to partner with the district to have our questions answered. Several parents submitted questions. We organized and categorized the questions and submitted them along with our request for a meeting. Again, my employer was called. I was confused because not only was my personal cell phone number on flyers, but as a parent with a child in the school district they have access to my contact information so they could have reached out to me directly for clarification. Yet they chose to go through my employer instead. Why would a district that wants parental involvement continue to contact my employer? Why would the district not contact the parent directly? Is this a greater issue of respecting parents as equal partners? I am a parent in the district. I thought I was a respected stakeholder. I was not contacted to address issues that arose. I was not contacted to problem solve or partner. In fact, to me, it ultimately seems like the District was only interested in utilizing their access and power to try to intimidate me. How do I have respect for these individuals now? I was raised to show respect regardless of how other people act.


Carolyn started speaking up in every City Council Meeting about our children and their need for access through devices, because we were confident the schools would not open normally in September.


Is Collaboration Only Limited to Some?


The district spent the first hour of our meeting talking about their background to stakeholders and parents of the YPS. The second hour we started talking about our questions and then we ran out of time. During this meeting, we were told that the main parent body is the YCPTA. This is who the district will work in collaboration with and they made that clear. Don’t get me wrong, the YCPTA is fine. I am a member of the Pearls PTA. The district should collaborate with them; however, they cannot ONLY collaborate with that parent organization. If you respect parents as partners then you must recognize that collaboration with only one group is exclusionary.


I continued with Carolyn to advocate for devices. Carolyn attended the budget meetings and advocated for devices for our children. Those devices were not prioritized.


Who Else Can Help Us?


As I kept hearing that we are not a 1:1 district and the budget presentation documented that more than half of our children qualified for free and reduced lunch, which made me realize, parents had to prioritize food, especially during a pandemic where financial resources were scarce and little was left for devices. Carolyn and I emailed City Council members and wanted an emergency meeting to get devices for children. Councilman Rubbo wanted us to come up with ideas to fund the devices. Though we found Councilperson Rubbo’s response disturbing and offputting we were willing to work collaboratively to problem solve. I am fully aware that one of the biggest responsibilities of the City Council is to balance and pass the budget, it is also to modify the budget during times of catastrophic events, like a pandemic. We made several attempts to reach the City Council Budget chair, because to me, it seemed there was no choice but to bond for devices. Before this meeting could take place we had a meeting with Mayor Spano, the Commissioner of Finance, Dr. Quezada and some City Council members who joined. Mayor Spano, empathized and stated that being one of 16, he could not understand how all of them would have gotten online and each child needed a device, especially in our city that has so much need. We were grateful that the Mayor did not agree with the District’s policy of one device per family.


Was It a Victory?


We felt happy that children were now going to get devices to access their education based on the word of everyone on the call, and the Mayor stated that it was not just one per family but each and every child that needed a device would receive it. The schools did not open in September. Though we were told that devices were enroute to be delivered by the opening of schools, they were delayed. The ones handed out to some needed to be fixed and replaced. The issue was a supply shortage, but there was no transparency from the district about this shortage. Instead, we were told they should be here shortly because they were ordered in June. When asked by the council when they will bond for additional devices we were told they were waiting on specific numbers. We were given this same answer in October as well. Seemed we were not the only ones who could not get accurate information from the district in a timely manner.


Where Are the Kids?


As we continued on our path to trying to get answers, we were given vague answers like “Out of 6,002 students, 360 (6%) of these students have had no activity at all since the beginning of September. 5,642 students (94%) have since had at least some activity” We asked for clarification as to what, “some activity meant”? We also asked if there was a way to distinguish if students are utilizing their parents cell phones or other mobile devices, which are not conducive for maximizing educational interaction with teachers and learning activities.


Email Response From John Rubbo


QUESTION: “1. What is the total number of students who are absent on an average school day in a non-COVID year?”


Rubbo Response – “There was a 93.7% attendance rate in the 2018-2019 school year.”


QUESTION: “2. Has central office staff reached out to the absent students or their parents to ask why they are absent? Are the students absent because they do not have technology?”


Rubbo Response – “The district’s school leaders are responsible for assigning school staff members to call the families of all students that are not attending school. The central office team has also engaged in this work. Please note that the reasons for not attending vary. A number of families have left the district altogether. Those families that indicate that the reason for their child’s absence is due to lack of technology are provided with laptops immediately.”


QUESTION: “3. Have the 10 to 15% of students who were absent between 9/8 and 9/15 logged in at all during that period or since 9/15?”


Rubbo Response:

1) From 9/8 to 9/15 – 6,002 students were absent at least once;

2) Out of 6,002 students, 360 (6%) of these students have had no activity at all since the beginning of September;

3)  5,642 students (94%) have since had at least some activity;

4) 58 students district-wide have been absent for 20 days in a row. That’s 0.23% of the Yonkers Public Schools student body;

5) Out of the 58 absent students, 33 students (0.13%) have not logged into Teams from 9/1 to 10/20.


QUESTION: “4. How many of the absent students are on the list of 4500 students who requested a device in the district’s survey but did not receive one?”


Rubbo Response:

1) Out of the 6,002 students, 2,726 (45%) students requested a tech device;

2) 1,112 students (41%) received a loaner device;

3) 1,714 students are pending—the district has not been able to contact some families;

4) The attendance rate demonstrates that of the 1,714 awaiting devices, the vast majority are logging into their classes on a smartphone, laptop or tablet;

5) Of the 58 absent students who were absent for 20 days in a row (referenced above), 22 requested a laptop from the district, 8 have received a device and 14 students are pending a device as of 10/20;

6) Building administrators and Central Office staff have been reaching out to families to find out the reasons for the students absences as well as to provide a device if needed, but to date the district has not made contact with these families.


We Have Rights…Don’t We?


As a publicly funded entity, the Yonkers Public Schools are supposed to follow rules like the Freedom of Information Law. In short this is called FOIL, Carolyn FOILED all the grants and I FOILED all contracts for the school year 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. This includes all facilities contracts, all collective bargaining contracts, all independent contractor contracts and the contracts for the devices ordered. Since any individual can request this information, certainly me, a parent of a child in the district and Yonkers Resident, should be given the information, which the law says I have a right to request and they have a responsibility to produce.


I was first told the district needed more time. I wished them a Happy Thanksgiving and waited patiently for December 18th for my documents. When I finally received a response it was the collective bargaining agreements for the three unions and no further contracts. I waited for an extended period of time and the school district stated my ask for too extensive. NO further information was given and there is NO indication when I will get the FOILED information. It leaves me wondering…what exactly are you hiding? And perhaps more importantly, why?


Is Partnership Possible Or Have People In Positions Of Power Forgotten Who Put Them In Power?


You be the judge. We requested a joint meeting with the Mayor, the President of the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees and the Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent. We were told there is a meeting set up with the YCPTA for January 5th and 6th, 2021, called “Let’s Chat with the Superintendent meetings.” This meeting does not seem to include the Mayor so it would seem our meeting is a distinct meeting. We have to date not gotten a response from the Mayor’s office or the President of The Yonkers Board of Education Trustees. So I again … what is the role of the parents in Yonkers with regard to the Yonkers Public School District, with the elected politicians, and with systems of power? I question not only the Yonkers Public Schools District, but also the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees, and the Mayor’s office for not responding. When did it become acceptable for large systems in our city to engage in intimidating, ignoring, and excluding  stakeholders who want to actively work together to help our students?

eHeziWhat Is the Role of Parents in the Yonkers Public Schools (YPS)?

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    1. Ask him. I do not know. I have not communicated with him except for once meeting him at the Empire Room at the Roosevelt bBalroom last year. — Kindly, Hezi

    2. Hezi,
      Here is a true story and all anyone has to do is to look into it!

      The Spanos are pushing James Nolan. He went from Republican to Democrat to Republican in months. Ruth Walters district is manly Republican. How else is a kid riding on his dead brothers coat tails going to run for County Legislator? They should let that boy rest in peace and find their own path !

      Once Ruth Walters looks into the way that Jimmy Nolan used the $9,000 Go Fund me money on the Mercedes he drives around Yonkers he will not only lose he will be under investigation. The Irish man that paid for his brothers funeral opened an account with James (the brother) and when the man went to Ireland to visit his sick mother Jimmy took all the money out of the account! The gentleman is well known in the Irish community and owns a business. He took a loan on his business to pay for the funeral and then they were shunned by the Nolan’s and forced to pay the loan back until the big fundraiser at Rory Dolan’s paid them back. There are many more details to this story

      This family has been through enough but the way they use that man you can not feel bad for them. All three surviving brothers were given City of Yonkers jobs! The middle boy is on the garbage truck.

      So, it doesn’t matter if the parents were into drugs and the father also an alcoholic. Their son that was killed was a dealer and broke the jaw of the shooters cousin. They fight drag racing and yet it was part of his brothers life. He would be the first to the meets. Yes, it all started off a bet on a race. He should never have been shot! These kids do not know how to fight with their hands anymore!

      We don’t need someone that will steal Go fund me money anywhere near taxpayer money! Ask James Nolan himself why he drives the Mercedes and how did he pay for it!

  1. Khader brings his personal lawyer who handles special need matters for public school kids and encourages Yonkers parents like himself to file lawsuits against the City. I wish Yonkers had an inspector general to look into all the conflicts that are occurring at the Council Presidents office. Yonkers needs are real watchdog. There’s an abuse of tax payers money for political and personal use.

    1. inspector general you say??? that’s a laugh start at the 2nd floor thats where it all starts , as far as liam goes he will not look into anything as did brendan tax payers get screwed again

    2. Yonkers needs an Independent Investigator to look into the fraud and abuse in City Hall !
      City Hall is always empty and everyone is collecting full salaries.

    3. That Inspector General is none other than Liam McLaughin. The ex City Council President and family friend of the Mayor. The Mayor appointed his best friend to investigate him because if we had a real IG there would be a lot of people under investigation. I can not wait for MIMI! She has corrupt politicians on her agenda. Don’t give up Khader! Keep empowering the parents and you will be the next Mayor!

    4. Parents would not need a lawyer if Yonkers schools offered adequate resources to school children in need of additional services. Parents shouldn’t have to fight to get a proper and equal education for their children who have special needs. An attorney gets involved when students are being denied services they are entitled to. These services should be offered to families that meet the criteria for special needs education. It’s my personal experience that you have to fight tooth and nail to get IEP and one to one services.

      1. Comments that are not specific to the subject matter are trashed. Stay on topic or it never sees the light of day. The advisement is placed at the top of the entry for comments. — Kindly, Hezi

  2. Yps can’t even keep track of their immunizations. Years behind on Special Ed evaluations. You think they’re telling the truth on covid numbers? Devices? Why can East Ramapo secure free wifi for kids? We have a 1:1 policy? Where are our devices?!!

  3. I wish YO would clean up their act. It’s embarrassingly criminal at this point. I applaud anyone who is willing to speak up. It rarely works. Maybe one day, our city will reach its potential

  4. Mike khader is slacking off the job
    Khader you love sharing information to embarrass the Mayor and the Superintendent why stop now is it because your afraid of a primary

  5. Thieves and cons at 1 Larkin. I hope you find the devices, the grant money, and everything else they are trying to cover up. Thank you for all you do

  6. Hi again,
    This is Christine-
    I hope everyone is enjoying the countdown to this difficult year! First, I want to thank each and everyone for taking the time to read my experience and for posting feedback/critiques. The only way to grow is through feedback, so please give me more and thank you all so much for helping me become better! At this time; one of the biggest school districts in NY, the YONKERS PUBIC SCHOOLS IS NOT FOLLOWING THE LAW, and since so many people on here are so empowered, can you help me get them to follow the FOIL law in a rational manner? I would love the help. Maybe more people who read this should FOIL information from the Yonkers School District.

    Please see the information for the FOIL Officer: Ms. Jerilynne Fierstein, Communications Officer, JFIERSTEIN@yonkerspublicschools.org. The official FOIL Email: FOIL@yonkerspublicschools.org; Fax: 914-376-8211; Phone: 914-376-8092

    Here is a sample letter:
    Dear Records Access Officer:

    Under the provisions of the New York Freedom of Information Law, Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, I hereby request full records pertaining to (or containing the following)

    If my request appears to be extensive or fails to reasonably describe the record(s), please contact me by phone at .

    If there are any fees for copying the record(s) requested, please inform me before filling the request.

    As you know, the Freedom of Information Law requires that an agency respond to a request within five business days of receipt of a request. Therefore, I would appreciate a response as soon as possible and look forward to hearing from you shortly. If for any reason any portion of my request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in writing and provide the name and address of the person or body to whom an appeal should be directed.


    ANYONE can foil information. If someone else who is a “somebody” can get them to follow the law, I would be grateful if you can get the documents and post it. Thank you so much!


  7. the key to successful public education has three parts. .1 the teachers have to be the best available and they have to be evaluated yearly to insure they are able to not only understand the subject matter they are teaching but also that they know how to impart that information to their students. 2. the infrastructure has to be the best available..that means money for computers and technology, it means clean bathrooms and good food during the day…3. and finally the third part is not permitting the teachers union to have its way based on the need for political support from those elected to represent yonkers in albany. Education in the early years and through middle school will determine the ability of students to learn understand and put to good use the STEM skills that are needed for the jobs of tomorrow….And do me one favor ..Please stop blaming the Spanos every time there is an issue…They have dedicated their lives to public service and try to deliver the most they can from Albany where as most of you know the school aid formula has always been adverse to Yonkers interests treating yonkers like it was Scarsdale when the facts on the ground are totally different

  8. ASC and Shelley Mayer should get their asses up to Albany and fund our schools…

    OR EVEN BETTER: Christine Peters is a hack who works in Mayer’s office… let’s cut Mayers’s office budget and give it to the YPS.

    Mayer and Cousins are hypocrites and liars. YPS is underfunded from NYS. Cousins should throw on a couple of scarfs and do her job in Albany.

    Shelley and Cousins are do nothing state senators and Peters is a nobody who is well known to not be rational

    Cousins should stop talking about being the first black majority leader and deliver for the kids in the schools

  9. Your question is a good one. The role of parents is to make sure their kids succeed at school, no matter where that school is. In the last 20-30 years this role has been diminished with the power of economic liberalism which has failed the western world.

    As we saw at the begining of the pandemic in NYC DeBlassholio, was only interested in babysitting and feeding duties, and know doubt is/was responsible for many deaths that occurred because of his week of pandering to “his” base.

    Schools need to go back to being “schools” and not social services. When you got your stimilus check, that was the time to buy a computer for your kid and not a large TV for yourself. The taxpayer is not there as a cash cow. Actually all future checks mailed should be only spent on educational equipment for your “kids”!!!!!, and proof should be demanded of the transactions.

    To answer your question. Parents and attitude. If your parents do not have an education attitude, then their kids will not have one either. Actually all that is needed is attitude, because education is never about money or superintendents or administrators. All about attitude.

    As to your FOILS ignored, include your state and federal officials as a cc and watch how fast they answer. Please also send your FOIL results to Hezi, so we can all read them. Thanks

  10. An educational candidate will be announcing their democratic candidacy against Councilman Rubbo… stay tuned you will be the first to know hezi

  11. I see what’s going on in the education system in New York for along time. Politian use the phrase all the time during election “we don’t get our fair share ” Then they get elected and join the Albany Swamp!
    It is all about the children right don’t kid your self. It is all about getting elected. Very sad state of affairs. A major disappointment has been Andrea Stewart Cousins. We don’t need your Birthday wishes we need action for Yonkers!

  12. The Spano’s delivered more school aid than Mayer and Cousins, They both need primaries, Cousins is worried about NYC and Shelly is getting up there age.

    1. The Spanos have taken more than they have given. The amount of Spanos on the payroll is pathetic! Amazing how this white privileged Spanclan is still in power. The question is “WHEN” not “IF” they will be in jail again? The fiasco of the term extension is still a hot topic!
      Only in Yonkers can a convicted FELON pull the strings of his little brother. No wonder the Mayor has turned into an alcoholic!

  13. Maybe you should talk to the two “bitches”-Andrea Stewart Cousins and Shelley Mayer- they have the PowerPoint properly have the state fund Yonkers schools, but they choose not to

    I think Cousins and Mayer should have had primary opponents this past election

  14. This entire education system needs to be flipped upside down. My step children, without fail every year, would sit in a sweaty, dusty, humid classroom as the a/c was never working. More funding for access to technology, class trips that are actually fun and educational, social events to encourage face-to-face interaction of the children and their families, arts and music LESSONS (not a time for the kids to sing along to Disney and color in the lines). Our kids aren’t given an opportunity to succeed. The politicians don’t care because they make enough money off of us to send THEIR children to private school. You would think city workers would have enough faith in their schools to send their own children there. My first question to any of these people would be “why do you choose to pay for your child’s education when you have access to free education in the YPS system?”

  15. Well, if it has been there so long why have you not called it out? Who is Grandstanding? The Quest appears to be one that requires courage .You made an anonymous comment yet, Christine Anita Peters put it in writing and signed her name. Go away and stay anonymous and gossip about what you don’t have the chutzpah to change yourself!

  16. All of a sudden she speaks.How about the last 25 years..or even the last year.?…You seem to have a lot of time.(3 jobs in all)..to blast those in charge…look who you work for..maybe write them a letter..we have…seems like a lot of bent up anger..I think its called grandstanding.Good luck in your quest…just don’t think you discovered something that’s been around for a long time

    1. Well, she was twelve twenty five years ago! LOL What would you have liked her to speak up about? Although, even then her IQ was higher at that age than many in power today! Lol

  17. Christine, good luck. If you ever receive all the FOIL requests you would probably cry just to see the wasted money. The YPS always says it “all about the kids”. That’s the biggest joke ever. After the district and teachers union get through with the money there is never anything left for the “kids”. Every year there is a budget deficit. The state will never change the formula because it is advantageous to the politicians. Andrea only cares about Andrea as do most of the rest of our elected officials. Voting them out is the only solution. As for your employer “letting” you resign, that is a disgrace and they should resign. Keep fighting for your children as no one else will.

    1. John Rubbo was grandstanding! He is a Spano lapdog and did absolutely nothing. If he doesn’t listen it will cost him his brothers DPW job.

      1. How is responding to an email grandstanding? Did he send the questions and responses to a news outlet for publication? Oh wait, that was Peters who did that.

        To be fair, I’m not really sure what Peters is “gaining” but I know that other woman Carol is telling everyone that will listen is her son “deserves” to get a City job. Do you see how she’s always front and center when Khader or Tubiolo are around? Keep an eye on them….

        1. Well, if it is true and Carolyn is advocating for her child the one thing I know is she is fighting for all Yonkers children. Tell me why is the list in the Mayors office? Why is it that a child from one of the housing projects can not walk in and get a city job? Why is Yonkers a PAY to PLAY?

          1. Why is the Mayors nephew, Anthony Caragine such a scandal? He could not get on the police force but popped up as a fireman? Hezi, has a great article about it. How about the Mayors cousin that was promoted from an expired Fireman list and good old Barry is suing Yonkers over it?

          2.How about how the Mayors niece? Anthony’s sister – Victoria who works for the water department but did not have to take a test like an African American man that was transferred there and was promptly fired when he failed a test that popped up?

          3. What about Joe Rubbo? John Rubbo’s brother that also works for the water department and was hired within months of John Rubbo getting elected to office as City Councilman? Then he voted “YES” to the tax increase.

          4. What about Corazon Pineada? Her sister works for the Mayor and Corazon embraced the Republicans and it is impossible to get a Democratic Majority?

          Lets keep going!

          5. How about Michael Sabatino and how he is on film saying he will NEVER agree to term extension? Then he takes away the peoples vote and has a rushed meeting and a midnight vote! The fact, that his husband as well as himself has secured city jobs escapes no one!

          This is just the beginning for the truth will come out!
          I think about Annabi often and how she was railroaded and it is only a matter of time before Rubbo with his illegal real estate games and Corazon with her pathetic district sell out and Sabatino (special place in hell for you! ) get caught! Tick,tick,tick

          1. Keep the list going. Mike Mosiello who’s daddy paid for his spot as OEM Director and then gifted the mayor cufflinks for the inauguration.

            Kristian Palazzalo, where is he hiding now

        2. ST,

          Shut up and sit down its getting old! Otherwise, the City of Yonkers will know about your brother. Not the one you got the City of Yonkers job! You seem to take after him because the ladies in Liam’s office often talked about your inappropriate comments.

          Lets open cans of worms all over Yonkers! The voters are paying attention. You better talk to your boy they are especially interested in his real estate pay to plays. How much rent did he owe his landlord? You know the landlord that brought a lot of Yonkers land and Rubbo tried a quick meeting to get approval for his landlord ‘s 40 story buildings!

          Thankfully , Shanae spoke up for her constituents! I think the good ole boys club better smarten up because the women of Yonkers are fierce and over it!


  18. Christine, you seem to blame everyone except for your former boss. If NYS funded yonkers like they do the other big districts in nys then maybe you wouldn’t have to fight for laptops.

    Andrea Stewart cousins has done zero for the children in yonkers. Every other majority leader delivers for their school district except her. What a waste.

  19. I, as a a parent, attended one meeting where Carolyn and yourself only wanted people who wanted to complain to have a voice and talk. Those parents offering solutions, as your name states, were quickly hushed and muted. From my one meeting, it was clear you have some sort of agenda. I am wondering with so much time on your hands why you would not volunteer to serve on the YCPTA as opposed to being a member which means you paid your $10 membership and got a card. Period. Plus presenting a 7 page list of questions in one meeting is ridiculous and clear that you have no idea how to prioritize because they are not answering multiple pages of questions in one meeting. Stop trying to be divisive. Ita the last thing our district and kids need.

    1. Is it Carolyn or Carol? Either way that woman clearly has an agenda. I don’t know what it is but it sure isn’t the “kids and seniors” as she claims.

      1. Seriously, all Yonkers elected officials have an agenda — and it never benefits the people of our city. If Carol/Carolyn’s agenda helps our children, then God bless her! If they (the entire City Council, Mayer, Cousins, etc.) actually did right by us, our children wouldn’t be suffering. But they like to keep us dumb, so they stay in power -hence unopposed elections. I hope in 2021 every last one of them that are up for re-election has a real primary opponent. F

    2. Carmine sit down and be quiet. Why would a lawyer take on a volunteer job and not do right by the children? You should listen to your husband as you didn’t realize what you were taking on. Good Luck with that! Oh, and good luck with YFT! Teaching bashing is not productive and goes against what the YCPTA stands for then again maybe it is true and you and Quezada are just really , really “close”?

  20. So you’re asking for special treatment? Instead of going through the elected Yonkers Parent Teacher Association (PTA) you decided to create your own group for your own personal gain? Interesting. Seems like you and Carol have other ambitions.

    1. The last PTA all received jobs with the COY! Where were they when Quezada was given a raise on the second year of a five year contract? That was right before 55 were laid off from YPS!! Then another lay off of 450 people! Where the hell is the PTA? The “A” now stands for ADMINISTRATION! Pathetic!

    2. Hi this is Christine-thanks for taking the time to read my very long experience. I did try to go through the YCPTA in the summer. Would you like to see our back and forth when I asked for help and answers, and instead got a thanks for the feedback? I am more than happy to share the exact response from the then President, Rob Rios, after he contacted the district. Perhaps, you can tell me what I have gained? I would love to know…I really do like to practice gratitude everyday of my life and I would like to be grateful for that as well. The point; however, was to find out when the district will be transparent and accountable…can you help me get the documents and respect each and every parent deserves whether they are part of a PAID member organization or not? I would love to have your help getting the documents! Feel free to contact me if you can help. I would Also love to hear what I have gained. Looking forward to continued productive discussion…my email is Christine.A.Peters@gmail.com.

  21. The real problem is your boss Shelly Mayer who chairs NYS Senate Education Committee and has delivered ZERO. Our schools are short changed from NYS and she has done nothing to change the formula maybe you should move to Buffalo or Syracuse where there respective Senators make sure the schools are funded properly

  22. Thank You so much for advocating for the children during this pandemic because one device per family isn’t feasible for families with more than one child in the household.

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