Yonkers Public Schools Complete COVID-19 Yellow Zone Testing 841 Students and Staff – Only 2 Positive Results

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YONKERS, NY – Today, December 1, 2020 the Yonkers Public Schools completed testing at 14 schools located in the City of Yonkers designated Yellow Zone on November 23, 2020 by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. The school district initiated the voluntary testing process in compliance with the Governor’s COVID-19 orders, “UPDATE: Effective the week of November 16, 2020, schools in yellow zones must test 20% of in-person students, faculty and staff over the two-week period immediately following the announcement of a yellow zone designation. If the results of the testing reveal that the positivity rate among the 20% of those tested is lower than the yellow zone’s current 7-day positivity rate, testing at that school will no longer be required to continue. A positivity rate in a school that is lower than in the yellow zone is a sufficient demonstration that in-person instruction is not a significant driver of local viral spread.”

The school district conducted the voluntary testing of students, administrators, teachers, clerical and custodial staff on Wednesday, November 25; Saturday, November 28; Monday, November 30; and completed the process today, December 1, 2020.

“Over the four (4) days our school nurses administered 841 COVID-19 Rapid Ag tests, 2 individuals tested positive. Our positivity rate is less than a quarter of a percent (less than 0.25%), noted Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of Schools. “Yonkers’ results affirms the Governor Cuomo premise, that in-person instruction is not a significant driver of local viral spread. This significant task was accomplished because our families and staff trusted the process and valued in-person instruction for our children. We look forward to the State Health Department confirming our testing results. More important, I hope these results ignite confidence for our parents and staff that the schools are safe places to learn and work. It just takes relentless adherence to the CDC guidance to wear a face covering, wash your hands often and watch out for crowds which all reduces the spread of the virus.”

President Rev. Steve Lopez stated, “The Board of Education Trustees commitment to in-person instruction for students was reinforced because of these results. On behalf of the Trustees, I commend Dr. Quezada and the extraordinary Central Office team he assembled for this to be accomplished. “Yonkers Public Schools COVID-19 Yellow Zone testing requires many thank yous,” noted Dr. Quezada. “Governor Cuomo for his leadership. The extraordinary support our medical team consistently receives from the Westchester County Health Department, Commissioner Dr. Sherlita Amler and Deputy Commissioner Dr. Marisa A. Montecalvo and the staff. Schools administrators who encouraged their families and staff to agree to the process. The outstanding job of our school nurses under the direction of the District’s Chief School Physician Dr. Ammir Rabadi assisted by Laura Mulchay, FNP-BC, MSN. The Central Office team who worked hand-in-hand with me on this process to support of the work for our schools.”


SOURCE: Jerilynne Fierstein | Public Relations Officer

eHeziYonkers Public Schools Complete COVID-19 Yellow Zone Testing 841 Students and Staff – Only 2 Positive Results

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  1. Great job by Dr Quezada organizing a difficult task and getting Yonkers out of the Yellow Zone. It’s time we give the man some credit. We always trash him but the guy works his butt off and it’s time to congratulate him for keeping schools open. Well done Dr Q!

    1. The random sampling of a fraction of the total combined populations of students and staff is hardly representative of convincing results. The district may very well be following the requirements of the state in regard to the ‘testing quotas’ leaves room for pause on the requirements to determine safety from COVID-19.
      There is also an enormous amount of pressure on school Nurses and faculty to suppress information. Of course suppression of first hand accounts of COVID-19 concerns in schools and other institutions in Yonkers and throughout our state is something only the naive will not acknowledge exists but it does. In the majority of schools, Students and Teachers must teach and learn wearing full winter garb all day as Windows in classrooms are kept wide open. Children and Teachers are coming down with illness from exposure to the cold. Attendance was down this week throughout the District as parents and students fear for their well being. The District is following the rules for testing but that doesn’t mean the testing is supporting an accurate picture of 30, 000 students and faculty.

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