After Attack at Capitol, Westchester County DA Rocah Calls for Full Investigation

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As law enforcement leaders, our credibility is on the line. It is an abuse of power if there are no consequences for those who clearly and repeatedly broke federal and state laws as they engaged in unlawful, destructive and violent acts’

Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E,.Rocah.

WHITE PLAINS, NY – January 7, 2021 —Westchester County District Attorney Miriam E. Rocah today urged full accountability for all those involved in yesterday’s attack at the U.S. Capitol. She called for a thorough investigation into how a violent mob was allowed to storm and ransack the building and for any appropriate criminal charges to be brought against the perpetrators.

“Yesterday we all witnessed an attack on our democracy and our nation’s Capitol. While many in law enforcement did their jobs with bravery and skill, there was an overall systemic failure that allowed a violent mob to breach into secured areas, destroy property and threaten the safety of elected officials,’ Rocah said. “Any observer of yesterday’s events cannot help but wonder if the law enforcement response would have been the same had the perpetrators been people of color.

“An investigation must determine whether this was incompetence, lack of preparation as some are claiming, or something worse,” Rocah continued. “Either way this is unacceptable. But it is an abuse of power if there are no consequences for those who clearly and repeatedly broke federal and state laws as they engaged in unlawful, destructive and violent acts.

“When we see what looks like unequal enforcement of the law, it destroys people’s faith in our criminal justice system and undermines the rule of law across the country,” said Rocah, who was elected in November 2020 and sworn in this week as District Attorney.

“As law enforcement leaders, our credibility is on the line. This violent attack against our nation cannot be allowed to happen again. We must take the lead on true accountability and demand consequences for all those who engaged in domestic terrorism, including those who aided and abetted them in the commission of their crimes,” Rocah added.

Rocah is former chief of the Westchester division for the Department of Justice and a 16-year Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. In her inauguration speech earlier this week, she reinforced her goals for restoring the public trust in law enforcement: “We want our communities to trust us. We want our badges to have respect. We want to be proud of our job and our colleagues. None of us can do our jobs effectively when people question our integrity.”

SOURCE: Westchester County District attorney Miriam E. Rocah |  Director of Communications | Dan Weiller


eHeziAfter Attack at Capitol, Westchester County DA Rocah Calls for Full Investigation

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  1. The media is all over this calling it a domestic terrorist event.
    The other irony is how empathetic they are for the one police officer killed by the “terrorists”. Absolutely January 6 was the wrong thing to do but cut the shit with the amped up shock and “ a modern day that will live in infamy“. Do you lunatics of putting this on tour with Pearl Harbor World War I World War II and 9-11. By the way isn’t Westchester DA doing important stuff like prosecuting cases in Westchester? Grandstanding idiocy for the rich libs.

  2. Right off the bat Mrs Rocah panders to the “woke culture” and political left. Don’t recall during the demonstrations over the summer any unarmed BLM demonstrators being shot dead by law enforcement-yet a 14 year Air Force veteran who was unarmed was shot and killed by law enforcement-no outrage from the left and the politicians-because her death does not fit their political narrative=I would dare to say there will more of this in the upcoming months-people are tired of fakes like Pelosi and Chuckie boy.

  3. Look inward, the corruption within your office is beyond staggering. Tony Castro would have cleaned it up but you like your predecessors seem more interested in self promotion and your next assignment-sad.

    May the ghost of Richard Blassberg haunt that courthouse forever. Do your job damn it

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2020 AT 10:35 AM
    “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.

    I can tell you as a retired NYPD Detective with 30 plus years of law enforcement experience and registered Conservative party member with two masters degrees. NOBODY understood this more than Richard Blassberg. I met Richard Blassberg in 2006 while advocating with numerous active and retired NYPD brothers as well a number of very liberal attorneys, journalists and PR professionals for wrongfully convicted former coworker Richard Diguglielmo. NYPD PO Diguglielmo was one of many innocent victims railroaded by perpetual media whore, former Westchester DA and current “journalist” Jeanine Pirro. Pirro’s ridiculous account of this tragic incident was reconstructed into a trite, fraudulent almost 1980’s Spike Lee version of Italian vs African American bad amateur movie that was concocted only for her political expediency.

    We got Richard Diguglielmo out of prison and exonerated thanks to a brave young judge Rory Bellantoni only to have the conviction reinstated by a corrupt state judicial system under then DA Janet DiFiore who tragically is now the NYS Chief Judge.

    Remarkably Pirro was the sitting DA while her then troubled attorney husband Al Pirro was sitting in Federal prison for joint tax returns that Jeanine Pirro signed! While Mr Blassberg and I couldn’t have differed more on political views he understood that the truth wasn’t liberal or conservative or beholden to any particular political party. Mr Blassberg understood that politics, especially in Westchester is little more than a public consumption Kabuki theatre shell game for the masses especially in the Democratic People’s Republic of Yonkers which tragically still operates as it did in my grandmother’s day.

    I was honored to work on Democrat Tony Castro’s last campaign with two other Conservative party members/retired NYPD detectives, one of whom worked on numerous horrific Bronx homicides with Tony when Tony was the Deputy Homicide Bureau Chief in the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. We helped Tony despite political differences because he was absolutely incorruptible unlike what has occupied the Westchester DAs office for decades. For those of you who have enabled the depravity within that office for decades I have no idea how you live with yourselves ESPECIALLY if you’re former NYPD. You know who you are and why you did what you did and so do we!

    I would be writing forever if I were to detail the depth and breadth of Jeanine Pirro’s narcissistic sociopathic pathological lies as relayed to me by her numerous victims as well as local, state and federal law enforcement.

    Richard Blassberg fancied himself as Jeanine Pirro’s “Self Appointed Conscience!”
    Well Richard, blessed Yom Kippur because you have absolutely nothing to atone to G-d for and hopefully you can continue to work your magic while watching over the countless people you helped. For those of us who have been accused of crimes we didn’t commit, you were an inspiration. For those among us who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit you were their last hope and you never disappointed. Congratulations on a job well done case closed.

      1. You’re right we need more Voodoo Priests and Priestesses as well as indigenous native Shamans and Medicine-Men, excuse me “Medicine-People”

      1. Tony Castro is just a class act, too honest and decent for the Westchester county political swamp where swamp creatures like the Pirros and Spanos have less than zero ethics.

  4. January 6 2021 was a sad day in America so was the spring and summer of 2020. Rioters burning and taking over buildings.The destruction of people’s store fronts and the robbing. Innocent people being beaten up and in some cases killed. For most of these cities the national guard was never called in to protect both people and property. Politicians and media defended these criminals and said it was their right to protest. No bail and politicians along with sport athletes and others raising money to defend these criminals. Then January 6th comes and the capital is under attack by a mob. Politicians of both houses are in and all of a sudden everyone is saying it’s an attack on America. The facts are that the attack on America started during the summer when “real” America, the people, were under attack for their political positionns. You want to speak about accountability it should have started in the spring and summer, if it did, January 6 would have never happened.

  5. Just some friendly advice. Please stick to spending your time and energy on prosecuting criminals here in Westchester County. Don’t worry about Washington DC, you’re a local DA. Also, Please leave the politicking to the politicians. We don’t need another talking head. The taxpayers here want the people who are breaking into cars, robbing persons, assaulting persons , stealing cars , and burglarizing homes and businesses on a daily basis in westchester prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The last line would be a more relevant statement to the voters who elected you, here in Westhchester not In Washington DC.

  6. The hypocrisy of our politicians and district attorneys are out of control.The flames of hate started way before January 6 2021. You better look in the mirror because you speak with forked tongue. How quickly we forget that this past summer mobs took over a police station and a courthouse in Oregon. How the mob tried to burn down the police station with officers inside. How quickly we forget about coverage of rioters burning and breaking into buildings of innocent store owners and said they were peaceful. How quickly we forget Maxine Waters telling people to get into the face of Trump supporters and yell. Hypocrisy brings more hate; not democracy. You are right when you speak about accountability, you yourself should be held accountable to the people of America. Stop playing politics and do what is right. If you keep it real the hatred will die down.

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