Felano Calls for Grand Jury Investigations into Cuomo Nursing Home Deaths

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Erie County residents should lead nursing home investigations, not rely on career politicians to do it for them 

Felano for SheriffBUFFALO, NY — January 30, 2021 — As reported in detail by The New York Times, State Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that the Cuomo regime had undercounted coronavirus-related deaths of state nursing home residents by the thousands. Cuomo’s policies that mandated nursing homes readmit COVID-positive seniors into their facilities caused scores of elderly residents to die of the virus.

“Attorney General Letitia James admitted yesterday what all functioning adults in Erie County have known for months: thousands of nursing home residents died needlessly all across New York State in service of Andrew Cuomo’s insistence that every problem in life be solved by government force,” Erie County Sheriff Candidate Steve Felano said. “Per usual, Cuomo’s predictive judgement that New Yorkers would be best served by forcing COVID-positive seniors into nursing homes against numerous, logical objections was dead wrong. As a direct result, thousands of our most vulnerable residents – the elderly – paid the price with their lives. Cuomo accepted full responsibility for these deaths when, in direct violation of the state constitution, he assumed dictatorial powers over every citizen in New York State through an illegal power grab that continues at this very moment. Andrew Cuomo’s ongoing criminal misconduct should result in a lengthy prison sentence without bail or parole. As Erie County Sheriff, I will empower the average citizen to impose such necessary consequences on the governor.

Felano is calling on outgoing Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard to impanel a grand jury that will empower average citizens to personally investigate the nursing home deaths caused by the Cuomo regime. Furthermore, Felano is calling on the New York State Sheriffs’ Association to coordinate with their members to impanel citizen grand juries across the rest of the state to investigate the same issue.

“Residents of Erie County and the rest of New York State cannot and should not trust career government agents to fairly and impartially investigate the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents directly caused by yet another senseless Cuomo mandate,” Felano said. “We should not have trusted the career bureaucrats appointed to the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) in 2019 to aggressively investigate the criminal dealings of Cuomo acolyte Joseph Percoco…and they didn’t. We should not have trusted the state Department of Health in July of 2020 when they issued a report exonerating Cuomo of any wrongdoing associated with COVID nursing home deaths…and then refused to release the data to back up their claims. Now, we should not trust close Cuomo confidant Letitia James to truly investigate the thousands of COVID nursing home deaths caused by the Cuomo regime…because she will not do it in any legitimate way. Erie County residents can only trust themselves to faithfully and aggressively investigate Cuomo because New York State government is the biggest, most dangerous criminal threat facing them right now and government officials cannot be trusted.”

Every sheriff across the state should impanel a grand jury of regular citizens to investigate official misconduct, yet not a single one has done so. Felano calls upon every candidate for Erie County Sheriff to unequivocally state, if elected, whether they will or will not impanel a grand jury of regular citizens to investigate the kleptocracy that is New York State Government. Erie County residents deserve a direct answer from their candidates on this issue, and Felano will aggressively press all candidates to provide one.

In announcing his candidacy for Erie County Sheriff on December 16, 2020, Steve Felano unveiled his Blue New Deal to defend our deputies and citizens. He clearly and enthusiastically committed to impaneling a grand jury with the power to investigate official misconduct, including all members of the Cuomo Regime, and all government agents involved in the ongoing, unconstitutional COVID-1984 lockdown forced on Erie County residents. The Cuomo policy mandating COVID-positive seniors be forcefully reintegrated into nursing homes was enforced under unconstitutional lockdown powers.

Andrew Cuomo and his enablers must be held accountable for the deaths of thousands of senior citizens they directly caused. As Erie County Sheriff, Steve Felano will ensure Andrew Cuomo pays for his crimes.

Review Felano’s full campaign platform at: FELANOWINS.COM.

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TribuneFelano Calls for Grand Jury Investigations into Cuomo Nursing Home Deaths

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