Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Statement Following Last Week’s Assault On the Capitol Building By the Proudboys and President Donald Trump’s Conduct

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eHeziGovernor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Statement Following Last Week’s Assault On the Capitol Building By the Proudboys and President Donald Trump’s Conduct

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  1. Let’s impeach Trump. What does Michael Breen and Anthony Merante think about this? They owe Yonkers an explanation.
    How about remedial student and star custodian Michal Nolan? Will he make a statement about Donna Nolan’s role in the insurrection?

    1. You should get a clue and get the facts straight before you post something so idiotic. Michael Nolan is deceased over five years now….Clearly you are a troubled individual if you feel the need to berate a mother who’s son died the way he did

      1. Donna Nolan led the Trump caravans in Westchester. If her son is running against Ruth Walter, this is a valid question. What was the Nolan family’s role in the Capital Insurrection? Does James Nolan agree that Joe Biden won the election? Does James Nolan support the overthrow of a properly elected government?

        1. If the Nolan family supported Trump, and were present at local rallies what is your point? Is that not allowed? Should they be cancelled too since that is the democrat/media playbook? You seem a little unhinged at the fact that the Nolan family supports Trump. Was Trump not your candidate? I can’t tell

          1. I want to know what Donna Nolan’s role was in the attempted coup that Donald Trump organized. Did Donna Nolan breach the Capitol with her cronies?

          1. Reading these posts. Seems like the same unbalanced and deranged poster posting repeatedly and is hell bent that Donna Nolan doesn’t support Black Lives Matter…..

  2. New York State is playing politics with the vaccine. Your Governor is a hypocrite just like the rest of you. He had no plan in the beginning how to distribute the vaccine, this is why it’s being delayed. He now says business must stay open even though virus is spreading and a second strain is here. What happened to follow the science and people were more important then the economy. Joe Biden becomes president and now your following what president Trump preached. Democrats, politics over people and common sense. They know as long as we control their thinking we own them.Remember Trump was in power for 4 yrs not a lifetime politician like China Joe .Biden gave you over 40 plus yrs in politics and his policies showed, he was a racist and sexist politician.Right out of the mouth of your new Vice President, FACT. He also gave you creepy hunter, check out the lab top, I know Russian propaganda. Keep on drinking the cool aid, they love people like you.

    1. Unfortunately Trump showed exactly what most of the politicians, Republican and Democrats, truly are. They are self serving. Period. The U.S. will be the largest welfare state in the world.

  3. Its hard to understand how conservative republicans can cast aspirations on any one who doesn’t agree with Trump, calling them Rinos….etc…There is nothing conservative about Trump and his supporters they are radical reactionaries….who support a man who has trashed our democracy who has led an insurrection against our duly elected officials and who doesn’t appear to care about his responsibilites other than creating the false narrative that he not Biden won the election…when 50 separate state boards of election many run by republicans as in Arizona and Georgia certified and re certified the results after Trumps lacky attorneys Giuliani and Powell( both of whom will lose their liecenses to practice) failed to allege fraud and prove it 60 times…If there was fraud where is the proof…the only thing they had was arguing that there were “allegations of fraud” an allegation isn’t proof of anything..Shame on those who were conned by this red herring of an argument…Fact is that the election was the most secure in the nations history according to Trump own cyber chief..yet the Trump

  4. Today Governor Cuomo announcement on the COVID pandemic is proof of what a fool he made of the people of New York .He announced that business will remain open in New York State even though the virus is spreading and other strain of virus is here. We can’t keep business closed anymore as our economy is being crippled. President Trump delivered the vaccine on record time and King Cuomo is screwing it up. Simple he’s playing politics and blaming others as usual. When president Trump used the same approach when it came to the economy, Democratic Governor’s like Cuomo and leaders attacked Trump from not listening to science and only cared about money not people. Fact is vaccine will take at least another 6 to 8 months for all New Yorkers to receive it. I guess your Governor only cares about business now not about people.I wonder why but I doubt you have the intelligence to figure it out. President Trump delivered and you keep on drinking the Democratic kool aid.They will continue to stay in power because they know you can’t figure it out.How sad.

    1. the vaccine has NOT been delivered in record time…it was developed in record time…only one third of the doses shipped and received have wound up in peoples arms…Its an abject failure on the part of the Trump administration who abdicated their responsibility to the governors so Trump could play golf

    2. You really make no sense…you attack Cuomo for keeping the businesses open? Did you also attack him for closing them?

      President Trump delivered? Delivered what? 20 million doses “delivered” by the end of the year? Delivered where? Not to people…that number was 3.5 million.

      And of course, he wants to blame the states…does he ever take responsibility for anything?

  5. A failed actor who’s steroid muscles were shrinking so he became the failure governor of a failed state and is desperately trying to remain relevant because daddy was a nazi.

        1. I was in San Francisco in 1996 when it was absolutely beautiful. I was there about a year ago and it’s absolutely beyond disgusting. Keep it up America with the Soros funded “woke progressive” DAs with their “Criminal Justice reform, bail reform and restorative justice.” My analysis of the Westchester county DAs office must have hit a raw nerve with the truth so you “cancelled” me. While I’m a registered Conservative party member I was close friends with Richard Blassberg who was a very liberal but realistic democrat.
          As Bob Grant used to say “we’re slipping and sliding into turd-worldism. With your new “woke progressive” DA you’re going to see just an unbelievable spike in violent crime

      1. Arnold is a clown 🤡 like that buffoon Jesse Ventura the wrestling governor of Minnesota who was also a former member of the Mongols motorcycle gang and is a bizarre conspiracy theorist.

    1. Weak RINO….Bipartisan unity blah blah blah…..Arnold is a very weak Republican in the biggest liberal ran state. Arnold
      Is probably viewed on the level of Mitt Romney within the party. Lightweight. Democrats sole intent clearly was to divide the country for four plus years. There was no bi partisan unity. Maybe arnold is looking for new employment in Biden’s cabinet…..I saw no attempts of bi partisan unity from democrats the last 6-8 months around the country when protestors burnt down precincts, burnt cities to the ground, and destroyed private business. It was never denounced once by Biden,Pelosi,Schumer,Cuomo, Waters, etc. Yes Arnold looks very weak

        1. Or the domestic terrorist BLM movement group maybe…..Love how the posters on this thread strategically pick their spot. In this case insurrection per se. Obviously those who engaged in rioting at the Capitol should be prosecuted to full extent. But those why cry insurrection will never make mention of thugs that burn down precincts with police inside, burn cities to the ground, deface public property, and destroy private businesses for the majority of the past year. Typical.

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