Ohio Bans Juvenile Life Without Parole

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WASHINGTON, DC. — January 30, 2021 — In early January, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed legislation to allow hundreds of people, convicted before turning 18 years old, to eventually seek parole.

With the passage of SB 256, Ohio became the 24th state plus the District of Columbia to ban life without parole for juveniles (JLWOP).

The use of long sentences for youth has been sharply limited by U.S. Supreme Court rulings, as described in our fact sheet on Juvenile Life Without Parole. We’ve just updated this report to include developments in Ohio. And more change may be coming this year!

Bills to end death in prison sentences for kids are on the agenda in states from Indiana to Maryland to Nebraska, with legislation moving in Texas to give more people who committed crimes as teenagers a second look after 20 years.

The Sentencing Project is committed to giving all youth subject to extreme sentences a second chance. It’s what we would all want for our own children. Please join us in this fight!



TribuneOhio Bans Juvenile Life Without Parole

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  1. Childrens brains are not yet fully developed and they dont understand fully how their actions will effect the rest of their lives. I believe every child can be saved with the proper parenting, love and therapy. Leaving them in the prison system will only create more anxiety, abandonment, depression that can take years and years to get over. No child left behind? That should include the children in the penial system as well.

  2. I agree they do deserve a second chance. I don’t know how a judge can live with themselvf after sentencing a little boy to life and never get out is pathetic. Something must have happened to that person in life to even be able to do that to a kid or no heart, no matter how horrible it was that the child committed in today’s world can be rehabilitated. Just got to give them the chance. They have been thrown away… that’s what was the problem with this child in the first place. Wake up America and stop being the bad ones, These are human beings that most likely came from a shitty family, but with some work, could be changed. But I agree, forget the life behind bars for kids.

    1. Your comment is very intuitive and compassionate. I sense you understand this circumstance for how it began and eventually with no support and no options a young man can get into legal trouble. Society seems not to know what to do that is compassionate and credible. A hand up may be the best response. Prisons are not likely to make a positive chance for the inmate and only make them more frustrated and rebellious. Even those in prison need a helping hand. Kindly, Hezi.

      If you have an interest to engage in a telephone conversation on radio that speaks to this issue, direct an email to me at eHezi@hush.com or call me at 914-512-8095. If I don’t pick up the call, I may be busy. You can leave your number in confidence with me.

      Thank you in advance for your consideration. Kindly, Hezi

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