Questions Surround Ownership of Eastchester Dam and Who is Responsible for Fixing It

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Questions surround who owns a century-old dam and who is responsible for fixing it.

Lauren Carter for Mount Vernon City Council.


MOUNT VERNON, NY — Lake Isle Dam in Eastchester has withstood major storms over the past century, but now it sits unmaintained and in need of repairs that could cost millions.

John Torelli doesn’t think he or his neighbors who live nearby should be responsible for the man-made dam, which lacks clear ownership.

The Department of Environmental Conservation now deems it unsound, and a draft inspection report by an engineering firm found serious deficiencies.

There is also the concern that if the dam fails, it could cause flooding in communities downstream, including Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon City Council candidate Lauren Carter recently visited the dam and believes it should be drained, but Eastchester Supervisor Anthony Colavita says the dam is in need of repairs and is safe. Westchester County is now involved.

“We are trying to be a conduit and bring all parties together, work together to get this done,” says Mount Vernon’s Westchester County Board Legislator Tyrae Woodson-Samuels.

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First published on the Lauren Carter for Mount Vernon City Council Website


eHeziQuestions Surround Ownership of Eastchester Dam and Who is Responsible for Fixing It

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