Shanae Williams – Democrat for Westchester County Clerk

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eHeziShanae Williams – Democrat for Westchester County Clerk

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    1. Tim is so much more qualified!!! Shanaee has zippo qualifications to even be considered for a County position! She’s definitely playing the race card, as a POC with no legitimate experience…in this day and age, that make her the most qualified??!!. Just sickening what politics has become in this Country!!

    2. People who discriminate against people because of their age are too stupid to realize that they too will grow older if they are lucky enough by the grace of God to do so.

      From everyone 50 and older: F—k off loser.

  1. You refuse to post that Shanae is a Khader puppet. Tim Hodges will be a Khader puppet. There are only two parties: John Khader(Z) and Nick Spano. Mike and John Khader are looking for the additional council vote before Mike becomes mayor.

  2. Shanae Williams and Jimmy Nolan are both Spano puppets and will both lose their races. Shanae can’t pay her car insurance and Jimmy can’t read.

  3. Ms. Williams does not know the role of the County Clerk’s office. Her vision would require double the budget and would be half as effective. She wants to be a public advocate. Westchester does not need her.

  4. This is a clear move by Spano to move Shanae out of The Yonkers City Council so that he can appoint Symra Brandon who wants back in Public Office.

  5. Lets all support Pookie “Yonkers’ Favorite Daughter.” She is so organized, she can’t remember to pay her car insurance.

  6. Haha, Walden University – that same fake online “university” that “Dr.” Edwin Quesadilla got his “doctorate” from.

    Even by Yonkers standards, this PR blurb is awful – nothing but recycled generalities in corporatese with zero substance.

    Baby steps, pookie, baby steps. First remember to pay your car insurance, girlfriend.

    By the way, anyone else a fan of her fine looking weaves?

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