Sprain Lake Will Be Full of Water Again This Summer

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Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council, District 6.

YONKERS, NY — January 26, 2021 — Residents have been wondering what happened to the water in Sprain Lake. Repairs to the dam controls were started 18 months ago to make the dam system functional again, in order to meet NYS DEC safety requirements to be able to drain the dam within 14-days. This renovation project would restore the banks of the reservoir, the spillway and spillway channel that feeds into Grassy Sprain Brook; remove the existing non-functioning 48” diameter drain valve below the dam embankment and install a new valve; replace 5 cast iron gates housed in the stone gatehouse in the reservoir; and restore the valve house and gatehouse. The dam and associated structures were built in stages between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s so the aged gates and the valve needed to be custom fabricated – a lengthy process. The valve itself was lowered 30 feet down into the valve chamber and assembled in place. The dam system also prevents excess water from spilling on to Tuckahoe Road. The $1.6m project was funded largely by a grant from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  The reservoir supplied drinking water to much of Yonkers before it was decommissioned in the 1970’s. Yonkers now obtains its water from the NYC reservoir system in the Catskills.

Sixth District Councilmember Anthony Merante visited the job site with City Engineer Paul Summerfield to check on the project progress.  Councilman Merante stated “It’s welcome news  that Sprain Lake is expected to be back and full of water later this year. Its natural beauty will be ready to be enjoyed by everyone from golfers at Sprain Lake Golf course, to fishermen or just travelers on the adjacent parkway enjoying a water view.”

eHeziSprain Lake Will Be Full of Water Again This Summer

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  1. Well the lake started to fill and then suddenly last week it drained all the way back to the bottom. What the heck is going on?

  2. I find it odd that Meranti mentions that later this year the Sprain Lakes natural beauty can be enjoyed again by Fisherman. Doesnt he know that fishing has been prohibited since they built the Sprain Parkway and there are No Fishing signs all around the golf course?

  3. Interesting neither one of them is wearing their masks correctly. They don’t work when you wear them like that. Actually they are useless when worn like that so don’t bother.

  4. We have certainly waited long enough to retain the beauty and lustre of the Spring Lake here in Yonkers. I’ve been a resident of Yonkers for 60 years and I overlooked the Lake and was growing very sad with this turnout. Many of us who are within a short distance and view of the Lake are now very happy. Quite frankly, when they reopen it, they should have a small get together of residents. No matter how we look at it, most of this generation since 1900 have always seen a beautiful Lake and all of a sudden it disappeared. Well, I am anxious to see how quickly this refill is going to be. It takes a lot of time to fill up something that large. The most important thing is its beauty and after that the fish. I am sure over the years millions of people have passed by the magnificent Spring Brook Lake from a drive either North or South on the beautiful Sprain Parkway. A small tidbit of information, only since the early 1960s has there been a Parkway surrounding the Lake. Imagine that?

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