Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader Launches Re-Election Campaign

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Yonkers City Council President MIke Khader, Esq.

YONKERS, NY –  January 26, 2021 — Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader today launched his re-election campaign in an official video announcement, kicking off his second citywide campaign with a look back at his first three years in office, and offering a preview of his case to Yonkers voters in the coming race.

“I am proud to be running on my record,” said Council President Khader. “Four years ago, I campaigned on my ability to bring meaningful change to our city. While there is still much work to do, I am incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve during my first term in office, and I look forward to the campaign as an opportunity to continue to engage with Yonkers residents and share my vision for our great city.”

In his first three years as Council President, Khader positioned himself as a pragmatic, independent voice on the Yonkers City Council. Khader’s legislative program has included measures to freeze out of control water rates paid by Yonkers residents, increase affordable housing options, and increase local government transparency. Council President Khader has also successfully passed a variety of changes to the Yonkers City Code to bolster local quality of life by taking action against vacant lots and buildings, and expand local parking options. As Council President, Khader opposed the 2018 extension of term limits, and voted against property tax increases in 2019. Throughout the pandemic, Khader has worked on the front lines of delivering relief to struggling neighborhoods, and successfully advocated to deliver one million dollars to Yonkers Public Schools students for technology needed for distance learning.

“COVID-19 has exacerbated many problems in our city, and has laid bare fundamental inequalities in our community,” added Khader. “In the coming years, our city will be forced to confront the lingering damage to our community caused by this pandemic. My platform in the coming election is one of relief, recovery, and reform. At City Hall, we must do everything we can to deliver sustained economic relief to residents; that means tightening our belts while maintaining essential services and not raising taxes on already strained families. Local government has a huge part to play in our recovery from the pandemic, and we must do everything we can to help students return to school, workers return to jobs, and businesses return to storefronts.”

“I look forward to an active, issues-focused campaign in the days ahead. I truly believe that the best days for our city lay ahead of us, and I look forward to a robust discussion in our community as to how best to move our city forward.”


TribuneYonkers City Council President Mike Khader Launches Re-Election Campaign

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  1. Mike Khader-a real man of his word. As I recall, he was supposed to keep taxes down and root out corruption and nepotism. So, what has he done? First-he voted for that massive tax increase. Then, he had a street named after his nephew, and then got his other nephew a city job. And, as I understand it, the kid is useless. Good thing we have a man of principle as CCP to look out for the people of Yonkers. Oh, and let’s not forget, he painted Black Lives Matter on a major city thoroughfare.

  2. Mike Khader is beatable by John Murtaugh the former popular east councilman who has a strong base because he’s a smart well spoken public servant who will not tolerate corruption.

      1. There is no Yonkers GOP. The Yonkers GOP is three guys and John Larkin. It’s like a scene from Weekend at Bernie’s. The person who should have been in charge, isn’t being included in the conversation. And she has the most pull in Yonkers.

  3. Khader talks about a record of accomplishments
    Hezi can you please explain his accomplishments
    4 years ago you supported
    He has not kept his word
    Politicians need to be held accountable

    1. From what I hear, James Nolan is likely running against Westchester County Legislator Ruth Walter. And Lakeisha Collins is challenging Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader for his seat. The Democratic City Committee wil engage in a Zoom meeting this Wednesday to designate their chosen nominees. — Kindly, Hezi

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