Yonkers Democratic Endorsement of My Candidacy for Re-election as Yonkers City Council President

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YONKERS, NY — January 30, 2021 – This week I launched my re-election campaign and secured the endorsement of the Yonkers Democratic Committee!
It has been the privilege of a lifetime to serve as your City Council President. Together, we’ve done an incredible amount of work, despite the pandemic, and with your support, I look forward to finishing the job. In the coming years, I know our city will be forced to confront the lingering effects of this pandemic and for that reason, I am proposing a platform that prioritizes relief, recovery, and reform for all residents.
I know that local government has a huge part to play in our recovery from the pandemic and I will do everything in my power to help transition our students back to school, workers back to their jobs, and local businesses back to their storefronts.
None of this would be possible without the continued support of Yonkers’ residents. It’s through that support and the conversations I’ve had with all of you that I’ve been able to bring meaningful change to our city.
I know there’s still much left to do, but if there’s any city I would bet on to make a strong comeback – it’s Yonkers, the place I’ve called home for my entire life. I truly believe that the best days for our city lay ahead of us and I look forward to engaging in conversations with you about how best to continue to move our city forward.
So, I hope you’re ready to join #TeamKhader to finish the great work we started and to make Yonkers a better place for all its residents. I’m incredibly grateful to have you on our team and I look forward to working alongside you, once more.
With gratitude,
Mike Khader
eHeziYonkers Democratic Endorsement of My Candidacy for Re-election as Yonkers City Council President

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    1. Discussion is not closed. If comments are off topic, they are trashed. Such is the advisement before a comment is made.

      Pejorative words, he is this, he is that, is a waste of time. And only intentioned to trash people with no validation. I don’t to hear what daddy does, hat mommy does, jut the candidate, if it is a candidate you are commenting about. It is that simple. Kindly, Hezi

      P.S.If you prefer it differently, the “almight” Hezi suggests there are many venues at your disposal. Which is not suggesting that we do not offer everyone a voice. Civility rules. Try it!

  1. The end of August of last year saw Khader along with others painting the BLM mural in front of the Yonkers Veterans Memorial Plaza. In the eyes of many this horrendous act shows what a POS he really is.

  2. city of hills with a newly created tax yearly….when you see it for yourself and why most want to move elsewhere…..city politicians can’t even get the nys school aid formula fixed, simply PATHETIC!

  3. This jerk. What’s he think he is? He is a council person. He would lead you to believe that he such something more by that picture. Can’t wait to vote against this Bozo. I voted for you and never will again. You promised that you would make 24 hr gas stations and you have done nothing.

    1. He’s the best. Diaz and Williams are a little dim. Breen, Pineda-Issacs, and Rubbo are Spano lackeys. Merante is like Popeye without the spinach.

  4. Here we go with the black and brown routine-turn on your television at 5 any channel and look at the suspects wanted for violent and vicious crimes-why it is black and brown people and who are their victims why it is black and brown people and oh by the way I am a dark skinned Latino from South America.

  5. Hey Khader,
    What is going on with the rock quarry on Central Park Avenue?
    You and your Council Cronies approved an inappropriate self stowage facility. CPW is besieged with empty store fronts and you approved an industrial facility in a commercial zone. You and Council Stooge Merante should be a shamed of yourself. Get ready for the zombie stores.

  6. let’s talk about Spallone Longo and Fagen They were councilman who cost the city its reputation. When the city was sued by the NAACP alleging housing discrimination, Spallone and Longo, both east side councilman decided that it was in their political interests to fight the lawsuit…even though there was a proposed settlement that would have put 100 units of low income housing just to the east of the Saw Mill Pky….They rejected that settlement even though their city attorney advised them that in the Federal District Court with Judge Sands presiding,the most liberal judge in the district…At that point in time there was no talk about busing ….Because of Spallone and Longo the city went to trial against the advise of their corporation counsel who resigned because the council was being dumb. As the direct result of the actions taken by Spallone and Longo the city Lost the litigation and faced the imposition of not 100 units of housing but 4000…..and on top of it all forced busing Both of those councilman did what they thought was best for them not best for the city…Kind of reminds you of the guy who just got booted out of the white house

  7. Gordon Burrows was tossed aside because of coattails effect and he lost his vision as an elected official. His successor a very weak candidate. Republican Conservative candidate will take back 15th District. Walter is a One-Termer.

  8. Yonkers is a democratic stronghold. The eastside is a democratic stronghold. The rats are jumping ship. Rubbo, Tubiolo, and Murtagh all switched parties. Burrows was tossed aside.
    There are no more Republicans in Yonkers 🇨🇺

    1. i am from the days of Henry Spallone . I think he did the right thing standing up to that hypocrite judge . Spallone was a blue collar guy who stood up for blue collar people. Trump is a phony snob who thinks of himself… I believe white nationalists came to Yonkers during those times and they were told fast to get lost . Spallone was an ex cop who walked a beat in the Bronx and saw first hand what could happen to Yonkers. Trump sat in his fancy castles. Obviously its terrible Nick Wasicsko took his own life . Yonkers lost a great public servant

  9. John Murtaugh would be a tough opponent for the incumbent. He’s smart and has a conservative educated base on the east side of Yonkers.

  10. Mike Khader will be a tough incumbent to beat. However, I believe Conservative Republican John Murtaugh the former councilman with a large east side base could win this citywide office.

          1. If you can’t see what has happened to the Eastside you are either deaf dumb and blind or a Spano lackey. Their are numerous vacant stores, car dealerships with cars double parked all over Central Ave and the streets are filthy. Take a ride past Roosevelt at 230.

          2. Many of the new people moving into the east side of Yonkers but not all bring with them the ways of NYC like parking cars on the street with no plates for weeks on end, repairing the cars on the street, conducting drug sales on the streets just to name a few-but this is what the Spano administration wants in order to bolster his claim of what a gorgeous city Yonkers is.

          3. When the commenter says “Take a look at Roosevelt at 2:30” he/she means to say that he/she does not want to live in an area with black and brown people. So, naturally, it couldn’t possibly be a nice neighborhood.
            Some things never change in Yonkers.

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