Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Releases Statement on Attack on U.S. Capitol

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Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

YONKERS, NY — January 7, 2021 — “What transpired yesterday at the U.S. Capitol was nothing short of abhorrent and was an attack on the sanctity of our democracy. President Trump’s divisive words and the lies he continues to perpetuate incited chaos and insurrection by a lawless mob of his supporters. Their mission was to silence the voice of the millions of Americans who participated in a fair and honest election. Thankfully, their efforts did not prevail because of the strong sense of duty by Congress to uphold our Constitution. I join many of my colleagues in government in calling on law enforcement to prosecute these insurgents to the fullest extent of the law, to send a message to Americans that we will not tolerate those who look to desecrate the very foundation of our country. I have faith that in time, we will be united again as a nation and continue to be a pillar of strength and resilience around the world.”

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SOURCE: Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano | Communicatíons Director | Christina Gilmartin



Media Contact:

Christina Gilmartin

Communications Director, Office of the Mayor

eHeziYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Releases Statement on Attack on U.S. Capitol

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  1. Fraudulent Election = Fraudulent Government
    Every empire has a peak and a decline.
    Can anyone guess the direction we are heading?

  2. Will Mike Spano give back his stolen third term. He should be prosecuted for going against the will of the people. After January 6, I will never vote for another Republican, even Gordon Burrows.

  3. Yes you’re right, the same cyber chief that was in charge to protect America from foreign countries hacking into our computers. Did such a good job that the Russians hacked into our computers for at least 9 months. They got a ton of information. I guess you have selective memory also. Maxine Waters holding a rally and telling people to get into the face of Trump supporters and yell at them. Yell at them in restaurants, gas stations and anyplace you see them. You and like many others are part of the problem. You pick and choose and don’t tell the whole story.

  4. for those of you who believe the election was rigged…where are you getting your information from….Fox News? breitbart? Newsmax? OANN…..The election was the most secure in the history of the nation according to Trumps own cyber chief….The notion that it was not was a figment of Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell two attorneys who should have their law licenses taken away….Two attorneys that brought 60 lawsuits to overturn the election but not one of those lawsuits was successful…and more importantly even though those two attorneys and others including 130 members of the congress, all republicans…never gave any example of election fraud and none of the lawsuits had any provable examples of election Fraud…Notwithstanding the absence of proof because of what Trump kept saying eg the big lie along with the reckless remarks of some Senators like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley….along with Fox news opinion hosts like Hannity Ingraham Carlson Levin Limbaugh and Pirro…So there are millions of people in American who believe the nonsense…and some of those at the urging of the President marched on the capital for the first time since the war of 1812…Trumps words at the rally before the crowd invaded the people’s house…encouraged them to engage in insurrection…and all of them should be brought to justice including Trump Don Jr Giuliani Powell and all the others that repeated the BIG LIE that the election was stolen….81 million people voted for Joe Biden….He won 306 electoral votes fair and square..the voter of georgia elected for the first time in decades two democratic US senators…the landscape is changing rapidly and those who believe that the election was rigged are UN AMERICAN..they are traitors and they are more than gullible ..they are unable to distinguish between facts and fiction….For those of you who criticize the mayor of yonkers, Michael Spano for recognizing the criminal actions taken by those who stormed the capital at the behest of Donald Trump who committed a high crime by encouraging the violence are simply wrong…It is the responsibility of every elected official at every level to speak out….Our democracy has been the beacon of light for all the world for over 240 years…Donald Trump came very close to wiping out the reputation of the US as the leading democracy in the world Mike SPano’s comments were not only appropriate they were necessary….and now this president needs to either be removed under the 25th amendment or impeached

    1. What does Joe Biden bring to the table? well it is known fact that he is a habitual liar you know how he said he finished in the top of his class at Syracuse Law School when the truth to the matter is he finished 75th out of 86 in class or how he went to a Historically Black College. Biden has been well documented as being a prolific plagiarist. Biden has spent 47 years in the swamp with very little to show for all that time except for enriching himself and family. The last 4 years has been non-stop over Donald “Bone Spurs Trump with his 4 draft-exemptions from service in Vietnam. Joe “Asthma” Biden who had 5 draft-exemptions from from service in Vietnam which translates into Biden a coward second to none. In Promises to Keep published in 2007 and well over 400 pages long there is not one mention of him having asthma I repeat not one mention of his asthma problem. This is the same guy who while VP visited the troop overseas called active duty personnel stupid bastards and the good thing its on video-while during the campaign the story came out Trump had called the troops losers and suckers which was never proven-then again there is his crack-head son Hunter who was tossed out of the Navy with less than a Honorable Discharge. Joe Biden is way over his head and it will quickly show in the months to come especially that most of his picks are from the recycling bin or Obama rejects like Samantha(Unmasked) Powers or John Kerry and absolute disaster or the lying Susan Rice-good luck American because the slide downhill is going be quick and painful.

      1. Post

        You may not like the results but all the evidence proves, and none was invalidated, that Biden won the majority of votes. Rudy Giuliani and others could not undermine the facts in their attempted leagal challenges. So, it is what it is. Joe Biden is the President-elect. While I respect your perspective, I do not concur with the outcome no matter was may or may not have been Biden’s telling which you advise were incorrect in their telling. — Kindly. Hezi

        1. In 2003 Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. Biden had no problem sending someone’s else’s son or daughter to possible make the ultimate sacrifice which many did yet Joe Biden ran away from his responsibilities because of the coward that was and still is. Just read his racially divisive remarks just within the past week and he talks about unity-take away his teleprompter and this man is completely brain dead. In 2017 the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis said”Trump” is an illegitimate President of the United States. In 20121 many people have the same right to say that Biden is an illegitimate President.

          1. Post

            You evidently know him better than I. It seems he is the next president. I hope he can bring the nation together. Kindly, Hezi

          2. Post
    1. Khader is too busy telling everyone that has a problem with the city to Sue the city.
      He is just useless Spano puppet that cleans up all the paint brushs at the blm rallys.

  5. Spano another pandering, do nothing, self enriching politician. Keep your sights on Yonkers Mr Mayor, you’re not going anywhere with your record of nepotism and corruption in the City of Hills.

  6. Another Statement from A Democratic politician who is out of touch with the American working class. A vote for any democrat is a vote for more crime, decreased Neighborhood Quality of life, And underperforming schools. His statement reminds of the kind that pathetic Elliot Engle would put out. Mayor, worry about Yonkers issues that’s what we are paying you for.

  7. We should organize a day or week of protest. Hang our great flag upside down to symbolize, we became a backwards nation. Now they want to remove people permanently from Twitter what’s next.

    1. Spano is a big phony who needs to keep his fat mouth shut…that election was rigged trump got cheated all the Democrats were in on it. Those protesters were wrong for storming the Capitol but they should have done it peaceful without the violence. Ball this corruption in politics has to stop on both sides – Democrats and Republicans. We need to clean the swamp out of those crooks.

  8. Another phony politician who acts like he knows what’s going on. Stop catering to votes and being a hypocrite. I’d like to know where was your voice during the summer of 2020. Innocent Americans were under attack. Store owners being beaten and robbed by an out of control mob. Police precinct and courthouse taken over by rioters. The National guard not being called in by Democratic governor’s and mayors. Allowing the destruction of property and the beat down of innocent people.Your statement above and painting Black Lives Matter on a street next to a memorial honoring war heroes shows lack of respect. Politicians like you have caused the problems of today. If you were legit and real you would have condemned the attacks on innocent Americans and Maxine Waters telling supporters to yell in the face of Trump supporters. At one time politicians cared about what was right and fought for the truth. Today they only care about the popular side even if its based on hypocrisy. We have become the sheep of a nation who are following dumber and dumber politicians. The biggest threat to democracy is the intelligence level of it’s people. We have fallen off that cliff.

    1. Spano in one of his more memorable sound bites said that the placement of BLM mural directly in front the Yonkers Veterans Memorial Plaza “There is no more of an appropriate that this should be then next to our Veterans Memorial”. Some of the people on the mural are convicted felons, drug enablers caught on wiretaps and video surveillance talking and going into “trap houses” providing bail money for people arrested for drug offenses, shop lifters right here in Westchester County in which the Westchester Medicqal Examiners report said that person died
      of a heroin overdose-but these and other miscreants according to Spano should be honored on the same level as those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. Spano being a coward and a no balls politician is pandering to the radical left. According to our new congressional person Rep Jamal Bowman Spano and his capitalism family are enablers of slavery.

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