Yonkers Police Department Opens New Fourth Precinct Annex

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Administrative Office to Assist with Needs of Burgeoning Yonkers Waterfront District

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

YONKERS, NY – January 12, 2021– Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today joined Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and staff at 1 Hudson Street to officially open the Yonkers Police Department’s 4th Precinct’s Annex at Newell Hall. The new police administrative office will serve the growing needs of the Yonkers waterfront/downtown district as more residential and commercial properties flourish.

“As our downtown continues to develop and welcome new businesses and residential opportunities, we must respond proactively to ensure quality of life and safety needs are addressed swiftly,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “Assigning more police resources to this densely populated area will only benefit the community there. I want to thank the Yonkers Police for constantly exploring innovative ways that effectively preserve the safety and well-being of our city.”


Yonkers Police 4th Precinct Annex at Newell Hall located at 1 Hudson Street. Photo by Maurice Mercado, courtesy of the City of Yonkers, NY.

Nine 4th Precinct officers will be dispatched from the Annex and continue to engage in community policing initiatives that include foot, bike, sector car, Emergency Service Unit patrols and homeless outreach to offer a more rapid response to the area. The administrative office features surveillance camera monitoring of the local area and office space with Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) terminal access for law enforcement functions.

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller stated, “This newly created Yonkers Police Annex is a significant step for the Mayor’s on-going initiative for providing our increasing downtown population the resources it needs. This upgrade will allow our officers who were previously quartered in the 4th Precinct to be fully embedded in our downtown. Response times will decrease and attention to quality of life issues will increase. I want to thank Rev. Mother Vicki and her St. John’s Episcopal Church team for not just recognizing the value of public/private partnerships but acting on it in a very substantial way. This is a win-win for the City of Yonkers.”

The office space at the 4th Precinct Annex at Newell Hall is located at St. John’s Episcopal Church and is leased by the City of Yonkers.

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SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor








TribuneYonkers Police Department Opens New Fourth Precinct Annex

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  1. How much rent are we paying? More administrative overhead, another place to hide. Any police office not open to the public only helps to empower the separation of police vs residents. This Mayor has signed huge rental leases time and time again where his Friends and Family receive rewards on the backs of tax payers.
    Take back the old city jail art gallery failure, use that as a 5th precinct at least we would not be shelling out the rent money.

  2. How much is the lease annually and how much did it cost? The only questions I would ask, as everyone knows it’s Yonkers so “the devil is in the details”.

    1. If you don’t live in the area or are affected by the crime STFU. I am a black mom and although the police are not perfect they have been doing a good job in Yonkers. Stop being so negative, I am seeing a lot of improvements in Yonkers. Most of the civil servants work extremely hard and are well intentioned. Why don’t we try to encourage those that work hard and out the ones that do not serve the community. Lastly, what are you doing to make your community better or safer?

      1. Yonkers is always broke and always increasing our taxes while giving the store away to developers and the friends and family club.

        So how much property taxes do you pay per year? Just curious.

        Looks more like Christina, doing her job.
        And I will not STFU, as it just shows what class you have.

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