Yorktown Adopts Anti-drag Racing Laws

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Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater

Janes Nolan

YORKTOWN, NY — January 23, 2021 – The Yorktown Town Board is cracking down on drag racing with two new laws that include vehicle confiscation.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the Town Board amended a local law by adding specific prohibitions on drag racing. The fine for anyone caught drag racing ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.
The Town Board also added a vehicle confiscation law that police can use to impound a vehicle used in a drag race. The confiscation law allows the Yorktown Police Department to seek storage fees and fines and includes provisions for seizing the vehicle’s title for auction or municipal use if the owner is unable to reclaim the vehicle.
“These two laws are a warning to anyone who thinks they can get away with drag racing in our community,” said Supervisor Matt Slater. “We have adopted the harshest penalties permitted under the law to stop this irresponsible behavior that poses a grave danger to every driver or pedestrian. Drag racing is not a victimless crime and we have seen horrible crashes because of it.”
Drag racing is a problem throughout Westchester County. In 2019, lohud.com reported that drag racing injured an innocent driver when one of the speedsters clipped her SUV in North Salem and sent it barreling over a guardrail from Interstate 684 to adjacent Route 22. The woman’s Acura was knocked off the highway and into the guardrail, then it flipped over onto Route 22, where the Acura landed on its roof.
“You street race in Yorktown, we’re looking to take your car and lock you up. End of story,” said Police Chief Robert Noble.
James Nolan leads the adoption of anti-drag racing laws in Westchester County and he spoke with the Town Board prior to the laws’ adoption. In 2015 Nolan’s brother Mike Nolan was shot to death in Yonkers over a drag-race-related dispute.
“I’m very thankful. It’s going to help save and protect many people’s lives,” said Nolan, adding that he has redoubled his efforts during the pandemic. “The people who are doing drag racing actually felt that they could do it because there were less people on the streets. It’s something I couldn’t allow.”
Yorktown is the latest Westchester community to adopt anti-drag racing laws. Other communities with anti-drag-racing laws include Greenburgh, White Plains and Yonkers.
“These laws are about saving lives plain and simple. Hopefully they will make people think twice about endangering themselves and others by drag racing on our roads,” said Councilman Ed Lachterman.
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SOURCE:  Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater @ 914-962-5722 x201 or direct email to mslater@yorktownny.org
TribuneYorktown Adopts Anti-drag Racing Laws

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  1. How about a statewide ban on those noisy, useless mufflers … we all suffer so these clowns can speed. soi they can hear how cool and lord they are

  2. This is an outrage, how dare they “cancel” …

    Hezi’s Note: I infer you are referring to a video that was on You.Tube that referred specifically to drag racing. The link you gave shows a contest between two drag queens. I am not permitting the link as it validates nothing and may not be appropriate for all readers. Why would You.Tube drop the video tht referenced drag racing? Kindly, Hezi

    P.S. If you have the video, I can post it on the Yonkers Tribune Website.

    1. Just trying to add some well needed humor. Why no post the link it’s hysterical and let the viewers judge for themselves. I do realize that the Yonkers Tribune is a bit high brow and akin to Reuters & the Wall Street Journal

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