James Nolan Announces Candidacy for Westchester County Legislator District 15

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James Nolan

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BONXVILLE, NY and YONKERS, NY — February 3, 2021 — James Nolan Announces Candidacy for Westchester County Legislator District 15
James Nolan will be announcing his candidacy for the Westchester County Board of Legislators District 15, which includes the Village of Bronxville and parts of the City of Yonkers today. He will be announcing on a livestream via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

James Nolan, a Community Activist and President & Founder of the Michael Nolan Foundation, said, “Sometimes the mission is bigger than yourself. It’s about what’s best for the people around you. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to provide a voice for so many great people. I promise to always fight for residents. It would be the honor of a lifetime to serve the people of Bronxville and Yonkers.”

Over the past year, James Nolan organized over 50 food and PPE drives for Westchester residents & frontline workers. One of his supporters, Bronxville Village Mayor Mary Marvin said, “James is the definition of a public servant. He has quietly and selflessly organized over 50 food and PPE drives as he steadfastly cares for his neighbors on a daily basis. His love of neighbor and all things local is an inspiration to me.”

Over the past six years, James Nolan has dedicated countless time advocating for the public’s safety in memory of his brother, Michael Nolan, who was murdered in 2015. James has advocated for drag racing laws all across municipalities in Westchester and helped establish an illegal gun hotline in Yonkers. Former Westchester County Legislator Gordon Burrows said, “James’ commitment to public safety is reason enough to support him. James has spent his time advocating for all the right issues: getting illegal guns off the street, cracking down on drag racing, and supporting our Law Enforcement Officers. I enthusiastically support his bid for County Legislator.”

James Nolan is a lifelong Yonkers resident who graduated from Saunders Trades and Technical High School. In 2017, he graduated from Western Oklahoma State College with an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

James Nolan is seeking the backing of the Republican and Conservative Parties.
If you would to volunteer for James Nolan, please contact the campaign at electjamesnolan2021@gmail.com

eHeziJames Nolan Announces Candidacy for Westchester County Legislator District 15

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  1. If candidate Nolan can secure the Independence line he would have a shot for the 15th Legislative County seat. This is the office in which the late John O’Leary served with distinction and class for many years. Mr O’Leary was a favorite son from North West Yonkers (The Hill.)

  2. If Jimmie Nolan does become the standard bearer for the Yonkers GOP and Conservative Parties, I don’t believe he will win . However, one never knows because the incumbent is very progressive , liberal for the 15th legislative District. I wish him well as he takes his shot at public office.

  3. I haven’t lived in Yonkers for years and haven’t met most of the people that have been mentioned on this site including Mr. Nolan. It is truly mind blowing how Mr.Nolan and others want to step up to the plate and do good for their community but people will critique them for it and say horrible things about them or their families. The same people that are making these horrible comments are the same people that complain and do absolutely nothing for the community. Can he fix every problem? Absolutely not but at least they are willing to try and it’s a lot more then any of you can say especially since you will never leave your real names. It’s takes a small and weak minded person to sit on a keyboard and bash others without leaving your name. This is why I moved my family out of New York after being a resident for 47 years because every time someone tries to do good this is what happens, Yonkers will never change. I bet many of you once heard the saying “if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. Keep that in mind next time you decide to chime in with negativity!

    Will Steinburg

    1. Mr Steinburg stay where ever u r because u r totally out of touch with reality-u have been gone for years years so u r unaware of the bags of shit that dominate the Yonkers political scene-the administrative corruption would boggle your mind.

      1. I still have friends and family that live there and I have been very in tune with things but as I said before at least people are stepping up to the plate to try and make a difference instead of sitting on their keyboards all day talking negatively and not leaving their names on comments. Be the one that steps up to the challenge or just keep your comments to yourself simple as that. All the he said she said is very immature and it sounds like you have nothing but a hard on for these people or just jealous!

        Will Steinburg

        1. Mr. Steinburg your friends that still live in Yonkers must live in a bubble. I am neither jealous or as you say have a hard on for these people but the only thing that do object to is flamming pandering so called do-gooders like you . I have stepped up to numerous challanges and I stand by what I said despite people like you who became afraid and fled Yonkers .

  4. Too many disparaging things to say about Nolan. In short, he’s totally unfit , on so many levels to run for office. Nothing more than an an egotistical, self promoting, uneducated nobody, living off his dead criminal brother’s legacy for self-promotion. Everything he does is for a photo op or a FB opportunity. Nothing is real or genuine about Nolan. It’s all about what he and his family and ‘ corrupt’ foundation can gain. Wake up Westchester Republicans, this guy is a loser!! #No vote for Nolan!

  5. Nolan who has a patronage job with the current incumbent Yonkers Mayor is not the new face of the local GOP. That is a joke. Respected Republican leader Larkin and Conservative Chair Hugh Fox need serious candidates for this race and and for Yonkers City Council President contest

    1. If you are on target, then why have Mr. Larkin and Mr. Fox not found another candidate. That implies that Mr. Nolan does have the interest to run a credible race against his opponent. And on top of that, Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin, Esq, and former Westchester County Legislator Gorn Burrows has endorsed Nolan as well.— Kindly, Hezi

  6. Nolan has a his job with the Yonkers DPW because of the Spano family. Is that news.

    HEZI NOTE: Everyone in Yonkers is in one way or another joined at the hip with the power that is… Mayor Mike Spano, Lobbyist Nick Spano. Yur telling is over 20 years old. Kindly, Hezi

  7. James Nolan cannot win the race in 15th District. No name recognition no ability to raise money. A real lightweight candidate. Republican Conservative alliance need a big name candidate such as Rich Martinelli or a Dee Barbato.

    1. Who is going to give him campaign money??? His foundation for his brother is mismanaged and his mother Donna is always begging or stealing from somewhere? And he’s still living with his parents at 32, real successful guy?? Lol!!

      1. That’s probably the only thing I need to know… does he still live at home? If so, there is literally no way he can understand what the average adult or someone with a family goes through. His life experience makes him an effective speaker and productive member of the volunteer community. It does not, however, qualify him to legislate on behalf of 1000’s of people, most of whom don’t share his views.

    1. The reason the respected Yonkers Republican Conservative Alliance Chairs haven’t found an alternative candidate is may’be no one formidable wants to serve in the super minority on the liberal County
      Board. However, the 15th District is winnable for the alliance as is the Yonkers Council President Office.

  8. Ruth Walter was the original “Karen.” Remember when she called the police on Reggie Lafayette’s kid. All he wanted was the money he earned working her campaign and she called the police and reported that a black man was harassing her. That should have immediately disqualified her from office.

  9. Anybody other than Ruth Walters , I hope this kid runs a good campaign, I feel like Walters doesn’t identify with the people she represents at all. She just wanted to win, but I don’t think she wanted to help.

    1. The Black Lives Matter Demonstration Allegedly Promoted by Westchester County Board Legislator Ruth Walter (D-15) in Bronxville Cancelled for Lack of Permit

      Your point is what??? Walter personally supports thugs burning down businesses, and ruining the livelihoods of people that work for a living

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