6 Singapore Permanent Residency Application Mistakes to Avoid

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — February 10, 2021 —Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries on the Asian continent, with top-notch security and excellent government. Despite its small size, it has the highest quality of living compared to nearby territories. Known for its strict law implementations and state of the art security details, Singapore is crowned one of the world’s safest countries.

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Of course, no nation can ascend to such a reputation overnight. That is why Singapore has spent years focusing on its national state government, law implementations, transparent legal systems, strict immigration procedures, and many more. All these factors have helped the nation achieve its highly reputable position.

There is no doubt that many foreigners want to live in this harmonious state as a permanent residence to enjoy its peaceful beauty. But applying as a Singapore permanent resident is a tricky and sensitive process. If you do not know the proper dos and don’ts, you might lose your chance of securing a successful PR application.

1. Document Errors

One of the most common mistakes by most applicants is inputting the wrong information or details in the application document. It may range from spelling mistakes to misunderstanding the questions asked. Whatever it is, the inability to provide the necessary information counts as an error, and a simple mistake might cost you your permanent residency.

2. Inconsistent Document Details

When filling in application forms, you must also submit supporting documents such as birth certificates, copies of employment pass, passport details, and others, depending on the needed requirements. Because of multiple submissions of supporting papers, information consistency is crucial to this process. Experts from dreamimmigrationsg.com/ advise applicants to key in details in the form, exactly as they are in your supporting documents. For example, your full name as stated in your birth certificate should match the one on your form. Failure to maintain the consistency of crucial details will not look good for your PR application. 


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3. Failures of Submission

It goes without saying, failure to submit the correct requirements automatically voids the other documents. Permanent residency application is a sensitive matter as it deals with the country’s citizens. As an approved permanent resident of the country, you will benefit from various government projects like education, health care, and housing.

These benefits are not merely bestowed on any foreign individual who walks into the country. That is why permanent residents go through lengthy procedures and submit countless forms and documents for the state to review. 

4. Applying For Your Family First

First-time applicants who have their families with them to Singapore might mistake applying every member for permanent residency. Although it is not a bad idea, the better option is to secure your own application before handling theirs. It is more convenient to submit documents for a single application rather than multiple people all at once.

You can focus more on your personal records instead of balancing a stack of required documents for the family’s application. Besides, it is easier to apply for them once you are an approved permanent resident.

5. Rushing the Process

Some applicants are rushing to get a permanent resident status even though they have just arrived in the country. This is a common mistake for most working applicants who hurry to get an approved application. 

Although it is not exactly a terrible idea, and there is no 100% guarantee that they will reject you, there is still a higher chance of getting accepted if you wait for a few months or years. You can wait for at least one year while working in the country before you sort out your application papers.

6. Failure to Express Your Strengths and Merits

Given that some questions are hard to answer on the spot, applicants make the mistake of writing the first option that comes to mind. When asked particular questions, your genuine answers will put the odds of your application in your favor if you can do it right. When answering, breathe and gather your thoughts.

Work up a good answer that will clearly express your strengths through the form. Maximize your time and try not to become a scatterbrain at the moment. Remember that the success of your PR application may depend on what you are about to write.

Image Source: Unsplash.

At the end of the day, we all make some honest mistakes. But important matters require focus and extensive efforts to maintain the correctness of the task at hand. Documents and application forms must be taken seriously to avoid rejection in legal processes. Be vigilant and always pay attention to the details.


eHezi6 Singapore Permanent Residency Application Mistakes to Avoid

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