Bronxville Police Community Relations Committee Findings – Updated February 9, 2021

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BRONXVILLE, NY — February 9, 2021 — In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 203 (the NYS Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative) dated June 2020, the Village established its Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) and charged it with engaging in a fact-based and honest dialogue about the public safety needs of our community and to create a plan to adopt and implement the recommendations resulting from its review and consultation.  Attached below are a series of documents related to this effort including the State’s requirements for the plan, a history of the police department, its current resources and training.  The full presentation of the first meeting of the PCRC can be found here along with the schedule for future public meetings. The PCRC values your input and encourages you to email your comments to  Please revisit this page for future updated information concerning public meetings.  To view the full meeting click here:

Second public session meeting Tuesday, November 17, 2020,at 6pm
Call in number 786-535-3211    Access Code 186-139-397
  1. Bronxville Announcment of Formation of Committee
  2. Police Reform and Reinvention Collaboration Executive Order 203
  3. NYS Police Reform Workbook
  4. Part 2 of NYS R & R Guide
  5. Westchester Village Police Act 5711q
  6. Police Expenditures from 2012-2021
  7. Bronxville Police Department Training
  8. Arrest Demographics
  9. Force Report Chart 2010-2020
  10. Lexipol Talking Points
  11. Mayor’s Column – June 15th – Police Department Overview
  12. PCRC Meeting Schedule
  13. Mayor’s Column Week of November 2, 2020
  14. Minutes of PCRC Meeting of October 19, 2020
  15. PCRC Public Meeting November 17, 2020

PCRC Findings and Recommendations

Following months of in-depth discussions with and without members of the Bronxville Police Department, a review of existing BPD practices and policies and an open exchange of ideas and opinions the PCRC has completed its draft report. Attached is the PCRC’s background summary, key findings and recommendations.

PCRC Findings and Recommendations

Please comment on the plan by sending an email to or sending an email to the Village Administrator at The Village Board of Trustees will consider adopting the plan at their Monday, March 8th meeting.


eHeziBronxville Police Community Relations Committee Findings – Updated February 9, 2021

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  1. What’s been happening are the blue bloods acting up again🤣. Or maybe your woke liberals feel left out and want to harass the cops that protect them from the Bronx, Yonkers and Mount Vernon “elements?” I saw a bunch of these aging white liberals on “News” 12 recently DEMANDING “accountability for their Ossining police. It was absolutely hysterical 😭. How about supporting your police and demanding accountability from the criminal element? But what the hell would a retired NYPD detective with three decades of experience know?

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