Five Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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YONKERS, NY — February 3, 2021 — For Valentine’s Day gifts, many shoppers look for a  balance between the traditional and the unique. People love receiving chocolates, perfume, wine, roses, and jewelry, but they are also looking for a twist on favorite romantic gifts. The following are five Valentine’s gifts that have the whiff of the traditional but still show you are keeping that special someone in mind.

1. Jade Jewelry

The traditional pearls or gold can dazzle, but other jewelry types can feel more direct and intimate and reflect a sincere expression of feeling. For new relationships, try giving jade jewelry. In many cultures, jade symbolizes new love and is said to foster trust. In mystical paths, jade is said to balance the heart chakra.

Jade is a simple yet beautiful stone and can be worn as beads for necklaces and bracelets, as a pendant, earrings, or rings. Jade is usually a rich green color, but variations can be brown or even black.

2. Books and Games about Love and Relationship Building

With the pandemic, many people have had plenty of time to spend at home with the one they love. Using this downtime wisely to build a better relationship is a good strategy.

Books and games on the theme of love are great Valentine’s gifts. Love Language is a board game that helps lovers understand each other. The Secret Language of Relationships is a book that uses astrology and different cosmic approaches to help bring people closer.

3. Matching clothing

Show that you are on the same team with matching clothing. You can find him and her versions of leather or denim jackets, gloves, or hats for male and female couples. Let the world know that you are together by making a fashion statement and expressing your affection for each other.

4. Roses That Last a Year

Are you tempted to buy your sweetheart a dozen roses but are bummed that they will just end up in the trash a week later? There is no reason this favorite Valentine’s Day gift should be used for compost after a short period. Venus et Fleur will send roses that can last an entire year!

It seems incredible, but even after weeks, these roses do not wilt but look just as beautiful as the day they arrived. There is no special maintenance required, only display them, and these real roses will stand the test of time.

5. A Special Cookbook

The couple that cooks together stays together. If you and your significant other enjoy whipping up a batch of something delicious, why not give cookbooks to each other and spring for a cookbook with recipes you would both like to try. Whether you are both flirting with going vegan or want to take a culinary tour of Thailand without leaving home, a joint gift of a beautiful cookbook is a terrific way to satisfy your hunger and spend time together.

Classics like the Moosewood Cookbook or Sweet Potato Soul, a Southern Vegan Cookbook, or Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook are some great choices.

Gifts That Bring People Together

Valentine’s Day can be both traditional and unique with these gifts that will bring you closer and help you share beautiful experiences. Whether you want to cook up the romance in the kitchen, explore your partner with fun Love Language questions or decorate your home with long-lasting roses, these gift ideas will brighten the special day.

eHeziFive Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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