Mount Vernon DPW Workers Greeted By Deplorable Conditions
By DOMINICK CASSANELLI, Jr., Vice President, Teamsters Local 456

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Constant Disrespect; Meaningless Platitudes; Not Even a Thank You! 

MOUNT VERNON, NY — February 22, 2021 — The video clip below was videoed today. It is where Mount Vernon DPW workers park as they attempt to maintain the mechanical function of the entire fleet, including electrical and welding operations. It is impossible not to recognize the complete disregard to the lives of these dedicated workers who put their hearts and souls into serving the residents of the City of Mount Vernon.



Click onto the the video clip below to see the deplorable working conditions under which Teamsters Local 456 Workers endure 


As implausible as many cannot even imagine, it is raining harder in the garage as opposed to outdoors.

Instead of “talking the talk” and “walking the walk” Mount Vernon’s essential workers are treated disrespectfully and in unsafe conditions as the video clip attests. Teamsters Local 456 workers deserve a working environment that befits all human beings, not an environment even sewer rats could not and would not endure. 

eHeziMount Vernon DPW Workers Greeted By Deplorable Conditions
By DOMINICK CASSANELLI, Jr., Vice President, Teamsters Local 456

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  1. Mount Vernon has been an absolute disaster for decades. One can hardly count the number of instances of scandal and corruption. The fact that the federal government hasn’t taken over this city by now is entirely unbelievable. Go ahead and call me racist, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s because Mount Vernon is predominantly Black, both in terms of its population and its government.

  2. GIVE these men the proper Gear to do their function of work! That environment is inappropriate I am a union man and supervisor I wouldn’t have my crew working like that. They deserve better!

  3. I will say this ppl intent to blame each other, is time to work together for the Common good of all residents of the city of mount vernon. I am a home owner in mount vernon I don’t appreciate what’s going on in our city especially if I am paying high property taxes.
    Why is it that when it comes to have solution to our community that the percentage is minority there is always a problem with money. Something ain’t right!

  4. These buildings have been in dilapidated condition for decades. It goes to show the curruption that has been continuous throughout the last 30 years. It was in the Clinton Young Administration that the fire fighters in MV had to live in trailers for months. The building department actually had to close 2 firehouses for safety issues. In addition to these facilities the roads are God awful and the municipal parking lot across from City Hall is falling apart.

  5. It is a disgrace that the city of Mt Vernon leave there DPW workers in very bad conditions and trucks the our city these Men come to work for us people of Mt Vernon every day and put up with this crap this city should give them your best you can for what they they put there life on the line garbage riddin Germs they have families just like us who’s going to help there families if there sick or hurt with these old trucks Help them now not when there 6 feet under because this city to busy taken money instead of giving it to DPW now also need more fireman & police leave for better paying jobs

  6. Don’t just blame the Controller. You MUST blame Mayor Paterson Howard and the City Council TOO. If they can’t figure our what to do then they should resign or be forced out.

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