Mount Vernon Municipal Workers Rally for Fair Treatment and Pay

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ELMSFORD, NY and MOUNT VERNON, NY — February 3, 2021 — Fed up with the Mount Vernon’s mistreatment of its essential workers, Local 456 is rallying at Mt. Vernon City Hall on Thursday at 1PM. While much of the city stayed at home on Monday and Tuesday, Local 456 municipal workers were out in extremely hazardous conditions plowing the streets, clearing sidewalks, and performing repairs to ensure our residents are kept safe. Without the work of Local 456 members, Mount Vernon  would come to a halt.

Nonetheless, since November 6, 2020, Mount Vernon has refused to pay for overtime worked, violating both the collective bargaining agreement and federal law in the process. Workers come in on weekends, holidays, and all hours of the night to keep Mount Vernon running, doing everything from picking up trash to repairing roads and traffic lights. Our members put themselves at considerable risk throughout this pandemic, and Mount Vernon won’t even pay them for their time.

Unfortunately, this only scratches the surface of the issues and problems. The Union has been without a new contract with the Mount Vernon for over three years. Over the last year, the Mount Vernon has systematically failed to abide by its obligations to its employees and has routinely violated the collective bargaining agreement and federal laws. For example:

o In one shocking instance, Mount Vernon didn’t pay an employee, at all, for approximately eight (8) weeks of employment.

o Mount Vernon failed to pay employees’ annual salary increment increases for 2020 and 2021.

o Without explanation or notification, Mount Vernon removed numerous employees from dental insurance coverage since October 2019.

o Mount Vernon didn’t pay out of title work and wage stipulations agreed to between Mount Vernon and Teamsters Local 456.

o Mount Vernon unilaterally withdrew money from a member’s bank account without the member’s consent.

o Mount Vernon failed to pay an employee’s sick leave bonus.

o Mount Vernon has failed to process numerous promotions and transfers, resulting in employees underpaid and losing retirement benefits.

o Mount Vernon routinely fails to provide basic information to the members, such as the status of their insurance coverage and payroll information.

o Mount Vernon did not process the required paperwork for a retired member’s New York State & Local Retirement System retirement, thereby depriving that member of his retirement benefits for two years.

This is just a sampling of the many ways Mount Vernon has betrayed its essential workers. We call on all concerned citizens, elected officials, and media to come support the workers who keep this city running and rally with us to demand better treatment.

TribuneMount Vernon Municipal Workers Rally for Fair Treatment and Pay

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      1. I haven’t heard of Roster Taranto. How does one reach him and what is he vying for on the political platform? President of what? Thanks, Hezi

        1. Roger Taranto is part of the 456 leadership. He helped clean things up after Big Syd Goldstein got pushed out for that which “we don’t speak about.” Call 456
          (914) 592-9500

  1. Keep on playing politics and sucking up to politicians, this is what you get.This is what happens when you deal with the devil. Stop making deals to benefit the few and selling out others. Act like union leaders not another wing of a political party.When you play politics workers get hurt not leaders.Unions were built by workers not politicians.Change your priorities and put your men first, you wouldn’t be in this situation.3 yrs without a contract shame on you, you were played.

    1. Fair Treatment and Pay in Mt Vernon? that simply can’t be true-Mt Vernon government has been been run and dominated by People of Color for years-that’s why it is the shit hole it is today. Corruption runs rampant today in Mt Vernon nothing but thieves and crooks looking only to benefit themselves also take a look at Spring Valley, New York , Detroit and Baltimore just to name a few-all run by Democrats who are People of Color.

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