NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi Issues Statement Regarding Multiple Assertions Of Sexual Harassment Against Governor Cuomo

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NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi – NYS-SD-34

THE BRONX, NY — February 28, 2021 — “The assertions against Governor Andrew M. Cuomo by Charlotte Bennett detail behavior that is unacceptable. I am especially horrified by the comments the Governor made to Charlotte about her experience with sexual assault –– comments he did not deny making. They are the epitome of a hostile work environment.

“I commend the courage of Ms. Bennett and Lindsey Boylan for coming forward. The harassment experienced by these former staffers is part of a clear pattern of abuse and manipulation by the Governor, and that pattern makes him unworthy of holding the highest office in New York.

“A truly independent investigation into the allegations made by Ms. Bennett, Ms. Boylan, and any forthcoming survivors should take place –– but the Governor’s influence touches all entities in New York that might review his conduct. The current review, arranged by the Governor’s team and overseen by an individual who has a work history with his close associates, does not meet any standard of independence. While a truly independent investigation may uncover more evidence or instances of abuse, the existing details are sufficient for me to form my conclusion.

“As a New Yorker, a legislator, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, and a survivor of sexual abuse, I am calling for Governor Cuomo to resign.”


SOURCE: Ana Hall | Deputy Communications Director | The Office of NYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi | The Bronx & Westchester

eHeziNYS Senator Alessandra Biaggi Issues Statement Regarding Multiple Assertions Of Sexual Harassment Against Governor Cuomo

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  1. Andrew and Chris Cuomo will go down in history as a bunch of clowns. Can you imagine that in 20 years, nobody is going to give a dang about these morons. They will be viewed as idiots. Hipocrites. LIars. Con artists. Involved in the reckless negligence surrounding dead senior citizens. Scumbags. Nothing honorable here. They will go down in history as filth, unless…..they come clean and ask for forgiveness from God, then and ONLY then will they see a different future for themselves and their families…a future of forgiveness and hope, but as it stands now, nope, these two clowns Andrew and Chris are so high on their power and influence they will gleefully sacrifice their souls, their children’s souls their grandchildren’s souls for their TEMPORARY power and fame. Idiots.

    1. I did notice a comment issued by NYS Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Counsins. I may simply be too overwhelmed to reach all those emails that espouse their perspectives. If I do get such statements, I will most assuredly post them. — Kindly, Hezi

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