NYS Vaccine Policy Is Cruel, Heartless and Inhumane for Those Under 65 With Co-Morbidities
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER, Esq.

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NYS Should Authorize Pharmacies to Give Vaccines to Those with Medical Problems 

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, Esq. And Commander-in-Chief of Greenburgh’s Covid-19 Volunteer Angels.

GREENBURGH, NY — February 20, 2021  — Many residents with co-morbidities who are under 65 are facing very difficult times obtaining appointments for vaccine. NYS has directed pharmacies not to give vaccines to this group-making it difficult for under 65-year-olds with cancer, lung problems, MS, cerebral palsy and heart problems to get the vaccine.  Those over 65 are having an easier time getting the vaccines because they can go to pharmacies for their vaccinations.  Those under 65 can’t go to non-state sites. Many are giving up and losing hope.

A suggestion: Because it is so difficult for the most vulnerable to get the vaccine – NYS should establish special pop up vaccination clinics  only for those who have medical problems.  NYS needs to try harder to make it easier for those with medical issues to get the vaccine.  My heart breaks because so many people under 65 with medical issues are so stressed at the difficulties getting an appointment.  I have received numerous calls from many of the under 65 population.  I also believe that the Governor should issue a directive authorizing those with medical issues to get the vaccine at all pharmacies and locations that give out the vaccinations. Why discriminate against the sick?

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An Example of People with Medical Complications Who Can’t Get an Appointment to Be Vaccinated.

Names Deleted to Protect Their Privacy.

“We are 60-years-old but we have a medical condition within one of the 13 co-morbidity categories. I am overweight and have asthma. I am having a 4-hour survey on March 1. Our  family doctor gave us a letter to present at the vaccine site if we get an appointment. My husband has Thalassemia. We have tried to get an appointment prior to my surgery since I have to stay in the hospital for three or four days and yet that has been impossible. They are moving my stomach down, I have to be intubated to fix my Hyde hernia, and to remove my gall bladder. I really don’t know what to do. If it would not be because of the surgery, I wouldn’t have reached out to you.”

It is time for everyone to reach out to their respective state lawmakers and ask them to change the present policy.


Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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Paul FeinerNYS Vaccine Policy Is Cruel, Heartless and Inhumane for Those Under 65 With Co-Morbidities
By Greenburgh Town Supervisor PAUL FEINER, Esq.

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