Ron Matten Announces His Candidacy for Yonkers City Council President

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Elect Ron Matten for Yonkers City Council President.

YONKERS, NY — February 21, 2021 — Ron Matten announced his candidacy for Yonkers City Council President today. He will be seeking the endorsement of the Yonkers Republican City Committee at their nominating convention later this month.

Ron Matten grew up on Valentine Lane in Southwest Yonkers. He is a product of Fordham Prep and Sacred Heart High School.  He graduated magna cum laude from Manhattan College with Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) and holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Pace University.

Ron has had a 30 year career in facilities and operations management, working for private and public entities. Most recently he has worked for the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut, and the City University of New York. He has extensive experience with municipal and organizational budgets. His expertise is in restructuring organizations to operate efficiently using lean principles.

Ron serves as a board member of Yonkers Joint Schools Construction Board. The board was created by statute and is charged with rebuilding the facilities of the Yonkers’ school system. Ron is also a board member of the Yonkers Family YMCA. As a resident of southwest Yonkers, the “Y” had a major positive influence in his family’s life.

Ron currently lives with his wife, Khanittha in Colonial Heights where they are active members of CHAT, the neighborhood association.

Ron will look to put his extensive experience to use for the benefit of the Yonkers’ taxpayer. Ron believes he can make a substantive impact toward the City’s financial stability while improving the quality of life for residents. By Yonkers’ Code, the Office of the Yonkers City Council President has significant authority and this authority has not been used to its potential.

Ron’s platform will consist of

Putting term limits back in the hands of the voters. Term limits were extended without regard to the voters. Its time to give this decision back to the people.
Bringing fiscal stability and accountability to Yonkers. In the last two years, Moody’s has downgraded Yonkers’general obligation bonds, based on instability and unrealistic budgets. The Council President has equal authority over IG investigations.  As Louis Brandeis said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” It is time to unleash this authority.
Putting quality of life above overdevelopment. Its great that the City has brought development to Yonkers, but developers don’t always consider the interest of the residents. When they do not, it has a negative impact on our communities. Development funded through the Yonkers IDA should require project labor agreements.


TribuneRon Matten Announces His Candidacy for Yonkers City Council President

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  1. Khader lost control of his council. I don’t know this guy Ron Matten, but there are 4 people running. The next council president should not be Khader. Corazon Pineda-Issacs is pulling Khader’s weight and doing his job. I am surprised she didn’t run.

  2. Hezi
    If you look at mpac financials
    John Khader spent thousands of dollars on food and beverage March 13 2020 during the beginning of the Pandemic. He also made payouts to family members during the same time period. This needs to be investigated.

  3. This guy doesn’t have a chance. Khader has over $100,000 in his campaign chest. He owes favors to everyone and that’s why he’ll get elected. Everyone wants payback.
    If Yonkers politics wasn’t so dirty, this guy Ron Matten might have a chance.

  4. I knew khader lost it when he rolled out of his bed at night and dragged his kids to the BLM mural. That’s not what a Council President is elected to do.

    1. Khader lost any sense of honor at the end of August 2020 when he participated in the painting of the BLM mural in front of the Yonkers Veterans Plaza. Khader apparently believes that honoring drug dealing enablers and convicted felons deserve to be placed on the same pedestal as the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and that goes for that bag of shit Mayor Spano and all the other elected officials of Yonkers.

    2. Do you mean the “graffiti “ on South Broadway, at the foot of City Hall and in front of the WWII memorial? It was not only him, but the mayor and city council members were there also.

  5. I hope he is given a chance to share his plans. I want to hear them. The current situation ain’t working. My taxes go up every year. One day I wont be able to live here anymore.

  6. I think Yonkers needs a Ron Matten as our City Council President!
    There’s too much infighting and politics that occurs on the City Council.

  7. It’s not surprising that khader is being challenged at all ends. The guy is dishonest and lazy. He’s a sad case for Council President.

  8. I’ve been living in Yonkers the city of Hills. Anthony Merante would have beaten his weak, democratic opponent in a landslide two years ago, but they’re was a three way race in the general election. The democrat should have won this race, but too stingy and didn’t spend any of his own money.(Missed his shot at elected office.)

    1. It shouldn’t take money to win a race, particularly a district race. I agree, though without the brain dead fireman, Merante would have trounced Orefice. It is generally a Republican district. However, Khader’s pick of Hodges sets up a competitive race. Tim is a likable guy. He’s only allying with Khader and Zehy Jeries to get at Spano.
      Look at his allies and that should speak to character.

      1. In 2013, there wasn’t even a Dem candidate in the 6th District. In 2009, the Dem candidate got 1800 votes. Orefice got 2800 votes with no union support, no name recognition, and no financial backing. The fireman may have siphoned votes away from Merante, but he also took manpower and money away by getting the union support, which would normally go to the Dem. Hodges has name, money and probably unions, so this might be different.

  9. I’m hopeful that Hugh Fox a respected Yonkers Conservative leader doesn’t go along with Ron Matten for Yonkers Council President . Having a no name candidate on top of the ticket will probably cost Yonkers Councilman Merante his seat in the Sixth District. ( A usual Republican/Conservative safe council seat.)

    1. A usual Republican/Conservative safe seat, where have you been? Councilmember Merante won his seat by several votes. A number less than 100. Mr. Fox and the Conservatives can’t help any candidate get elected anymore – just show me the money.
      What stand has Merante taken to show he has distinguished himself as a conservative Republician?

    2. Hugh Fox is that the same person who had a patronage job with Westchester County after he left the YFD and then got nailed for DWI and then tried to weasel his way out of being collared.

  10. Who’s Ron Matten? It looks like the new Yonkers GOP Chairman will continue the trend of his disastrous predecessor of drafting weak, no name candidates to run city wide for the top public offices. As Phil Reisman once wrote in Yonkers it’s all about patronage. John Larkin should resign his position immediately.

    1. Who would you recommend run? Not many heavyweights left in the YOGOP. You’re taking this a little too serious, wouldn’t you say?

      Ron may not have a great shot to win. But, him and his opponent will run a nice, clean race. Something rarely seen in Yonkers.

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