Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Statement on FEMA and State Vaccination Site to Open in Yonkers

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Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins represents most of Yonkers, all of Greenburgh and Scarsdale, and parts of White Plains and New Rochelle in the 35th NYS Senate District.

YONKERS, NY — February 18, 2021 — “I live in Yonkers and know firsthand the impact COVID-19 has had on our communities. I’ve lost so many friends, and I hear residents call my office, close to tears, almost every day because they cannot get a vaccine appointment. While my staff works to connect as many residents as possible with pharmacies who offer the vaccine, there are still not enough appointments to meet the need. I have been strongly advocating for more mass vaccine sites in communities hit hardest by the pandemic. I am pleased a vaccine site is opening at the Armory in Southwest Yonkers because it will help to make vaccine distribution more equitable and save lives. I thank our local, state, and federal partners for their efforts to help make this happen.”

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Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins represents most of Yonkers, all of Greenburgh and Scarsdale, and parts of White Plains and New Rochelle in the 35th NYS Senate District. To learn more about her legislative and community efforts, click here.

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SOURCE: Mary Mueller | Communications Director | NYS Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins

TribuneSenate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ Statement on FEMA and State Vaccination Site to Open in Yonkers

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  1. Up until about a year ago, big pharma was considered to be the biggest group of gouging, greedy pigs in the world, what with their astronomical profits on the medications they develop and how they hold everyone hostage. Now they are the saviors. It’s funny how things go.

  2. We all know that hating Trump is the most popular pastime in the country. I am no Trump-lover myself. But to anyone who thinks that this vaccine would have gotten developed so quickly by any democrat hacks like Biden, you’re misguided. Democrats are infamous for piling on regulations and creating giant knots of red tape as far back as one can remember. It would have taken three years for them at the minimum. Trump’s business sense, tenacity, and utilization of his connections are what got it done.

    1. Private pharma and scientists globally is what “got it done”, Trump had absolutely nothing to do with it. He spent all of last year hedging on which way to play it, as his only concern was re-election.
      He also created more fear with his voodo science and his lies and BS.

      He is an American scumbag and I can’t wait to see him in orange. Oh and stay down there in Florida, where you belong.

      1. For 4 years the Dems, in conjunction with the media, perpetrated a fraud against the American people , Russiagate. Everyone of them should be in “orange”. Where is ANTIFA now that we are truly becoming a fascist state. No political differences are tolerated and the media with the Dems are behind it all.

  3. Andrea Cousins has been in Albany way too long ! It’s time for change..The likes of Cousins, Brandon and Jenkins must go away. We need new black leadership in our City. They have milked the system way too long.

  4. Ask Andrea how “bail reform” is working out!
    So it was for racial equity? She folded like a cheap suit.
    Now everyone gets coddled, including the white nut jobs across the state?
    There are laws and consequences for a reason, enforce them!

  5. This roll out is disgraceful. They have all the information about seniors through Medicare. Heck we get birthday cards . Yet us seniors have to fool around with these websites in hopes to get an appointment while they pick and chose who will be next.
    Senior still waiting!

  6. OMG so many taking credit for a Center that should have been long established, at the inception of the vaccine distribution, in Yonkers, the 4th largest city in NY!

    IF anyone in Albany had any sense or respect for Yonkers OR

    IF any of our Yonkers delegation and local elected officials were respected, it would have happened Day 1 …

    Doesn’t exist…

    So the horn blowing happens…Tasha Diaz is doing videos with TV about her call , Khader is promoting his letter of 3 weeks ago, and even Jamal Bowman (got his self-congratulatory email today) is on the bandwagon!

    Oh Lord! No respect, late arrival and politicians doing what they do…patting themselves on the back…for something that should already be in place.

    Very disgusted!

    And the next generation of candidates for local and legislative are a joke! Nolan, Spano, Neider? Wth?!!

    Killing Yonkers, massively and slowly…

  7. Stewart-Cousins has shown what a spineless, gutless coward she really is with her tepid remarks relating to the NYS home scandal-she is petrified of Cuomo who is nothing more than a lying, vindictive and vicious bully but apparently thats okay with her and Mayer and Sayegh=all three are nothing more than bags of shit.

  8. Andrea finally woke up and realized people have been dying in South Yonkers. As Majority Leader, you have failed ! You continue to hurt our City with the lack of leadership. I hope someone challenges you next year. Career Politicians should be held accountable.

    1. You can thank him for the 500,000 deaths due to this only interest in himself and his re-election. How did that turn out?????
      He should be jailed for his inaction and inability to protect us citizens from this virus with his “nutty” approach from day one. Lock him up.

      1. Actually I will thank China, The WHO, and the rest of the globalist hacks who covered up the virus, letting it spread worldwide. Thank God Trump was president, otherwise we wouldn’t have the vaccine! If sleepy Joe was in charge it would take years. Plundering bumbling puppet idiot he is. Useless for 47 years, now he’s gonna change?

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