The Hezitorial: The Numbers Don’t Lie

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Extrapolating the Facts

Bronxville Tribune / Greenburgh Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Ossining Tribune / Westchester Tribune, Yorktown Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — Yonkers earns $27,000 per registered student attending the Yonkers Public School District. Sadly, Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada recently advised that over 3,000 students are no longer enrolled at the Yonkers Public Schools. Not only are the students gone, but their families as well. 

The bottom line is evidently a succinct mathematical equation, that is, the cost of every student enrolled is $27,000. With 3,000 students no longer in attendance, a deficit of $81,000,000 will become evident. $27,000 x 3,000 pupils is equivalent to a pending $81 million deficit.

3,000 students require, by a most lenient equation of one teacher for every 30 students thereby bringing about a loss of 100 teachers. With the highest paid teachers’ salaries equal to $125,000 subtracted from the $81,000,000 deficit less the reduction of teachers’ pay equal to $12,500,000 will leave the district with a gargantuan deficit of $68,500,000.

eHeziThe Hezitorial: The Numbers Don’t Lie

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  1. I see *** Mike issued a press release calling on Westchester Community College to buy the Leake and Watts campus. QUESTION? Why doesn’t YPD buy the campus for Yonkers schools? Seems like it could be used as one big city wide HS and the current yonkers high schools could be converted to middle schools and the grammar schools could spread out in the remaining buildings. Don’t we need thousands of seats? ANSWER ? If *** Mike did this there wouldn’t be any school construction authority needed to be wrung dry by *** Nick and the other cronies.

  2. Considering this- the last school year ended in a free for all, every teacher/ students were left by the BOE to finish off the school year- pass or fail. BOE claim then this year that scores are rising , summer school students passed at a rate of 95%. No information has been passed on to support these claims. Bar seems to have been set low.
    Quesada “believed” there were enough devices to serve the district come September- they had approx 3,400 in varying degrees of use. Spano in August found $1million for another 4,000. +- ( where that money came from is anyone guess !)Mike Kader claims he got $1million in his campaign post recently.
    Supposed to be a surplus of $9-14 million saved last year In unused bussing.
    Ah the COY budget, what a riddle ,covered in mystery and surrounded by mis- information .Enron 2.0
    But don’t worry Mikey will somehow find the money AND no layoffs, let alone any give backs from the municipal unions. In fact isnt it time to hire more under qualified friends of ours.

  3. If your calculations are correct and that this fact remains “undisclosed ” to the majority of School Community Stakeholders – Quezada’s reputation is trashed and it’s only a matter of time when consider him “Damaged Goods.”

  4. Hezi, I don’t understand you’re saying “earn”…I thought the bulk of the cost of educating students came from City taxpayers.

    Isn’t that what all these politicians keep saying? That Albany needs to send more money?

    This should be a savings, no?

    1. Post

      If the YPS District loses 3,000 enrolled pupils for one reason or another, such as thei parent/guardians wanted ot need to move for one reason or another to another local, and knowing that the value attributed to each child is $27,000, then the $27,000 the state payers Yonkers will no longer be paid. And in the process, we will also lose about 100 teachers. All those about are deficiencies. By the end of the day, I expect the Yonkers Board of Education budget will be depleted even further.Kindly, Hezi

      1. Hezi,
        Teacher requirements are not a direct ratio of teachers to students. It d4pends on class sizes, subject area, special ed needs, and location. It’s not simple math. It like googling physics and claiming you know how to build a bomb.

        P.S> Since there is no way for us to validate the name of the author of any given comments, I am expunging the most recents names poses becaus I cannot ascertain if the person who wrote the comment is indeed the person noted in the comment. or that reason, all those named in a comment will be deleted.



        1. Post

          I don’t disagree with you analogy. Well expressed. It seems I did not explain the 100 teachers lost when dividing 3,000 students by an unlikely 30 students per classroom. Likely you are familiar with a better /mor logical equation… perhaps 25 kids per classroom or only 20 pupils per classroom. —- Kindly, Hezi

      2. The state does not give Yonkers $27,000 per student. Only about $11,000 and the rest is the City of Yonkers. You can send a lot of kids to private schools for that money. More competition of schools and vouchers for parents is what is needed to fix this problem

  5. So if there are no longer 3,000 that would mean we have a surplus of $81 million. The quest is as it always is in Yonkers, to find out what happened to all that money and how many staff have we laid off as savings?

    Always questions but never Answers in Yonkers.

      1. I cannot wait. Everybody in every department is doing a wonderful job. We need more money because we need to increase salaries. And my old favorite, Yonkers never gets it’s fair share. It’s an oldie but goldie.
        Can’t wait until budget season, it’s like deer hunting season minus the meat…

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