The YCPTA Challenges the Yonkers City Council to Adequately Fund Our Schools

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TribuneThe YCPTA Challenges the Yonkers City Council to Adequately Fund Our Schools

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  1. The local politicos are falling all over themselves touting the 91% graduation rate of the 2020 Yonkers senior class=what they fail to mention was that the REGENTS exams were cancelled and that the standards have been lowered so much that a functional illiterate could graduate and that alternative programs were used to pass students-NYC had an almost 79% graduation rate-what does that tell-our taxes are going into a never ending hole. The people are tired of the constant refrain “its all about the kids” and these people could care less that our tax dollars continue to fund a failing system.

  2. The YCPTA is a joke and Carmen’s is one of Quezada’s soldiers. It is very sad that she ignores the children and the teachers. Did they not teach her in law school the definition of an acronym ? Bottom line is that this is Spanos fault and why we need an elected school board. Lets watch Sussman sue our city once again. Spano thinks having a minority as Superintendent is a necessity and it is . Although, not one that sold out his culture. He gets over a half million in salary and benefits and we have kids without computers. There is a special place in hell for all those involved!

  3. That letter should be forwarded to our two state senators who have continued to short change our schools
    Andrea Cousins – Majority Leader
    Shelly Mayer – Education Chair
    Both are in the most powerful positions to correct the inadequate funding Yonkers has received.
    Please call your do-nothing Senators and tell them to do there job. They were elected to serve the people not themselves.
    2022 is around the corner these two should be challenged and held accountable in doing there job.
    It’s time to fight for our children.

  4. The IMA was a power grab just look at all the jobs created for Bring back the Spano nation at the YPS .When the IMA was created the Mayor stated the YPS funding problem will never happen again what BS that was the mayor stacked the YPS with HIS people including lots of he family in positions created for them. bring back Bernie he did the job without the fat, eliminating all the fat salaries and putting the monies into the schools not lining his families pockets like the Spano clan

  5. Politics is completely in this decision. The Board of Education still cannot manage its finances. Mike Spano has placed unqualified political friends on the Board of Education. We are still trying to recover from the Nader Sayegh era $55 million accounting error. Lopez is no better.

  6. Give the families vouchers so they can go to whatever school they want. More charter schools, even private schools. The Bd. of Ed. is a giant sinkhole.

  7. The sad truth is you can never properly fund the schools. You spend approximately $25,000 per student, if this isn’t enough there never will be.

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