Yonkers Board of Education Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Coddett Double Dipping

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The Hezitorial Revelation of Dr. Andrea Coddett’s Double-Dipping Saga 

Bronxville Tribune / Greenburgh Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Ossining Tribne / Westchester Tribune / Yorktown Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — February 21, 2021 — Ever since March 2020 Dr. Andrea Coddett, Yonkers Public School District Assistant Superintendent has asserted that underlying medical issues/concerns has exacerbated her anxiety level. She feared COVID-19 would bring about her ultimate demise. That was her premise to all who cared to listen to her tale of whoa. And so Dr. Coddett beseeched the Yonkers Board of Education permit her to work from home, emphasizing she feared for her life.

Learning of her concern, suspicion reared its head at the Yonkers Tribune. We quietly went to work. Alas, our suspicion was founded.

The Yonkers Tribune learned that Dr. Coddett had not entered the Board of Education Administration Building for several months, Further still,  she refused to respond to inquiry of her health and well being.

While that seemed suspicious incongruous, more disturbing was that she has been collecting her paychecks from the Yonkers School District while “working from home”.

There was more to her tale. The Yonkers Tribune has learned that Dr. Coddett has been “double dipping” while nefariously collecting  checks from the Yonkers Board of Education. All the while Dr. Coddett has been working at Mercy College. Interestingly, Dr. Coddett attends and teaches adult classes at Mercy College but refuses to do the same for our Yonkers students.

At issue now is what will the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees do to claw back payment she received? Further still, will her contract be expunged and will she suffer the loss of payment she has collected under false pretense.

What will the Yonkers Board of Education do to clean out the swamp?

eHeziYonkers Board of Education Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Coddett Double Dipping

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  1. Teachers unions crying about how they are essential workers and should be at the front of the line for vaccinations. The definition of an essential worker is someone who has been mandated to come to work for the entire duration of the pandemic. Explain that.

  2. Is this the same woman that the NAACP had rallies for because they felt she deserved more money and was due for a demotion? Something to that affect. Maybe someone who remembers can explain the circumstances with that story better. Bottom line, get rid of her.

  3. Good for her if she did because the City of Yonkers is trashy place to work and the School Superintendent needs to get a job driving a cab for the Spano’s

  4. Teachers/Aids/CSAE/Janitors were not given the same accommodations, even with MAJOR medical issues. Get rid of this leech. In YO, sewage rises to the top.

      1. Post

        Some people think threy know, while other do know. The arbiter will be the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees.

        If that which I wrote, why is it that the good doctor can’t set the record straight. Perhaps Dr. Q would like to opine.

        Or, as is the Yonkers way, let’s talk quietly behind closed doors and neither refute nor tell the truth.

        With all the talk going on, who but she should speak upon her own behalf? It seems no one has or will!

        Kindly, Hezi

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  5. Check It Out !
    Also check her Linkendin page she doesn’t even mention she works for the YPS! She acts if she has her own business.
    Also YPS needs to clean house… what about all the retired teachers and administrators working taking away jobs from qualified individuals!! Let’s look into this next and clean house!

    1. About Dr. Coddett, how come she is allowed to work from home because of her underlying conditions but classroom teachers are not? High school teachers in NYC have been remote from home all year. Do not the health and well-being of teachers matter anymore?

      1. Teachers won’t actually do anywork. they are overpaid baby sitters at best. There’s good ones, but those are the ones who want to be in the classroom. The ones who want to stay home should be fired.

    1. Post

      That is above my pay grade. I haven’t looked into them. Judge Daly no longer presides per a courtroom, and his wife works for Yonkers Corporation Counsel. I suspect ithese concerns will all under the aegis of Mayor Mike Spano. Kindly, Hezi

      1. It’s my understanding that Judge Daly was gifted a no show legal job working for the city until he decides to retire at 100 years old or pads his pension to his satisfaction. Whichever comes first- probably the former, not the latter.

        God forbid that money goes towards chrome books for underprivileged children, updating the city infrastructure, after school programs for the youth so they don’t have time to hang out and commit crimes. That would make too much sense.

      2. And Brendan the Bozo McGrath got a tit do nothing job with the Municipal Housing Authority the day after he left the bench. Was that job posted? Were any minorities considered for the position? Did they even know about it? Political payback for doing NOTHING to investigate corruption and nepotism for 5 years as Inspector General. And speaking of Inspector Generals, what’s Liam done on over a year in that position other than patronizing with members of the City Council and the Mayor and his family.

        1. Liam may fancy himself as a Mayoral candidate. That’s the thing about politicians once they get a taste of power they never want to give it up. Yonkers is such a joke. It’s always the Mayor’s fault as he is the lead manager, but we never get a Mayor who is a manager and leader.

  6. She isn’t the only one, there’s a teacher who works at the board of education who has been allowed to work from home since march as well…. no one says anything about him though….

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  7. This woman is disgusting. As a fellow educator she should immediately be terminated. The commitment we need from educators at all levels during this crisis is DIRE, for the sake of each child in every school there is…but especially in the city of Yonkers. Yonkers public schools are way overdue for a massive overhaul anyway- we should start right here.

    1. This article is baseless. There are no facts supporting your claim. Provide the proof or the allegations you are throwing out are NOT true. On top of that, this article is poorly written. How do you let something like this be published? One more thing, if she wishes to work from home from the Board, what is the issue? She doesn’t need to be at the board to do her job. We’re in a pandemic for crying out loud, people should work from home if they have the means to do so. And if this thing about Mercy College is true, maybe they require professors to be on campus. Maybe you should take a look at the social distancing requirements they have put in place. There are far more important things for you to be writing about than this. Do better!

  8. Who’s kidding who? Absolutely nothing will come of this. Sadly, it’s just another of the dozens of instances of blatant corruption in Yonkers city government and in the Board of Education. Yonkers has no future. It is crumbling, just like the rest of New York State.

    1. the best strong mayor Yonkers had was Terrance Zaleski . Unfortunately the voters didn’t reelect him . He should have been reelected and also given a city council that was going to help him with his reform efforts. And the loss of Nick Wasicsko was a big loss to Yonkers. I don’t think Henry Spallone was corrupt but the city charter let him be a ceremonial mayor and he was preoccupied with fighting desegregation

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