Yonkers Board of Education Assistant Superintendent Dr. Coddett Resigns for Double Dipping as Reported by the Yonkers Tribune

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YONKERS, NY — February 26, 2021 UPDATE: The Hezitorial revelation of Dr. Andrea Coddett’s double-dipping saga was sufficient for Yonkers Public School District Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Coddett to hand in her prepared resignation letter at yesterday’s Yonkers Board of Education meeting. She presented her letter of resignation and departed.

YONKERS, NY — February 21, 2021 — Ever since March 2020 Dr. Andrea Coddett, Yonkers Public School District Assistant Superintendent has asserted that underlying medical issues/concerns has exacerbated her anxiety level. She feared COVID-19 would bring about her ultimate demise. That was her premise to all who cared to listen to her tale of woe. And so Dr. Coddett beseeched the Yonkers Board of Education permit her to work from home, emphasizing she feared for her life.

Learning of her concern, suspicion reared its head at the Yonkers Tribune. We quietly went to work. Alas, our suspicion was founded.

The Yonkers Tribune learned that Dr. Coddett had not entered the Board of Education Administration Building for several months, Further still,  she refused to respond to inquiry of her health and well being.

While that seemed suspicious incongruous, more disturbing was that she has been collecting her paychecks from the Yonkers School District while “working from home”.

There was more to her tale. The Yonkers Tribune has learned that Dr. Coddett has been “double dipping” while nefariously collecting  checks from the Yonkers Board of Education. All the while Dr. Coddett has been working at Mercy College. Interestingly, Dr. Coddett attends and teaches adult classes at Mercy College but refuses to do the same for our Yonkers students.

At issue now is what will the Yonkers Board of Education Board of Trustees do to claw back payment she received? Further still, will her contract be expunged and will she suffer the loss of payment she has collected under false pretense.

What will the Yonkers Board of Education do to clean out the swamp? Thank you

eHeziYonkers Board of Education Assistant Superintendent Dr. Coddett Resigns for Double Dipping as Reported by the Yonkers Tribune

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  1. YPS has the best supervisor in the maintenance department thanks to the previous supervisor that left. It is a pleasure to see the Yonkers Public schools uplifted once again.

    1. If he is the best make him take the test.I don’t believe Victor at Civil service is letting the Superintendent get away with this criminal act breaking civil service laws by giving this position to someone who did not take and pass a test come in the top three as did all people in this position in the past.This guys is one of the Superintendent’s cronies they are neighbors in Rockland and DR this guys wife works in super’s office . This must be investigated maybe the NYS AG needs to be made aware. Carr ,Quezada and Victor all need to be brought up on charges for bypassing Civil service laws. #takethetest

  2. Look into the custodian at Saunders HS. He does absolutely nothing every day, and he collects a nice paycheck. Better yet… go take a look, Hezi, and see how clean the building is. It’s a disgrace! They want the children back at school, but an unclean, unmaintained building is certainly not good for anyone’s health, is it?

    1. The facilities dept has been mismanaged. These custodian have no supervision Carr is to busy with capital projects. Carney is a paycheck in a dirty suit recently promoted Dilello had the dirtiest building in Yonkers when he was custodian at Fermi now he is running facilities . YPS lost there best facilities guy to retirement last June now things are go down hill and no one has a clue . Dirty schools with half the population not there just don’t add . Time to cut the fat and privatize custodial duties.

      1. I have worked with Al DiLello for many years and have always found him to be a hard working, up front guy. This sounds like a disgruntled employee who had to be taken to task and is now blasting Al from the comfort of his anonymity. Classic behavior from BOE employees! The BOE is lucky to have Al! The custodial staffs are full of “do me a favor” jobs. These guys are useless and just placed there to satisfy their “godfathers” request. As for the request to privatize, I wonder who’s brother in law has a company that does such work! SMH

      2. Ah yes. Another disgruntled employee who was told to do their job, got mad and decides to play tough guy behind a computer screen. Btw, you should’ve seen Fermi before Al got there. He turned that building around. Al is very hard working. Every time he picks up his gabagool sandwich and goes to take a bite out of it, he has to put it down so he can answer his phone. Al has been doing the job for a long time and is now finally getting paid for it. If I were him, I would ask for retroactive pay.

  3. Keep the hits coming Hezi! Corruption, theft, and greed has crippled YPS and the City of Yonkers as a whole. The people have suffered for too long.

    1. Hezi u saved the hardworking taxpayers of Yonkers money which is something our elected officials in Yonkers r incapable of doing-this one case is just the tip of the iceberg in Yonkers due to the rampant corruption in the Yonkers Administration-great job-keep up the good work.

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