UPDATE SATURDAY March 27, 2021 Regarding the Boulder, Colorado Shooter; He Is An ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit

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The New York Post reported on Saturday, March 27, 2021 that the accused Boulder, Colorado gunman Ahmad Al-Alisa Al-Issa was “laughing” during the massacre of 10 murdered people and terrorized shoppers inside a King Sooper’s grocery store… “ 

Another opportunity to shore up their sagging “white terror threat” narrative is lost.

Robert Spencer Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, was identified as the suspect in the shooting at King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado that left 10 people dead, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley..

A man murdered ten people in a Boulder, Colorado supermarket Monday. No details were immediately released about the shooter, but Leftist “journalists,” working from a photo of the shooter, seized upon the shooting to shore up their sagging narrative of “white supremacist terrorism.” There was just one problem: the massacre was actually, after a four-year hiatus, a new incidence of Islamic jihad on American soil.

Even after the shooter’s name was revealed as Ahmad Al Issa (which is how he himself wrote it on his Facebook and Twitter accounts), establishment media reports continued to give his name as  “Alissa,” which of course is a common first name for women in the U.S., and thus gives the impression that he is an American non-Muslim. Were “journalists” trying to obscure the fact that he is a Muslim migrant ISIS sympathizer? Of course they were.

And that was after they had already decided that he was one of those “right-wing extremists” who are, according to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the “most lethal and persistent” threat the U.S. faces today. Julie DiCaro, a senior writer and editor at Deadspin, tweeted: “Extremely tired of people’s lives depending on whether a white man with an AR-15 is having a good day or not.” As of this writing on Tuesday afternoon (March 23, 2021), DiCaro has not taken down the tweet, as some media hacks are still, like a captain going down with his sinking ship, insisting that Al Issa is white. Prominent race baiter Tariq Nasheed tweeted: “White supremacists are trying their hardest to deflect from the fact the Boulder suspect is WHITE. Syrians in America are legally, politically & socially WHITE. Their white status is well documented in court cases Terms like ‘muslim’, ‘Arab’, ‘islamic’ doesn’t change whiteness.”

Of course Al Issa really is white, as he is an Arab Muslim migrant from Syria, and Arabs have been considered “white” ever since they began arriving in this country. Nasheed’s tweet, however, still pointed up the Left’s inconsistency and hypocrisy: up until this shooting, Leftists considered Arab Muslims to be “brown,” after the fashion of Linda Sarsour, who memorably identified as white until she put on a hijab and miraculously became a “person of color.” If the Boulder shooter had been a white non-Muslim American and his victims had been white Arab Muslims, Tariq Nasheed would be railing against the persecution of “brown” people in the United States.

But as it is, Nasheed is trying desperately to shore up a failing narrative. The reality is that Ahmad Al Issa is a deeply religious Muslim with pro-ISIS sympathies. He complained bitterly about “Islamophobia,” hated Donald Trump with passionate intensity, and had scouted out churches and Trump rallies as possible targets for his jihad massacre.

All this makes it abundantly clear that not only is Ahmad Al Issa not a “white supremacist,” but he is a living manifestation of the effects of Leftism in America today. After migrating from Syria as a child during the Obama administration, he, and many others like him, has been inundated with relentless propaganda about how he is a victim of a racist and “Islamophobic” society that will never give him a fair shake, and is institutionally determined to make sure he will never succeed. He has been told that Trump hated Muslims and that his followers were precisely the people who were keeping him down and denying him access to the privilege that they themselves enjoyed at the expense of the “brown” people they despised.

The Democratic Party has been stoking this kind of resentment and feeding it to young people in schools, colleges and universities for years. Ahmad Al Issa is a product of their indoctrination. That in itself may be one reason why Leftist “journalists” and professional agitators such as Tariq Nasheed are so intent on driving home the point that this was a “white” shooter acting out of the hatred that is intrinsic to American culture: to deflect attention away from the fact that he is not a product of American culture at all, but of the Left’s subculture of hatred and resentment. If we had a sane political environment in the country today, that is the hateful subculture the Justice Department would be concerned about. Instead, even as Antifa continues to make the Great Northwest into a radioactive wasteland, this hateful subculture isn’t even on the radar screen. And Ahmad Al Issa isn’t going to put it there.

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Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of 21 books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

TribuneUPDATE SATURDAY March 27, 2021 Regarding the Boulder, Colorado Shooter; He Is An ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit

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    1. The author is not being deceptive. He does not yet possess the information that informs all those interested whether he is an illegal. When/if he does you will know about. The issue is too serious to make claims without substantiating them. I must believe you concur. He is writing what he knows to be correct. —- Kindly, Hezi, Publisher/Editor.

  1. Where is the evidence though? The link just has a vague tweet from a random poster with no journalistic credentials. Does this constitute proof now?

    We’re not that stupid or gullible mate.

  2. But he is white though? Your blog makes it seem like hes not white? Just because hes muslim he can still be white, you do know that according to the US govt hes white?

    1. Are Syrian people considered white? Are Middle Eastern people considered white?
      “The 2000 U.S. census states that racial categories “generally reflect a social definition of race recognized in this country. They do not conform to any biological, anthropological or genetic criteria.”[4] It defines “white people” as “people having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.[5] The Federal Bureau of Investigation uses the same definition” By this definition he is white and so are many African Americans.

  3. This is a fact-based excellent analysis of a jihad event that is going to be buried or re- written to fit the Left’s narrative. Don’t be fooled by re-definitions and spin. This is 9/11 jealousy and destruction going on again on a fatal scale.

    1. Robert Spencer wrote it so facts are not there and thus badly written. As usual, he assumed a lot and said little, his argument about names utterly incorrect. Most importantly, there was no confession or claim of support for ISIS, so why write it?

      1. Your source is a terrible article that makes a claim in the title but provides absolutely no evidence to back it up. All it can point out is that he came from Syria. I read that in an article that CNN posted days ago. You have absolutely no evidence that he was a jihadist sympathizer.

    1. interesting that this took place on the 5th anniversary of the Brussels jihad attack, March 22, 2016. And note that the Boston Marathon older brother probably carried out a triple Jihad murder on Sept 11, 2011 in Waltham, Mass, exactly ten years after 9/11. The Boulder family immediately cited mental illness, but they may well be Isis sympathizers themselves. Too bad the “woke” left won’t wake up to these Jihadists who hate the West and its culture, and want its destruction. Note that Boulder shooter drove past 3-4 other King Soopers in less upscale areas, and targeted a King Soopers in one of the most affluent areas in Boulder.

  4. Another Spencer Islamophobic rant, full of context evasion, assumptions based on goodness knows what and blatant lies. For a self-advertised expert on what is Islamic and Muslim, he fails miserably … and on purpose.

    The name Issah (Jesus) is very popular in Islam, simply because he is a Prophet to Muslims as well. Adding Al in the front is also popular, as a mark of respect. Alissa, Almehdi being common.

    That Spencer continues to play the game of petty, made-up trash talk is not surprising as it has been his long term method to fill in glaringly large holes in any case. No such claim of ISIS or intentions have been made public, is he sourcing INS a known far-right hate rag known for making it up? Even if it is true, as the guy clearly is deranged, why the sinister Islam bashing (yet again)?? Why the lie about names?

    The reason remains simple. Spencer is paid by Horowitz who funds Right-Wing Jewish Settlers bent on taking Palestinian land and anything demonising Islam and Arabs helps defect sympathies.

    Regardless of terror, revenge, insanity or not, playing an evil hate agenda on the back of a horrible event spits on the victim’s memories and deflects attention from them.

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