“Israel’s Fourth Election in Two Years: Prospects, Projections, and Pitfalls”

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Jonathan Feldstein was born and educated in the U.S. and immigrated to Israel in 2004. He is married and the father of six and became a grandfather in 2018. Throughout his life and career, he has been blessed by the calling to fellowship with Christian supporters of Israel and serve as a bridge between Jews and Christians. He shares insights and experiences of living as an Orthodox Jew in Israel, writing for prominent Christian and conservative websites and appearing on many Christian TV and radio programs. He is the president of Run for Zion and the Genesis 123 Foundation. He can be reached at firstpersonisrael@gmail.com and via www.runforzion.com.

Inspiration from Zion “Israel’s Fourth Election in Two Years: Prospects, Projections, and Pitfalls” Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 10:00pm Israel/3:00pm Eastern/12:00pm Western (US)  

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — March 9, 2021 — On March 23, Israel will hold its fourth national election in two years. This is a result of a political stalemate and politicking that’s placed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against most other parties, with his Likud party showing one of its lowest polling projections in the past three elections. It is not the first election since the pandemic, but the pandemic will play a more significant role than the previous election a year ago.

In addition to the pandemic, there are several other issues that make this election and the potential outcome unique. Join this special program where we will discuss why Israel is having another election? How does Israel’s political system work, or not? What are the main issues that Israelis are considering? What are the projected outcomes? Will there be a fifth election later this year?

Our guest will be Ashley Perry, a strategic and communications consultant and public relations adviser to international leaders, governments, companies, organizations, and individuals in a variety of areas. In Israel, he’s served as advisor to Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, and has worked with many top government ministers including Defense, Tourism, National Infrastructure and Water, Agriculture, Internal Security, Immigrant Absorption and has worked in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Perry was named as one of the top 50 immigrants from the UK who have made a significant contribution to shape the State of Israel, and is a highly regarded public speaker for many international Jewish, Zionist, and advocacy organizations.

Please join us for an engaging dialogue to help you understand the issues better before the election, and what to look for after the votes are counted.

Advanced registration is required.  After registration you’ll receive an email with log in instructions. The conversation will also be available on the Genesis 123 Foundation Facebook and YouTube pages.

For details, to sponsor or partner with us, contact Gen123Fdn@gmail.com.

eHezi“Israel’s Fourth Election in Two Years: Prospects, Projections, and Pitfalls”

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  1. The.point is not about trusting US leadership, but UN trusting hardliners in the current Iranian regime which took power after the Shah. I do concur that the Palestinian people are treated poorly and this a bad thing.[Living conditions , job discrimination etc.) I hope this region one day can have a lasting peace.

  2. not sure what your point is about trusting US leadership…the problem which appears to be insoluable because of the opposition of hard right religious parties is how to make peace with the palestinians Without a two state solution, there will never be peace no matter how many moderate arab nations decide that Iran is the threat and that Israel is the solution to threat…the enemy of my enemy is my friend….In the process however the Palestinian people have been and are being treated like they are second class citizens in their own land….that has to change

  3. The current Prime Minister of Israel is the longest serving since the state came into existence. The prospects for peace are dismal because Iran an arch enemy of BIBI’S has too much influence with the Arabic states. I believe this country’s leadership can’t be trusted since the Shah’s decision to leave and not fight in 1979.

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