James Nolan Remembers the People He Intends to Serve As Westchester County Board Legislator to District 15

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James Nolan

BRONXVILLE, NY and YONKERS, NY — March 1, 2021 — James Nolan said, “I am proud to say that I had the opportunity to donate and drop off 4,000 face masks, 15 cases of sanitizer, and safety goggles to five nursing homes in District 15 with assistance from my partners at The Afya Foundation. I have donated food and PPE to dozens of facilities serving seniors, essential workers, and anyone in need in the past and I will continue to do so. 

“My goal as a public servant is to address real needs in real time for the people of Yonkers and Bronxville. I am not interested in debating and defending national level partisan politics. I am squarely focused on the needs and concerns of the 56,000 residents who comprise the neighborhoods within Westchester County Board of Legislators District 15.

“My opponent has made it apparent that she only wants to discuss national issues. She seems to forget about the local issues that we face here in Yonkers & Bronxville. A number of seniors have died in nursing homes in District 15 since Governor Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept patients who were infected with the virus. It has been well over a month since the Attorney General’s office has released the findings in regards to the tragic number of deaths that have occurred in nursing homes. The incumbent has not made one statement about that fatal decision by the Governor or the subsequent coverup of the fatality numbers that his administration has admitted to. 

“My opponents silence speaks volumes about what she truly cares about. She is more concerned about national issues than local issues and doing the hands-on work of providing for the most vulnerable in our community. Our seniors deserve our attention and care. WE ALL need a Legislator who is focused on our residents’ needs, not partisan national politics. When I am elected Westchester County Legislator for District 15, you can count on me to work day in and day out for what is best for our community and be the voice for everyone!”

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TribuneJames Nolan Remembers the People He Intends to Serve As Westchester County Board Legislator to District 15

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  1. Kader is doa. He’s a backstabbing fool that thinks he can play all sides. He has publicly stated that Dpw should work a full day. He claims to be a union guy but he isn’t at all.

  2. It’s foolish to think that Mike Khader will be the democratic choice for Mayor in 3 years. Firstly it’s a long ways off. Secondly I hear a lot of names lining up to run. I’m not saying he won’t be the democratic candidate but let’s be honest, who the hell knows what will happen. Here’s a sample of just some names I’ve heard.

    Tom Meier
    Chuck Lesnick
    Leonard G Spano
    Corazon Pineda
    Shanae Williams
    Vincent Spano
    Mike Khader
    John Rubbo

    All are formidle candidates, some more than others.

    1. Lol!
      Hope there is a far better roster of candidates than this list.
      Meier is a disaster as head of Dem Party and worse yet at DPW, he needs to go!
      Lesnick and Lenny are good riddance ‘has-beens’!
      Corazon and Shanae are more interested in County positions, and progressing for themselves, no loyalty to Yonkers!
      Rubbo is a turncoat, do-nothing, all talk, bring nothing to the table but support development at waterfront, where his bar is! And no one sees the conflict of interest as he also is Chairman of Real Estate.
      The only one that has a chance is Khader, but he needs to do much more when re-elected for his 2nd term as CCP to prove it!
      Still hoping that other more qualified names outside of the “insider” list, will surface for us to consider.
      Praying on a string…God help Yonkers!

        1. Admonish those you want but recognize that not everyone has a college degree. Whether you like to hear it or not, of all those before him that were responsibility for the office of Yonkers City Clerk, he has been the most efficient and innovative. Kindly, Hezi

  3. James is a nice guy who serves the community. He’s become a little addicted to the spotlight of it all, but if that means he’s going to help people, so what. The question is whether people in Bronxville and Crestwood care about things like food drives and drag racing, topics that don’t resonate with them. If he wins, he’ll be a “freshman” legislator, outnumbered about 15-2 on the Board. Win, lose or draw, he should be commended for his efforts to make a difference.

  4. To both candidates: Kindly address the disgusting levels of grafitti along the Bronx River Parkway below the Sprain Pkwy and the Sprain Parkway as well please.

  5. it appears that mr nolan has altruistic goals for the city He wants to avoid the hyperbolic discussions that have dominated the national political discourse. Why don’t we all just knock off the personal attacks and see whether he can deliver what he promises…And while we are at it..all you need to do is look at the registration numbers in all of westchester county and it will be crystal clear that other than eastchester a republican doesn’t really have a chance unfortunately….that is what you get when someone like Trump invades the nation….you get a negative response at the local level

    1. Look what we got as a replacement for Trump-we get a mentally confused 78 man who does not know what time of day it is-this is also is a man who voted to authorize the war in Iraq in 2003 yet had no problem getting 5 draft deferments from serving in Vietnam because he was coward. This from a man who voted against busing and worshiped Sen’s Byrd and Thurmond two of the biggest segregationists the United States Senate has ever seen and this from a POTUS who almost daily uses the left’s common talking point of “systematic racism” although he spent 47 years in the swamp in D.C and always looked the other way and did absolutely nada.

      1. Funny how you think Biden is mentally challenged, when he put together the world’s best vaccination program in record time, has a huge approval level from both Dems and Republicans. Moreover, Trump got draft deferments for bogus bone spurs and has denigrated the military, war heroes, and Gold Star families. His actions led to the death of DC cops and has taken no responsibility. I hope you’re enjoying drinking the Kool-Aid as the GOP continues to be irrelevant to governing.

  6. Who will the Yonkers GOP put up for Mayor in 2023? Khader might be tough to beat. Mike Breen might be the only one who can beat him.

  7. James Nolan has a difficult road ahead being elected West. County Legislator. Educated, informed constituents don’t like that he has a patronage job with the city of Yonkers.(This guy almost 100% couldn’t name two associate justices on our highest court.) Also, the new city GOP Leader is running no name candidates at the top of ticket.(The old domino effect.)

    1. Nolan is a bright young man. If you want to talk about patronage jobs, lets talk about Khader, Pineda-Issacs, Tubiolo, Sabatino, and of course the Spano clan and donator network. Nolan works for a living and provides a service to Yonkers.

        1. How many people in Yonkers have a job connected to City Hall one way or the other. The few that don’t are the minority. Patronage occurs in government as well as in corporate America. Someone has to do the Jon, whatever that job is. Why wouldn’t the power that be hire someone who knows someone else. Even those who claim they are opposed have been able to get jobs for themselves and their family. So what is it we don’t already know? And the point is? – Kindly, Hezi. P.S. you jealousy is showing!

          1. Valid your assertions rather than calling people some derogatory name or demonize their character of they what they look. Conversation must be lucid, fact based, and thought out. ½ a sentence diatribe will no longer be tolerated. There is more, but I am certain you understand. Kindly, Hezi.

            P.S. Lastly, my perspectives have always been explained. If you have a question of an elected official call them, and do not ask my opinion. Many of them have their own agenda and they do not reach out to us. That is their choice. And my choice is not to answer for them. They can answer for their own conduct. I will not. Logically they don’t speak to you either. … Kindly, Hezi

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