Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, Calls on Governor Cuomo to Immediately Resign

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Why won’t Mike Khader do the same?

Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Esq., candidate for Yonkers City Council President.

March 8, 2021 — As a resident of Yonkers, New York, I witnessed Governor Andrew Cuomo lead us through a pandemic with great enthusiasm and success. I was in awe of his leadership, as was the State of New York and the country. Those victories, however, don’t grant him the license to sexually harass anyone. I will never support an individual who treats women or any human in such an abhorrent manner. I am calling on Governor Cuomo to immediately resign as he is unable to effectively govern at this time.

I applaud those that have stood up and verbalized how disgraceful, inexcusable and shameful these actions are. The question is why hasn’t City Council President Mike Khader joined us? Why is Khader silent on this issue? Who is Khader obliged to that prevents him from calling out these wrongs?

It’s time we recognize women, such as Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who are very able, ready, and willing to step in and govern immediately.

I remain confident that Council President Khader will put aside whatever impedes him from doing the right thing so that our great State can move forward addressing the important issues that stand before us.

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For more information about Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Esq. and her campaign, visit:, Tel.: (914) 721-0082 | Email: ​ ​| Website: ​

eHeziLakisha Collins-Bellamy, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, Calls on Governor Cuomo to Immediately Resign

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  1. Ironically enough, Zehy and the Spanos are now opponents. Yet Zehy went to prison (along with Sandy Annabi) to protect Nick Spano in that Ridge Hill fiasco. Politics makes strange bedfellows, they say.

  2. Which criminally backed candidate do you support?
    Lakisha Collins Bellamy is back by the Spanos and ex con Nicholas Spano.
    Mike Khader is backed by ex con Zehy Jeries former head of the Republicans party.
    Only in Yonkers can EXConvicts run political campaigns in a city wide race.

    1. It’s a battle of the cons Jeris VS The Spano family battling on who will control Yonkers and the council so far Nick and Mayor Pasta Mike are down BIG TIME!!!!

      1. Well get your head out of your ass and find Hezi I think it’s time you start getting to the bottom of things stop the FAKE NEWS

      1. If that is the case, can you elucidate? Tell us how the hostile environment is permitted and who is behind it. Thank you. Kindly, Hezi. P.S. Please be specific. Kindly, Hezi

        1. Yes “so an so” has made a hostile work environment by attacking female coworkers through social media.

          HEZI NOTE: Send me the proof. This is a very strong accusation and will not be posted unles proof is delivered to

          Thank you Kindly, Hezi

        2. City hall working from home, council meetings online. It’s time the students return to the classroom and workforce back to city hall.

  3. Fix the damn potholes in Yonkers. Fix the school and the bloated salaries and the patronage in Yonkers.
    On the council you have nothing to do with Albany, so quit the identity politics and focus on this City,

  4. The press release by Ms. Bellamy-Collins completely ignores the most important issue at hand and the far more serious problem -that being the nursing home scandal which she totally ignores but praises Cuomo’s handing of the pandemic which has now been universally debunked-apparently Bellamy-Collins is of the selective outrage culture-she has no business running for Yonkers City Council President-she is also another in a long list of political hacks who seem to find their way into positions in COY governance-lawyers are a dime a dozen these days.

  5. My cousin in Mt Vernon told me Khader might have been involved in some suspicious transactions during the previous mayor’s administration. Can the tribune touch up on that? – Yonkers resident currently abroad


  6. Lakisha Collins Bellamy-call for Governor Cuomo to step down is a non-issue in the office she is seeking. Her race in June all comes down to turning out the large African American Yonkers democratic voters. The incumbent will have the Machine vote(District leaders,etc.) the Arab-American voters who will turn out and probably the Hispanic vote. Organization and staying focused is the key here. (1st Ward, Third Ward.]

  7. Lying Mike Khader. Lies about taxes and water rates. Lied about the clean up and the rats. Lied about 24 hr gas stations. Yonkers has had enough of taxing lying Mike Khader

  8. Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins may not have came out first but when she did she didn’t just mention the harassment she spoke of the nursing home scandal. I thank her for that. The people in the nursing homes are referred to as old people. They might had been old but they were moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, great grandfathers, sisters and brothers who were loved and died alone! They deserved better.

    1. Stewart-Cousins waited far too long concerning the NURSING HOME SCANDAL because she was and is a political coward-all of her comments and actions that she takes now are basically after the fact-she was intimated and bullied by Cuomo and was more concerned about her own political career and future-she did not have the courage to take that first step until everybody else did-sorry excuse for a leader

  9. Spano has had it with Mike Khader’s obstructionism. Lakesha is going to try to bury Khader in an effort to set Johnny-boy Rubbo up for the Mayor’s race. This is an effort to keep the Friends and Family network alive.🇨🇺

  10. As usual Khader claims to be a fighter for all but when it comes down to it he is self serving. He thinks that saying “yes” to everyone is the path to winning votes. For some reason he can’t figure out that lying to those that he can’t, or won’t, help is actually losing him votes. Ask members of the PTA and if they are honest and not fearing retribution they will tell you that Khader hasn’t done a thing that he said he would.

  11. Shelly Mayer continues to be silent on sexual harassment claims…She is such a phony when it comes to protecting women. All her years in Albany she’s protected Felonies Sheldon Silver, Vito Lopez, Malcom Smith , John Sampson etc.
    Wake up 36th SD
    Shelly Mayer must go !!!!!

    1. Shelly has said that she will wait to see what the investigation findings are which is the best way for everyone to be well represented in a democratic way. Just wait!

  12. Collins the definition of a insider politician

    Looks as a lawyer for the MHA

    A school board trustee in a school system in shambles

    Vote no to Collins- just another looney a part of this administration

  13. The mayor should come out and support Collins. The above comment should show him that. I’ve been hitting the streets for her for 5 straight days. As far as I know, the mayor is endorsing Mike. Please Mayor if you are seeing this. Come out and support Collins. Mike Khader only pretends to be your friend. The comment above should show you that you need to come out and support her.

  14. Khader will lie to your face and say yes i did and i called him and told him to step down.
    Next day he will say he wants him to stay in office .
    Its the Yonkers way lie, lie, lie.
    Lies catch up to you and you will lose.

    1. Stewart-Cousins was last to the party in calling for Cuomo to resign-Heastie is a Cuomo flunkie whose chief of Staff is married to a convicted drug smuggler and she still has a job even though the feds said that she enjoyed the ill-gotten gains by her husband-Nader Sayegh has been totally absent and S. Mayer supports Jewish criminals like Jeff Klein and Sheldon Silver-she is a coward and a disgrace.

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