Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, Supports State Assembly and Senate Tax Reform Proposal Requiring the Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share

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Lakisha Collins-Bellamy, Esq., candidate for Yonkers City Council President.

YONKERS, NY — March 19, 2021 — Yesterday, Yonkers City Council President candidate Lakisha Collins-Bellamy endorsed the proposals by the New York State Assembly and Senate to require New York’s very wealthy citizens to pay more in taxes to help the State weather the pandemic and provide adequate funding for Yonkers Public Schools and other districts around the state.

“New York’s middle class are struggling and the number of poor New Yorkers is growing,” she said, “The fairest way out of this is to ask our wealthiest residents to help out. Lakisha Collins noted that incomes and assets  of New York’s wealthier residents actually grew during the pandemic since most did not lose their jobs and the stock market has risen to record highs. At the same time, she said, job losses were mostly borne by lower and middle income residents.

“The clerk you saw in the corner store or movie theater that closed, the waiter who worked in the restaurant that closed – they lost jobs and income and their families still suffer,” said Collins-Bellamy, adding, “A small tax increase on the wealthier New Yorkers will allow the state to continue providing the services that the majority of people count on.”

“Once again my opponent, Mike Khader, is silent when it comes to the needs of New Yorkers and funding our schools,” she added. “He refuses to say whether he supports a millionaire’s tax. I am not afraid to say where I stand, which is squarely for the needs of the working people of this city and this state, and our struggling public schools.”

She noted that New York’s labor community is strongly supporting the Senate and Assembly proposals. “I stand with the AFL-CIO, the New York State Teacher’s Union, and dozens of other labor unions in supporting this budget proposal,” said Collins-Bellamy.

The proposals made by the State Senate and Assembly would raise an estimated $6.5 billion for education and other critical needs by increasing the state’s personal income tax, estate tax and corporate franchise tax. The higher taxes would affect individuals reporting more than $1 million of income.


TribuneLakisha Collins-Bellamy, Candidate for Yonkers City Council President, Supports State Assembly and Senate Tax Reform Proposal Requiring the Wealthy to Pay Their Fair Share

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  1. Sir khader is not going to have to worry about losing this race. He will resign in shame first. Sir Mike knows what’s coming.

  2. Big story coming your way Hezi. Hearing that it’s 3 former employees of Michael Khader that are coming forward with a story to tell. Cuomo has nothing on this guy. It’s explosive.

  3. Mike khader is as corrupt as they come and on top of it, he’s a liar! Fell for this promises once , never again. He lies to everyone he meets and hope they never speak to each other. News flash! Everyone is on to you Bozo!

  4. Of course he had a lot of signatures. Tom Meier mandated everyone to be on the same petition which forced all candidates to also get for khader. Oh and before I forget, having 125k on hand for a election is not a good sign for (EPITHET) Mike.

      1. He’ll need every dime of it while he loses. He doesn’t want the cup office. He wants to be mayor. City Hall will stop him in his tracks.

  5. Ms Collins should reach out to mile Khaders former wife. She has quite the story to tell. After you are done with that, please reach out to all the females that have worked in Mike’s office. Ask them how they were treated. You will win this race in a landslide.

    1. I guess all those people are ok with all the rhetoric but no results which is the reason that Yonkers is such a shithole because of people who sign petitions for Khader, the empty suit.

  6. Approximately $169 billion is traded each day on Wall Street (likely more as this figure is from 2013). The fact that politicians can’t take some of that unimaginable wealth (remember, it’s billions of dollars *each day*) in order to address the problems of the 99.9% in the very same state is further proof, if any were needed, of how dysfunctional our state and country have become.

    The problem isn’t a lack of money–our state and country are swimming in money. Their problem is that there is a seemingly endless amount of money in the hands of an extreme minority and they do everything in their power to make it inaccessible to Uncle Sam to the detriment of us all. And a city council president from Yonkers has zero power to change the situation.

    You want to fix the problem? Start locally – trim the fat, cut the patronage, go after those salaries and pension-padding schemes, expose the details of all of those real estate development deals, the no-show jobs, the city cars, the greed, graft, nepotism, the patronage mill, the double-dipping unions, etc.

      1. You must be one of those lazy cops or fiyafightas that bills Yonkers taxpayas for endless amounts of overtime and then retires at 56 with a $200,000+ city pension.

        That money isn’t earned. And those Wall Street shysters don’t actually build or make anything. They just leech money from the economy. And when they f*ck up, as they did in 2008-09, they come crying to the taxpayers for bailouts like the welfare queens that they are while they give themselves multi-million dollar bonuses. The real thieves are the ones in suits and ties that go to work each day on Wall Street.

        And while we’re on the topic of leeches, why does someone like Vinnie Spano make $145,000/year as the Yonkers city clerk when Buffalo’s city clerk makes $90,000, despite Buffalo having almost 60,000 more people than Yonkers. Talk about leeches. The Spanos have been sucking Yonkers dry for years.

  7. Did the city ever agree to dedicate a street to Khader’s nephew?

    The balance of your comment is leading and I will not waste my time validating your assertions or not. If you have issues, call the Mayor’s Office and ask them. It’s time you let your concern go! It is done whether you like it or not. Did you say anything before the action was taken or after. Didn’t hear anything. Perhaps n your mind. Am going deaf. However I did check and I hear better than ever. I hope you do as well. Kindly, Hezi

    1. Dedicate a street to Khaader’s nephew r u serious-read the autopsy which concluded he died of a heroin overdose when he swallowed the 4 glassine bags-read the NYS Attorney Generals report which found no wrong doing by the law enforcement personnel involved -the only recommendations were body-cams and better lines of communication with the family of the deceased.

  8. New York Democrats are driving people out of NYS in droves due to their tax and spend polices coupled with their leftist policies . What the taxpayers are seeing right now are taxes and crime increasing. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for increased taxes , increased crime, and less jobs.

  9. NY is a dying state and a lot of that can be attributed to this type of thinking. We can’t tax our way out of the financial problem the state faces. NY has the highest taxes in the nation when all taxable sources are accounted for yet states with lower tax bills are in better financial shape. A lot of New Yorkers are used to state and city governments providing services that many other states don’t. NY needs to cut back and some services like child care vouchers and other social services that are provided and simply end up driving up prices for the middle class that doesn’t qualify for any of these freebies. The Yonkers City Council President doesn’t deal with state taxation instead of speaking on things that are out of his control, let us know what are you going to do to improve Yonkers? Taxing the so called rich is a slippery slope that always ends slipping down to the middle class. Yonkers Public Schools don’t need more money they need more parent involvement and a return to neighborhood schools.

  10. Council President Lakeisha how can I join your campaign ? My family just moved from the Bronx to Midland Avenue where is our polling place ?

  11. Khader has promised union leaders everything they want someone has to pay for it
    In one breath he talks about OT and the next day he’s asking the union for money

    1. Too bad 99% of Yonkers DPW can’t vote in Yonkers because they dont live in Yonkers. Just like the YPD and YFD.

      Hezi’s P.S. Since that is a Lon-standing and valid concern, I don’t comprehend why if you want one of those jobs one is not required to reside in Yonkers?

  12. Does anyone in their right mind believe that the fiscal problems of New York can be resolved by collecting more taxes?New York’s money problems are caused by massive waste, rampant fraud, and bloated social programs such as the $20 billion + spent annually on welfare. Clean up a small percentage of these things and then look at the books.

  13. “The fairest way out of this is to ask our wealthier residents to pay their fair share”? Doesn’t sound like “asking” has anything to do with it.

  14. “New York suffered a greater population drop than any other state this year, a shift that could result in the reallocation of up to two House seats.

    Preliminary numbers for 2020 show more than 126,000 residents fled the Empire State from July 2019 to July 2020, a decrease of 0.65%, according to the United States Census Bureau. While New York’s population has been decreasing consistently since 2016, 2020 marks the largest dip yet.

    The decrease could significantly affect the state because the House will now reapportion its 435 congressional seats based on population shifts. States that lose residents will also lose the corresponding number of House seats, potentially shifting the balance of power in a particular partisan direction. An analysis conducted by William Frey of the Brookings Institution indicates that traditionally Republican-leaning states, such as Texas, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina, are poised to gain seats, while blue states, such as California, New York, and Illinois, are poised to lose representatives”

  15. Sorry but government workers, all in unions, are well taken care of and not in need of any help. Money has nothing to do with education. It’s all about the parents and how they bring the kids up, either with an emphasis on learning, or what the pandemic taught, an emphasis on babysitting and feeding stations.

    Actually we al should be taxed at the same rate according to the constitution. We are all equal and as such be taxed the same way. Unfortunately all political parties ignore the Constitution which you are doing here and seeking “special” taxes. This also applies to corporations and government agencies who give special breaks to these entities, once again all illegal under the Constitution.

    You said you were for development in Yonkers, but were not shouting form the rafters at the cadre of tax breaks doled out by SpaNO and co.

    1. Unfortunately too many people in Yonkers are all about gaming the system and do not contribute anything but are the first ones to cry the victimization song.

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