Mount Vernon Police Reform Commission’s Final Report

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Mount Vernon NY Mayor-Elect Shawyn Patterson-Howard.

MOUNT VERNON, NY – March 12, 2021 – Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard announced the Mount Vernon Police Reform Commission (MVPRC) final report, consisting of forty-three recommended reforms to the Mount Vernon Police Department. The draft report is open for public comment through Friday, March 12, 2021 at reform-commission-report/ all comments can be submitted to

The Mount Vernon Police Reform Commission will be hosting three listening sessions on the report over the next week. The meetings will be Monday (15th) from 10am-11:30am, Tuesday (16th) from 1pm- 2:30pm and Wednesday (17th) from 6pm-7:30pm. They will take place on and On Sunday, March 14, Mayor Patterson-Howard will have the four co- chairs of the MVPRC on Sundays with Shawyn to discuss the report, you can watch this broadcast at and CMVNY TV starting at 8pm.

“I want to applaud the hard work done by the commission to produce a report that helps us reform the Mount Vernon Police Department. These reforms are important to bridging the gap between community and the police department. We have great officers who do tremendous work in protecting the community and I think we have begun changing the culture.” said Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. “I am proud of the reform work we have started since January 2020, instituting new reforms and training, but I realize that have a long way to go and that we can be better. I urge residents to look through this draft report and provide their own voice to work being done.”

Councilmember Derrick Thompson, Chair of Public Safety (City Council) said, “We are finally moving in the right direction. This was a great team to work with to prepare this report and I enjoy seeing the community engaged with what’s going on. I look forward to seeing a greater relationship between our officers and the community. As public safety chair, I look forward to strengthening the relationship between police and community. Reform is not just for the police, but also for the residents and I think this report will go a long way in providing direction for our community to move forward.

Police Commissioner Glenn Scott said, “I want to thank Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard for her leadership in starting the reform of the Police Department. As commissioner, my goal is to reform, retrain and retain the talented officers we have in our city and provide the best and most diverse police force in our county with the tools needed to succeed. I look forward to reviewing the recommendations provided by the Mount Vernon Police Reform Commission. The work of reform is not ceremonial, but substantial. Our department looks forward to leaning in and leading transformation within the region.”

“I am proud of all the work and service we did on the Commission, and all the work and recommendations into our report. As we issue our draft report, I believe that it’s absolutely vital that residents review these recommendations and have further input in the process.” Danielle Browne, Co-Chair, Mount Vernon
“The Jewel of Westchester”


Chief of Staff

Police Reform Commission, said. “The killing of George Floyd kicked off a national drive for changes in policing. Here in Mount Vernon, a predominantly Black city, we know that we must correct crucial issues with our police force, but that we also need to be proactive and prevent problems in the future. Our recommendations are not anti-police – quite the contrary. We want to support good officers, pay them fairly, and make sure our Mount Vernon Police Department is diverse and well trained. I look forward to working with the community to ensure these recommendations are followed.”

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve alongside, not only, the 26 other members who unwaveringly served on the Police Reform Commission but also that of the Police Department’s leadership who steer this ship through turbulent waters. Im thankful to the brave men and women who trusted in our leadership to stay, weather the storm and participate in the transformation that we are already experiencing internally said Jennifer Lackard, Co-Chair, Mount Vernon Police Reform Commission and MVPD Deputy Commissioner. Police reform is not just a rhetorical statement in the City of Mount Vernon and I look forward to the partnerships that will be cemented in the near future in order to execute the Commission’s report as well as the extensive transformations already in progress. department it has been an enlightening experience to see the direct impact reform is having on the Mount Vernon Police Department. As we move forward into a new year, we wish to continue to open up to the community on the ways we are changing.


eHeziMount Vernon Police Reform Commission’s Final Report

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  1. I read this article and it really sounds good. I grew up in Mount Vernon,and I wish nothing but the best for it. The mayor says she wants a good relationship with the police and residents, but before you do that. You got to make those crooked, bad cops held accountable for their actions towards people of Mount Vernon. Either go to jail or never be a cop again in their lives. Once the mayor does that, people will start to trust her and what she says. Hold those bad cops accountable

    1. Police work is a contact sport, if you don’t want negative police contact, don’t commit crime. It’s really that simple. Why not hold the criminals and their enablers responsible for their behavior. Cops aren’t there for midnight basketball and all kinds of weird community intervention which obviously hasn’t worked so well in NYC. Wake up because we’re going to see ANTIFA/BLM riots soon that rival the civil war riots because the corrupt media and cowardly politicians are acting in concert to placate the criminal element for their own agendas.

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